Kitchen set height: standard for kitchen tables and wall cabinets from floor to countertop, at what height should kitchen cabinets be hung

A kitchen set is an integral part of the modern look of a home. How the kitchen will look like, what practical value it will have, directly depends on the correct choice of headset and height.

Since the practical moment is considered the most important here, the kitchen set must be chosen wisely, relying on ease of use. What nuances of ordering a headset should you pay attention to, and what dimensions should you definitely know?

Kitchen set

height of the kitchen unit

Buying a kitchen set is only half the battle, you still need to install it correctly

The practice of buying a kitchen set to order, on a turnkey basis, has become widespread. On the one hand, it is very convenient, because you can buy a set of exactly the size that you need, taking into account all the features of the kitchen. On the other hand, custom-made kitchen furniture usually costs a lot, and that is why it is much more economical to buy furniture yourself and assemble it yourself. Find out how to choose ceramic kitchen handles here.

In case of self-purchase and assembly, the kitchen set will also correspond to all the necessary dimensions and drawing, but the cost of the service will definitely not “bite”. However, do-it-yourself buying and assembly has its drawbacks. What shortcomings are we talking about?

  • such work is time-consuming;
  • it is very difficult for an amateur to make measurements correctly, which means that the headset may not be suitable for the home;
  • assembling all the furniture on your own is not easy without special skills;
  • when ordering a turnkey headset, there are quality guarantees and minimum life of furniture. There are no guarantees for self-assembly.

Usually difficulties arise precisely with the correct measurements and with the assembly of all kitchen furniture. To get the perfect set that will complement the look of the room in the best possible way, you need to know a few of the most important characteristics of the furniture.

Good shopping rules

Firstly, before buying, you always need to take measurements correctly. You need to measure not only the height and width of the intended headset, but also the depth of the cabinet, their number and area of ​​use.

Secondly, before buying a headset, you always need to keep an approximate appearance of the desired result in your head. Having decided on the number of boxes and their size, it will be much easier to make the right purchase.

height of the kitchen unit

Thirdly, before buying, you need to decide on the appearance of the headset (color, design nuances, design elements). The headset should not only fit perfectly in size, but also fully comply with the design views of the owner of the house. Read here how to make lighting for cabinets.

Professionals advise choosing kitchen sets with many additional drawers and shelves, as this significantly increases the practicality of the furniture.

Height and dimensions of cabinets, standard suspension

Undoubtedly, the main parameter that should be taken into account is the height of the kitchen unit. It all depends on the characteristics of the kitchen, but the average height is 180-200 centimeters. At a maximum height of 190 centimeters, you can place some shelves, as well as a hood.

The maximum height of a kitchen set recommended by professionals is 220 centimeters. At a higher height, it will not be very convenient to use the shelves and sections of the headset.

And if your headset looks a little shabby, you can find out about restoration options from our article.

Floor standing

However, the overall height of the kitchen unit is far from the only parameter that needs to be taken into account. It is also important to calculate the height of the lower cabinets, upper shelves, and the hob. Find out how to equip a corner set for a small kitchen in this material.

The research and testing carried out gave an unambiguous result, according to which the optimal height of the base cabinets is 85 centimeters. It is believed that at such a height, it is convenient for a person to use a set, and the cabinets themselves are also spacious, which is important for single-tier kitchens.

An interesting option for crowded kitchens where the worktop must adapt to different users

Usually the lower shelves are the most practical. In one of these cabinets, pipes for a kitchen sink are hidden, and in another, a washing machine can be successfully positioned.

Table top, installation

Another important parameter to measure is the height of the countertop. It is best to place it under the built-in appliances and a countertop at a height of 90 centimeters, but here it all depends on the height of the hostess.

Usually, the estimated height of an array of countertops is measured based on the height of the person who most often cooks in the kitchen. If we are talking about a tall woman (with a height of more than 180 centimeters), the tabletop can be made a little higher. However, the height of 90 centimeters is considered the most convenient for a reason. How to arrange a bar table in the kitchen, read this link. Whether what type of table, it is important to know the right board game table size before purchasing one.

It is believed that for people with a height of 180-200 centimeters, the optimal tabletop height is 1 meter.

Upper (upper kitchen)

After the calculation of the dimensions of the cabinets and countertops have been made, it is necessary to proceed to the measurements of the upper shelves.

Many kitchen furniture manufacturers insist that top shelves should not be less than 45 centimeters from the countertop. The optimal height is 60 centimeters.

height of the kitchen unit

But this one is suitable for short

The upper shelves usually store dishes, small items and cutlery. That is why it is customary to make several shelves in these cabinets. The distance between the shelves can be different. For example, in cabinets with a depth of more than 50 centimeters, the average distance between shelves is 25-30 centimeters. If we are talking about cabinets with a shallow depth (less than 50 centimeters), the distance between the shelves is halved.

The cabinets themselves are usually placed in a joint with each other, and they should be placed at a height of no more than 190 centimeters. It is believed that this is the best indicator that guarantees the ease of use of furniture.

Drawers and drawers

Another important part of the kitchen set is the drawers, which usually store household items and kitchen utensils. These drawers are built into the lower part of the kitchen unit, and have a height of no more than 90 centimeters. Since these boxes are highly practical, it is customary to arrange several departments at once one under the other.

The lower section can be located directly above the plinth, at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from the floor. The top one will be located at a height of about 85-90 centimeters.

Hanging boxes with open and closed shelves are located at a height of at least 120-150 centimeters from the floor. This indicator is considered optimal for the location of such compartments.

First of all, a person should focus on his growth. You need to imagine that the hanging boxes are located at a given height and see if it will be convenient to get something from them.

How to arrange furniture correctly: lower cabinet, wardrobe, shelf

height of the kitchen unit

Before placing the kitchen unit, try on what and how you will hang it.

It is recommended to hang hanging cabinets at a height of 150 centimeters, since then it will be very easy to reach the contents of the compartments. If we are talking about cabinets with doors with a closer that swing upwards, they must be located at a height of 140 centimeters so that the storage box is convenient both to open and close.

It is believed that wall cabinets should be placed above the work surface so that it is convenient to get something out during cooking. However, the drawers should not be located too low above the worktop so as not to interfere with the cooking process.

Of course, it is very difficult to independently carry out all measurements and correctly design a kitchen set by centimeters. However, the above standard calculations for the installation and suspension of the top may help a person to create a kitchen set of his dreams, which fully corresponds to the optimal parameters for a particular house. We also recommend that you read our article, which will tell you how to  design yourself with the program and free of charge.


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