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Types of chandeliers: which are suitable, modern kitchen for the kitchen

When planning and placing appliances and furniture in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to designer household items that can affect the entire appearance of the interior. One of the most significant details in the arrangement of the kitchen is the lighting, namely the lighting fixtures placed in it.

Choosing a chandelier for the kitchen will help to emphasize the stylistic character of the kitchen, increase comfort and make the interior space cozy. There are many options on the market for this type of interior, which differ in cost, form of execution, and set of functions. And here is what a surface-mounted kitchen lamp under the era cabinets might look like and how to install it on site.

Types of kitchen chandeliers

For the correct choice of a chandelier for the kitchen, you need to decide on the type and type of its design. Manufacturers offer various design options, including:

ceiling chandeliers are considered classic in design since they were the first to be used in the mass design of kitchens in our country. A design feature is fastening at the very base of the ceiling using suspended fasteners (this scheme is used for fastening both to a regular ceiling and tension ceiling structures). Such chandeliers are available in various designs, with different dimensions and weights. Most often used in classic kitchens and are large to enhance lighting. But how the Provence country chandeliers look and how impressive they look can be seen in this video.

ceiling chandeliers in the kitchen

Ceiling chandeliers for the kitchen can be of different colors and configurations

Pendant chandeliers are often installed in modern kitchens as a necessity not only in the form of effective lighting of the cooking and dining area but also as an element of external decor. These chandeliers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes (rectangular, round, square). The widespread use of various materials is also common. But what the LED ceiling lights for the kitchen look like and how they are installed on-site is described in great detail in this article.

hanging chandeliers in the kitchen

This version of the lamp is one of the best options for the kitchen.

designer chandeliers do not have a specific shape and performance standard, as they are made individually and to order. Such chandeliers are made specifically for a particular kitchen, they can combine various materials in execution (metal, fabric) and have both a suspended and a ceiling structure. Such chandeliers cost an order of magnitude more expensive than any of the above types, and the size of the pricing can vary over a wide range.

But what kind of hanging domestic inexpensive chandeliers for the kitchen exist.

How to choose

To choose a quality chandelier for the kitchen, the consumer needs to decide on several factors:

the stylistic design of the chandelier plays a role in making the kitchen in a certain design. Accordingly, classic chandeliers are not suitable for a modern high-tech interior, and vice versa, in a kitchen made according to the patterns of the 19th century, a metal chandelier with rectangular shades of shades will look foreign. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, it is necessary to try on the appearance of the lighting fixture in advance in combination with the rest of the kitchen elements. But how a ceiling chandelier for the kitchen can look in the photo and by what parameters it is worth choosing it, you can see here.

stylistic chandeliers for the kitchen

To choose a chandelier for the style, you should pay attention to the overall style of the kitchen

also, an important parameter when choosing different types of chandeliers is the size of the kitchen itself and its geometric shape… For small spaces, it is sufficient to attach a single light source of your choice to the center, which will be able to illuminate the entire space. As usual, one chandelier in kitchens up to 6 sq. m. illuminates the entire room, since the installation of additional light sources is redundant. In a large kitchen, you should think about dividing the room into zones and, accordingly, installing additional lighting devices. As usual, these areas are the cooking area and the eating area. For each zone, a separate chandelier of low power is selected (provided the total kitchen area is not more than 15 sq. M.) And with the same light spectrum (since with a difference in the color range of lighting, negative effects for the eyes may appear). For large kitchens, specialized lighting is installed in the form of several chandeliers with various types of lighting fixtures.

chandeliers in the kitchen for the size of the kitchen

The larger the kitchen, the more the lamp can be installed in the kitchen

also important for the consumer is the choice of the light source and the color of the glow. The most popular are classic halogen incandescent lamps, which give a bright sunny color, have established themselves as reliable units, and are relatively inexpensive. However, incandescent lamps tend to burn out and, accordingly, fail more often than other types of lighting devices, and for many, yellow light is not the best choice. Another popular type of lamp is LED, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the market due to its unusual white glow, high reliability, and low power consumption.

Popular colors of chandeliers for the kitchen

Among the popular colors for kitchen chandeliers, they stand out depending on the construction and overall design:

green – most often used in the manufacture of modern chandeliers and ethno chandeliers. The green color has soothing properties and causes positive emotions; chandeliers of this color are often used in modern kitchens. Plafonds of green color are most often made of fabric and other soft materials, and only occasionally a tree is painted in this color. When choosing a lamp, you should pay attention to what are the two-level stretch ceilings for the kitchen and how they look in the photo.

green chandeliers for the kitchen

Most often, the color of the chandelier is matched to the general background of the kitchen or furniture.

wenga – a kind of woody classic color, often used in the arrangement of classic kitchens in dark colors;

chandeliers for kitchen wenga

Most often, such chandeliers are made in a classic color.

silver color (metalized) – these colors are mainly used in the manufacture of designer or high-tech chandeliers. Coloring with metal will emphasize the strengths of a modern kitchen and will harmoniously fit into the interior;

silver kitchen chandeliers

Silver is the color of choice for colorless kitchens

dark colors when installing ethno lamps are used both in classic kitchens and in modern designs and can add variety to the style of any kitchen.

silver kitchen chandeliers

Ethno style looks very beautiful

But what kind of Provence-style wallpapers exist for the kitchen and how to choose them is indicated here.

Manufacturers and prices

The domestic market is rich in various manufacturers of kitchen utensils, including kitchen chandeliers. The consumer will be able to choose for himself a quite suitable option for both a moderate fee and an expensive chandelier in an exclusive design. The most popular manufacturers include:

Elite Bohemia is a Czech chandelier manufacturer with a century-old history and experience in the manufacture of various chandeliers. Previously, he specialized in the production of classic Bohemian crystal chandeliers, but with a change in fashion, he began to produce modern designs using modern technologies. At its cost, the products of the Czech brand are quite expensive and depend on the size of the chandelier, the type of lighting, and power. Also, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products for 5 years;

chandeliers for the kitchen Elite Bohemia

Most often, such lamps are covered with gold and have crystal pendants.

Sevins is a Turkish manufacturer of inexpensive classic chandeliers. The main feature of this brand is the chandeliers made in the classical style of bronze, which will harmoniously fit into the interior of the classic kitchen. In terms of its cost, compared to elite counterparts, this brand wins, while the quality of the Turks is not inferior to their European competitor’s thanks to modern equipment and strict quality control;

chandeliers for kitchen Sevins

The lamp is made in a modern style for modern kitchens

Mantra is a Spanish manufacturer of modern chandeliers and lighting fixtures. His products are distinguished by their non-standard form and interesting design solutions. The brand has long been on the domestic market and has won well-deserved popularity among lovers of non-standard shapes and colors.

chandeliers for the kitchen Mantra

Such lamps are installed in small kitchens.

But what types of kitchen sets exist and how they look in the photo can be seen in the article by the link.

In general, the market for kitchen chandeliers is large enough and the consumer can always find the option he likes. In addition to expensive European markets, the domestic market is actively captured by Chinese manufacturers, improving the quality from year to year while keeping the cost of their products low. Plagiarism, combined with modern equipment and the accumulation of experience, propelled Chinese companies into leading positions in the field of furniture and kitchen appliances.


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