Gray-pink color of the kitchen: combinations in the interior design of walls, wallpaper, headset

One of the new kitchen design trends is the combination of gray and pink. Noble gray perfectly complements the delicate pink color associated with tenderness, youth, love. Harmony and the embodiment of a delicate balance of color shades in the kitchen will create ideal conditions for eating and table conversations, and also contributes to the formation of a cozy, comfortable environment.

Kitchen design in gray and pink tones

Kitchen color combination of colors

Gray and pink are not often seen in combination, but nevertheless such a tandem looks very stylish.

When choosing the perfect color scheme for the kitchen, the main thing is not to get carried away with pink, otherwise the kitchen can be turned into a “doll” reminiscent of toy children’s furniture. Proper placement of pink in the form of accents and bright spots against a muted gray background will create a unique style for your kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

Kitchen color combination of colors

The combination of pink and gray can be in different proportions

Gray is considered neutral and even gloomy. But, according to the designers, it, like no other, was created to be combined with different colors for the most complete disclosure of their depth and saturation.

Original and stylish interiors are obtained precisely from a combination of a gray tint and a brighter color scheme. Against a gray background, any other colors soften, dissolve and are set off favorably due to the contrast.

Kitchen color combination of colors

One of these colors is pink, like a more delicate variety of red, without its defiant aggressiveness. It calms, gives peace and a positive mood, even increases appetite during meals. There are many shades of pink – from bright, attracting attention, to pastel and delicate. Bold accents on a gray background allow you to create a unique harmonious color in your kitchen, while delicate and discreet pink tones will achieve harmony in a room where the whole family often gathers together.

Gray color, in turn, performs the following functions in the interior:

Kitchen color combination of colors

  • soothes and gives peace of mind;
  • and also serves as an ideal frame for pink strokes;
  • emphasizes the cleanliness and functionality of the kitchen;
  • is a popular color for interior design in modern style.

It is difficult to name the disadvantages of such a color combination, some consider it to be typically feminine and not in harmony with furniture and household appliances. However, properly selected decor items will help to create a solid, harmonious kitchen design.

How to choose the right shades

Kitchen color combination of colors

A simple rule applies here – the brighter the pink, the richer the gray.

The harmonious combination of the kitchen in shades of gray and pink should be seen in all items of the kitchen interiorYou should not make only one dominant color, the balance should be clearly visible both in the design of the kitchen set and in the decoration of the walls, and the color of the ceilings and flooring.

  • If you prefer a dark palette, it is better to focus on darker kitchen furniture and flooring , dark gray furniture and floor tiles look gloomy.
kitchen color color combination

Dark gray can make a kitchen look gloomy

kitchen color color combination

Light pink should prevail otherwise it will be lost on a gray background

  • Contrast is appropriate if you chose a bright pink color , it should be present in the form of several bright spots – the color of kitchen cabinets, the color of the wallpaper or the “apron”.
kitchen color color combination

Hot pink fuchsia will make the kitchen very stylish.

  • Difficult colors, such as marbled gray and coral or caramel pink, should be combined strictly dosed to create a fine line of transition from one color to another.
kitchen color color combination

Shades of pink and gray must be dosed

Walls can be painted in pink or decorated with decorative plaster, then the furniture should not contain bright colors, so as not to oversaturate the kitchen with pink.

In a small room

kitchen color color combination

In a small kitchen, light pink, peach, and coral are quite appropriate.

The perfect combination of these colors seems to be created for decorating the walls of a small kitchen. Gray color expands its small boundaries, and pink gives airiness and lightness. It is recommended to use light, gentle tones, then the room will seem larger.

For a large, combined

kitchen color color combination

Combined kitchen in gray and pink colors looks elegant

In a large kitchen, you can profitably play on the contrast of colors, since the area allows. The background will also be gray, but pink, presented in the form of bright spots, can stand out against the general background. The spacious room allows you to realize the most daring design projects.

Types of lighting

kitchen color color combination

In such a kitchen you need several options for lighting

The kitchen in this lighting solution should be very well, even redundantly lit. Gray itself is a shadow color, an absorber of light, and when it is lacking, it darkens and does not look very beautiful.

Illuminate the kitchen and its individual areas with the help of various types of lamps: spotlights, LED, ceiling chandeliers, lamps, sconces.

The working area can be very brightly lit, and the dining area can be more subdued, diffused. The play of light will place additional accents, and your kitchen will sparkle with bright colors.


kitchen color color combination

The decor of bouquets of flowers and lace is suitable for a shabby chic style.

Design ideas for a gray-pink kitchen are ideally combined with chrome, stainless surfaces of sinks and household appliances. Metal fittings, iridescent velvet or silk curtains, shiny decor details will help to shade the richness and beauty of the interior.

kitchen color color combination

Stylish prints on a bright background look fashionable

Open shelves with shiny metal holders, high-tech style elements will fit very well in a kitchen that combines these two basic tones .

kitchen color color combination

You can use bright decor to brighten up a dull kitchen.

You can make the kitchen set bright, and use concrete, natural stone to decorate the walls.

Interior styles

kitchen color color combination

The classic in pink is rare.

The gray-pink kitchen fits perfectly into the fashion trends of modern high-tech, loft, minimalism styles. You can create an interior in strict accordance with their requirements, hard, textured solutions. Tall metal and wooden bar stools, the predominance of strict forms of kitchen furniture, shiny chrome surfaces, the ultimate functionality can be slightly softened with soft, pastel colors and pink hues.

kitchen color color combination

Modern looks elegant

If you wish, you can decorate the kitchen in a classic boho, shabby style, with calm gray walls, light-colored furniture, and no decorative elements.

kitchen color color combination

Provence is elegant as always.

kitchen color color combination

Pink lighting for a gray kitchen will add warmth

kitchen color color combination

You can use several shades of pink or gray

kitchen color color combination

Modern styles look good

kitchen color color combination

Gray can be used in combination with white

kitchen color color combination

Do not be zealous with dark tones

kitchen color color combination

Art Deco – elegant and sophisticated

kitchen color color combination

Hi-tech, oddly enough, looks elegant with pink

The combination of colors in the interior, namely pink and gray, allows you to find the perfect background solution for a kitchen room of any size. The game of contrasting colors of walls and furniture allows you to create an original and stylish interior, a favorable atmosphere in the kitchen, calms the nerves, and makes you want to stay there for a long time. See also information about the combination in the interior of brown.


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