Modular paintings for the kitchen in the interior: small, black and white modern, 3D – print and at what price

One of the main rooms in the house is the kitchen. Here we spend most of our time, family members gather for breakfast or dinner. Therefore, the design of the kitchen must be approached very carefully so that its design is combined with practicality and its design is ergonomic. It is very fashionable to hang a modular photo picture, which will add its zest to the interior.

Modular paintings in the interior, kitchen decor

Modular photo pictures for the kitchen

Modular paintings look very impressive.

This new direction in decorating the interior of residential premises is rapidly gaining momentum. They allow you to make any photo a worthy piece of furniture.

Structural or modular paintings (polyptychs) are created by transferring a photo onto photographic paper or canvas and decorating the wall in separate parts that form a single image.

The decoration of residential premises with paintings comes from antiquity when it was prestigious to have canvases by famous artists in the house. Photographs represent the legacy of this trend in a more economical way. Their advantage is that you can independently choose a photo that will decorate the wall. Or even take a picture yourself and then process it with the help of computer programs.

Such a photograph, framed and placed in the right place in the room, will help to correctly place accents and even completely change the overall style direction.

Placed correctly, modular paintings will help visually expand the small space of a small kitchen with the help of a panorama. And if you get tired of it, you can always change the picture for a new one, it will be easy to do because of its low cost.

Varieties of photographs

  • The most common option is to print the selected image on photo paper;
  • transferring the image to canvas, decorating it with a baguette and a stretcher and giving it the features of an oil painting;
  • application to glass, is used least often due to the fragility of the work.

In addition, modular paintings can be “aged” using special craquelure gels, as well as creating the effect of brush strokes. And how to finish the walls in the kitchen can be found at this link.

Modular photo pictures for the kitchen

Very stylish and impressive and a great decoration for the walls.

Modular images can be made independently, turning to a specialist only for printing photos of the desired size. The use of photographs provides unlimited scope for creativity, giving your room an individual unique style.

Modular photo pictures for the kitchen

Modular paintings are perfect for modern interiors.

What are the benefits of placing modular photo paintings?

  • A variety of images for every taste and color;
  • Low cost compared to the impressive result obtained;
  • Long service life, resistance to fading, the ability to remove dust from the surface due to the laminated coating.

How to combine style and plot

  • Modular paintings for your kitchen should be done in neutral tones, the predominant green color and depict vegetation, fruits and still lifes.
  • They should help calm the nerves after a working day, create a calm, relaxing atmosphere and stimulate appetite. For this, an image of appetizing-looking food and a set table is recommended, or the creation of an atmosphere of a street cafe, where it is so pleasant to sit with a cup of coffee.
  • Modular paintings should be made in accordance with the size of the room, panoramic options are suitable for small kitchens, and a combination of different patterns for spacious rooms.
  • You should not choose dark shades of color and voluminous, heavy frames for the kitchen.
  • Images of a non-standard shape look interesting, for example, in the form of a circle, symbolizing harmony and balance.

Many designers adhere to the principles of feng shui, according to which the paintings should depict positive, cheerful stories, green and red colors (symbolizing fertility and the hearth) should be present.

rustic design

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

It is interesting to supplement Provence with modular paintings.

The Provence style came to us from France and symbolizes provincial color, animal figurines, landscapes, scenes from rural life, and seascapes. The general atmosphere should resemble relaxation in the bosom of nature. The colors of the paintings in this case will be dim as if burnt out, floral ornaments are widely used. The simplicity of the kitchen set should be reflected in modular paintings; baguettes can be heavy, with gold plating. You can learn about the combination of colors in the interior here.

Similarly, the kitchen room is stylized in an eco style, which is distinguished by the image of cozy rural houses. Frames are made from natural wood.

Ethnostyle in design

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

Beautiful model paintings can be entered into an interesting interior

Ethnic motifs can favorably emphasize the uniqueness of the environment and the kitchen interior. Expanding the boundaries of design away from the usual kitchen design allows you to maximize any flight of your imagination on the theme of Indian or African style. It will be reflected in photographs depicting elephants or tigers in the bosom of nature.

Modern or Art Deco (black and white photos on the wall)

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

Black and white art deco paintings will bring charm and elegance.

These modern trends mean black and white paintings or scenes from the life of the 20s in the style of those times. Stripes are very fashionable, as well as the central element, the “zest” of the kitchen. Read more about the art deco kitchen in this article.

Beautiful vintage and retro

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

It is interesting to complement modern and vintage with modular photo paintings.

These refined trends, reminiscent of both the high sense of style of bygone centuries and their peculiar charm, are reflected in retro style paintings.


modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

In a modern style, model paintings look very organic.

Hi-tech styles, loft, fusion, pop art have only recently come to the fore and are steadily gaining popularity. Minimalist design, ergonomics, the functionality of the kitchen is emphasized by the corresponding photographs.

Making, how to make a picture with your own hands

Creating a picture with your own hands is not at all a difficult idea, it is much more difficult to choose an image for it so that it logically continues the style of the room and does not stand out from the general color scheme.

When this choice is made, you need to order a photo studio to print it in the right size, or divide the picture into fragments using a computer and print each of them separately. You can divide the picture both into squares of the same size and into “pieces” of different shapes. Each of them is attached to a base with a thickness of at least 1.5 cm, can be processed with special tools, and attached to the wall at a distance from each other in strict observance of the general concept of placing a photo.

Segmentation can be done in many small pieces, the so-called “patchwork effect”.

Photo printing can be ordered on canvas while taking into account that the fragments must have a “margin” for tucking and attaching the stretcher and frame.

The canvas is stretched onto a frame and fixed with a construction stapler. The finished parts of the picture can be processed with a special gel to give it the properties of real work done with oil paints.

Modular paintings can be made from bright fabric with various patterns, such an implementation will be similar to the direction of the avant-garde. You can find out about design ideas for the forge here.

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

These modular photo albums will become a decoration.

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

Pale kitchen with bright modular picture looks juicy

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

A beautiful picture can be interesting to complement the interior.

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo

You can find a suitable image on the Internet.

modular paintings + for the kitchen photo


Beautiful design of the modular picture:

Using photo pictures (decorate with triples or photographs) to create a unique interior of your kitchen opens up endless possibilities for embodying the most daring and original ideas. Your kitchen space will take on new colors, and you will get a good emotional mood from visiting this cozy corner of your home and its decor. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with crafts and decor ideas for the kitchen in this material.


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