Graphite kitchen: a combination of silver, graphite, matte gray, and white in an interior with wood and appliances

When we talk about something unimpressive and unremarkable, we call it “grey”. And many people think the grayscale is boring, and try not to use it for interior decoration. And this is very in vain. After all, gray is the perfect background for almost any color. Yellow against its background look even more sunny and black even deeper. Therefore, designers recommend including gray in interiors with different combinations of colors – gray can be the perfect backdrop for any tone.

Advantages and disadvantages of color

what color to choose for the kitchen

The gray color is very interesting and ambiguous

In the kitchen, as in any room, gray can be used both for a monochrome room and as an option for a contrasting combination. The versatility of gray is that it is ideal for both a small kitchen and a combined living room kitchen. True, in a small room you need to use lighter shades.

Among the advantages of gray color can be noted:

what color to choose for the kitchen
  • neutrality;
  • universality;
  • compatibility with any color;
  • the gray interior does not bother;
  • if you want to add colors, on a gray background, any color looks quite bright and unusual.

The only disadvantage of gray is that with a monochrome interior in one tone, you risk getting a rather boring design, which, however, is easy to fix by adding a few bright spots.

gray palette

what color to choose for the kitchen

Red blotches will make the interior more interesting

Gray is a rather ambiguous color, as it can be obtained by mixing very different colors. For example, if you mix bright yellow and purple, you get gray, but green and purple also end up with gray. That is why gray has so many options and choosing which color to choose for the kitchen.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Bright shades harmonize well with dark gray

Among them are:

  • slate;
  • lead;
  • graphite;
  • smoky;
  • silver;
  • steel;
  • anthracite;
  • asphalt;
  • marengo, etc.

Such a rich palette makes it possible to combine gray with both cold and warm colors.

But when choosing a gray interior, some features should be considered :

what color to choose for the kitchen
  • When choosing gray, try to choose its soft shades, then the room will look elegant and noble.
  • Dark shades such as graphite can make a room appear gloomy.
  • The gray color of the kitchen is combined with neutral shades such as light brown, white or black.
  • Neutral gray will emphasize the brightness of red, orange or green .
  • With the predominance of dark walls, the room will seem narrow, to avoid this, dilute the gray walls with lighter shades .

The best combinations

what color to choose for the kitchen

The gray interior goes well with a whole palette of colors.

Gray goes well with black, blue and blue, yellow, purple, pink. Any color will look different with a dark or light shade of gray. But still, there are colors that look especially good on a gray background.


what color to choose for the kitchen

In combination with white, gray looks very noble.

The combination of white and gray is conducive to calmness and is considered a classic option for the kitchen. Combinations can be varied in any variant: white top, gray ones, gray walls, white furniture, gray interior and white decor, or vice versa. In any case, white will refresh the kitchen, while gray will make it more elegant.


what color to choose for the kitchen

Gray with beige looks warm

Beige, like gray, has a lot of shades, but its warm shades look especially good with gray:

  • cappuccino;
  • coffee;
  • coffee with milk.

Designers recommend using a third, white color for a beige-brown kitchen.


what color to choose for the kitchen

Red with gray looks very bright

Gray and red – looks very bold and catchy. Such a kitchen will seem very bright and memorable, but unlike the black and red combination, it will not look too extravagant. Gray will make her more noble. You can read about how to combine red, black and white in the kitchen in the article.

It is worth remembering that when using red and gray, one of the colors must necessarily dominate.


what color to choose for the kitchen

Green brings freshness to gray

Here you need to be guided by a simple rule: the darker the gray, the lighter the green and vice versa . Although light mint and silver also go well together.

The more intense the green tint, the more gray tone should be in the interior.


For a gray kitchen, there can be quite a few lighting options:

what color to choose for the kitchen

  • This and diffused daylight, which will give the kitchen elegance, and emphasize the depth of tone.
  • yellow, soft light wall sconces will make the kitchen more comfortable;
  • crystal shades or Tiffany lamps will look especially interesting;
  • very often it is in the gray kitchen that colored lighting is used, which can be both an addition to the interior and an element of decor.


We used to associate a gray kitchen with modern techno, minimalism or high-tech styles. Yes, the gray color of the furniture harmonizes well with the steel color of household appliances, but for a gray kitchen this is the only option.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Hi-tech and modern style in gray shade looks interesting

Noble, silvery shades of gray in combination with cream or white can be used in the interior of a classic kitchen.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Classic in gray is elegant

As an option, a light gray, smoky shade can be used in the design of a Scandinavian kitchen, Scandinavian-style chairs look especially elegant.

what color to choose for the kitchen

The simplicity of country style in gray is charming

Modern and Art Deco are two other styles where gray can be used. Both light and saturated colors are appropriate here.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Modern and art deco look luxurious

Provence can also use gray shades in combination with mint, olive, or blue.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Provence in gray looks cool

The shabby chic design is one of the most interesting and extraordinary solutions for a gray interior. Here, the base color is often pink, lilac, or pale purple. If gray is taken as the basis, you can use fuchsia or purple in the decoration. Often used to emphasize the details of the kitchen in purple or gray pink.

It is worth noting that shabby chic is a vintage trend that uses a lot of handmade decors. This is painting on glass with acrylic paints, decoupage of furniture, craquelure, or decorating bottles with twine. Lace or colorful chintz is often used.

what color to choose for the kitchen

In the style of shabby chic, a lot of decorative ornaments

One of the best solutions: a gray and white retro kitchen. Despite the minimum color, the kitchen will be very interesting and unusual. Use a black and white photo, decoupage technique. A bright accent can be a dining area, decorated with chair covers with a back or embroidered napkins.

what color to choose for the kitchen

Retro style adds charm to the kitchen

Rate the photo combination of colors for the kitchen in gray tones:

what color to choose for the kitchen

Gray and yellow will make the kitchen more sunny

what color to choose for the kitchen

Patinated wood looks amazingly luxurious

what color to choose for the kitchen

Beautiful gray looks with amazing transitions to purple

what color to choose for the kitchen

Gray color gives a touch of antiquity

what color to choose for the kitchen

Eco-style kitchen is another option for a gray kitchen

Do not be afraid of gray, this is not a boring interior at all, but an elegant, mysterious and very stylish interior. By observing the proportions and combining colors correctly, you can ensure that your kitchen will sparkle with perfect other colors that look especially juicy against a gray background.


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