Chairs with a back in the kitchen: comfortable and beautiful

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the chair must be durable, reliable and comfortable. There is a wide range of models on the market now. We will help you navigate them.

Traditionally, stools have been used for seating in our kitchens. They take up less space, if necessary, they can be pushed under the table and stacked to free up space, used as an additional work surface. Recently, convenience began to prevail over practicality. Therefore, preference was given to chairs with a back.

Chairs with backrest

Chairs with backs to the kitchen

Among them, there are also compact enough models for placement in a small space, while in operation they are more comfortable.

Chairs can be hard and soft. Rigid models are more durable. In soft ones – from constant use, the seat is squeezed over time and requires repair. But sitting on such chairs is more comfortable. An alternative is the removable cushions attached to hard chairs. Cushions are easier to replace than upholstery. And these chairs are more practical to clean.

Base material

Chairs with backs to the kitchen

chairs for kuni are made of any materials, but wood, of course, is considered a classic

Kitchen chairs are made from different materials or combinations of them.

Ideally, they should be stain resistant and easy to clean.

Solid wood


Wood is a traditional material. Modern chairs can be made of solid wood or glued, covered with veneer, have a more or less pronounced texture.

In order to protect the surface from moisture, grease, dirt, it is treated with special varnishes and impregnations.

The seat and back of wooden chairs, like the main structure, are made of wood or of soft materials with various upholstery.

For upholstery, it is preferable to choose stain-resistant fabric or artificial leather (leatherette, eco-leather), which will be easy to clean.

Made of metal


They are the most durable. The base is usually made of metal – the frame of the chair. For this, hollow tubes of various cross-sections or one-piece flat strips are used. The metal has a different coating: chrome, satin or tribostatic painting. Due to this, the color of the frame can vary.

Metal combines well with other materials. The seat and backrest can be made of wood, plastic. Textiles and leather are also used.

Chairs with adjustable seat height are made on a metal basis.

When choosing, pay attention to the joints and connections, they must be neat and reliable. The chair legs must be fitted with special pads to prevent slipping and damage to the floor covering.

Made of plastic

Plastic chairs are bright and stylish and indispensable if you want to fill your kitchen with colors

Plastic chairs are bright and stylish and indispensable if you want to fill your kitchen with colors

Chairs made of plastic, on the one hand, are the most budgetary option, on the other, they are presented in the most incredible design solutions. They can be of different colors. Plastic can be matte or transparent. Transparent chairs for the kitchen look very original.

The advantages of this material are that it is not afraid of water and dirt. Chairs made of plastic are lightweight. However, it should be borne in mind that:

  • most models are not designed for heavy loads (weight over 80 kg);
  • some types of plastic lose their color over time (especially when exposed to direct sunlight);
  • plastic does not like low and high temperatures;
  • the surface is not resistant to mechanical stress.


Wicker chairs will bring a bit of warmth to the room

Natural or artificial fibers are used as material.

Popular natural materials for the interior include:

  • rattan;
  • bamboo;
  • vine.

The materials are resistant to dirt, moisture, temperature changes. They go well with wood, metal, glass, fabric, create a feeling of warmth and comfort, therefore they are loved to be used in interiors. They are also environmentally friendly.

These chairs do not require special care and are lightweight.

Wicker chairs look good when paired with removable cushions that add comfort to use.

Here you can read about interesting DIY kitchen ideas.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the weaving, its integrity and the joints. The fewer there are, the better the furniture is.

Technoratang is an artificial analog made of polymers.

The main advantage of this material is its high durability and price. But artificial rattan products are produced in large quantities, it is not handmade. The artificiality of the material is also felt.

Constructive decisions

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Beautiful chairs will transform the kitchen


Bar stools used to be used in bars and cafes, but now they are increasingly found in residential interiors.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

They gained their popularity due to the appearance of a new functional space in a house or apartment – a kitchen-studio. A bar counter appeared in the interior, and chairs became a practical addition. They are also an effective element of the interior, because they can be solved in different materials and the necessary style.

The size of the bar stool depends on the height of the bar. In chairs on one metal support, it can be adjusted.

Chairs can have a back, most often not high, which plays a more decorative role, and a footrest, which creates additional convenience. However, they are not designed to sit for long periods of time.

These chairs are uncomfortable for the elderly. You should choose the most stable structure if you have children.

Monolithic or stationary

Designed for permanent use. They have a rigid structure. Performed in all types of materials. Most comfortable to sit on.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the height and shape of the back.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

In height, the backrest should almost reach the shoulder blades, this will ensure maximum comfort. The low back does not allow you to relax, because bumps into the back.

The angle of inclination is also an important parameter. Ideally, the backrest should be tilted back and have a slight curve in the center. The flat vertical back is very uncomfortable. The depth of the seat is 40-45 cm.

One of the variations of a stationary chair is a semi-chair – a chair with armrests. It is more compact than a traditional armchair, while being the most comfortable for long sitting.

It should be noted that a half-chair can be inconvenient for overweight people, because because of the armrests, these models have a limited seating size.

Foldable and stackable

These chairs are easy to fold in case you need to quickly free up space.

Folding wooden chairs are compact, they do not take up much space and they can be put away for storage. They are convenient as additional seating in case of arrival of guests, but not for permanent use. Stackable models are an alternative. Such chairs also do not take up much space and for storage they can be stacked on top of each other. However, they are more suitable for daily use in small kitchens. By clicking on the link, you will find tips and tricks on how to furnish a small kitchen.

Folding chairs are made from different materials. Stackable – made of metal and plastic.

When choosing a folding chair, check the mechanism and stability.

Chairs in the interior

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Chairs in the interior will become both an important addition and a semantic accent.

The choice of chairs for the dining corner, like any other element of the interior, is dictated by the general style solution, the color scheme of the interior, the finishing materials used and the rest of the furniture.

Style solutions

At the moment, there are many design options on the furniture market, both classic and avant-garde.

Each style has its own characteristics:

  • classics involves the use of rich wood in combination with soft upholstery, forged items, leather;
  • The Provence style kitchen gravitates towards dyed wood and floral upholstery;
  • vintage – to patina;
  • rustic (rustic) chalet style – to the use of wicker furniture and the identification of the texture of the tree;
  • high-tech, loft, pop art dictate the use of metal and plastic;
  • minimalism accepts all types of materials in laconic forms and combinations.
Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

An interesting solution is in the fusion style (mixing). Here it is possible to introduce classical forms into a modern interior and vice versa.

When choosing soft chairs, you can play with the color of the upholstery, plastic – with the color of the material.

If the comfort of all family members is in the first place, it is worth considering the option of choosing chairs of different shapes and sizes, united by one color scheme.

If you purchase a complete dining set (table and chairs), then manufacturers provide several chair options for each table model, making the choice easier. If you choose only chairs, consider the style, shape, material, color of the table and the rest of the furniture in this space, use the principle of similarity.

For different dining spaces

The choice of chair model is also dictated by the dimensions of the space.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Unfortunately, kitchens in ordinary apartments are small. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the convenience and creativity. In this case, you should choose chairs that are compact in size and appearance. Models made of transparent plastic, a metal frame in combination with different materials, light wood will not look cumbersome. These chairs go well with a glass table. The use of dark shades is, in principle, possible if it meets the general solution of the interior. But such chairs should have a simple, laconic shape.

Attention should be paid to stackable chairs. They will allow you to quickly and easily free up space if necessary.

Folding chairs can also be used in small spaces, but they are inconvenient for daily use. Especially if the family has small children. Folding structures are convenient as additional seats when guests arrive.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Chairs can become the very border that separates the kitchen and living area in a studio apartment.

When combining the layout of the kitchen with the living room or dining room, a bar counter can act as an element separating different zones. If this is a kitchen-dining room, then the chairs at the dining table and bar chairs should be designed in the same style.

If this is a studio kitchen, then the chairs should be combined with the interior of the living room. This can be achieved in different ways:

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen
  • a combination of upholstery and textile colors;
  • color and texture of wood;
  • using metal and plastic elements.

Chairs and semi-chairs with fabric upholstery can be used in the dining and dining area. In the kitchen area, it is better to dwell on the models that are as easy to clean as possible, there is a higher risk of contamination.

Furniture care

There are special products for the care of different surfaces.

  1. To maintain gloss, glossy surfaces should be polished with a soft cloth.
  2. Wooden furniture can be wiped clean with a 1:10 glycerin solution. This will restore the varnish coating, remove dullness.
  3. Rattan furniture should be periodically cleaned with a damp cloth to prevent dryness and cracking, especially in winter.
  4. Metal and plastic surfaces can be wiped with a damp cloth, if necessary, use a detergent.
  5. It is better to remove any dirt from the upholstery immediately. For this, there are special stain removers. You can use car interior products to clean upholstery fabrics.
  6. For Teflon fabrics, use water or a solution of water with alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio.
  7. Leatherette upholstery can be cleaned with a simple soap solution.
  8. Use only special products for leather upholstery.

Never use hard objects or abrasive substances for cleaning. They can scratch the surface. If you are using the product for the first time, try it on an invisible area.


Chair covers are the ideal solution to combat dirt on upholstered furniture.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Now it is also a fashionable design move. With the help of them, you can easily transform the entire interior of a kitchen or dining area.

For sewing covers, dense, easily washable and not losing their shape fabrics are selected. The color of the fabric is chosen taking into account the general color palette, or it can correspond to textiles (curtains, tablecloths).

There are different models of covers to suit each style. They can be ordered from a tailor shop or sewn on your own.

Covers are a practical addition to furniture with plastic and leather seats in summer, because contact of exposed areas of the body with these surfaces causes discomfort.

The choice of chairs for the dining area is a serious matter:

  1. You need to decide on the chair design and material.
  2. Comfort and reliability in operation are of great importance.
  3. You can check it only empirically by sitting down on the chair you like.
  4. And a professional designer can help you in choosing the best option for a style solution.

If you decide to do this on your own, first decide on the general style solution of the room, look at examples on professional sites on the Internet. All well-known furniture manufacturers present photos of their models in the interior.

Chairs with backrest for the kitchen

Yes, backrest chairs look much more stylish than regular stools.

If you are choosing chairs for a ready-made interior, when going to a store, take a few photos. They will allow you to get professional advice from a manager or designer directly in the furniture showroom and quickly make your choice.


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