Pink Kitchens

Setting Up With Pink: The Color And Space Effect Of Rosa

The Color Effect Of Pink

In color psychology, the color pink is given a calming effect. It promotes tranquility, has a refreshing and soothing effect and ensures that one finds the inner balance. Pink kitchens are looking very nice.

In nature, we encounter the color pink especially in the form of flowers and buds. Well-known flowers are, for example, hips, cherry and apple blossoms, peonies or ranunculus. No wonder that many people associate the gentle color with the sweet scent of roses. And like to bring the beautiful flowers as a bouquet of flowers in the home. In addition, no color suits better to lovers of sweet cuisine in the form of desserts and desserts such as candies, frosted donuts or ice cream.

The Spatial Effect Of Rosa

Because pink shades have a mood-enhancing and yet soothing effect, they are ideal for the design d. Feng Shui teaches you that you feel well balanced in a room that is painted pink. So that the appearance of the room does not look too girly, you should combine the color accordingly. For example, the contrast between pale rose and bold black looks very stylish and modern, while the combination of pink with white, light brown or light gray gives the room a touch of softness.

If you opt for a kitchen in pink, you will feel an incomparable serenity and inner peace. While cooking and baking. At the same time, Rosa is also considered a very sensual color, so you will experience culinary taste experiences even more intense.

Nicely Combined: That Suits Rosa

These Colors Match Pink

A fantastic combination of colors that makes the fitted kitchen look modern and at the same time comfortable is the combination of brown and pink. Because there is a certain amount of red in both shades, the result is a harmonious overall picture that looks extremely harmonious. The combination can be realized, for example, by the combination of pink painted walls with kitchen fronts in wood look or one decides for a pink kitchen in the country house style, which is equipped with rustic wooden furniture.

If you want to bring a little more contrast to the kitchen, the combination of pink and black is the perfect choice. This high-contrast mix makes for a modern and very stylish appearance. Bright rosé tones make a dark kitchen look friendlier in an instant, and visually enhance the space.

The color gray harmonizes perfectly with furnishings and kitchen fronts in pink. Shades of gray have a neutral effect, making pink walls and furniture look their best. A similar result can be achieved with the colors white or beige, which also support the soothing effect of pink.

These Materials And Surfaces Match Pink

Basically, the gentle color pink is suitable for combining with many different materials. Very popular, however, is the combination with the natural material wood. While light wood tones such as maple, beech or ash strengthen the soothing effect of pink, dark woods such as walnut or mahogany make for a particularly elegant kitchen look.

In addition, a built-in kitchen in concrete or marble look, in which isolated pink highlights are set. The light shade of gray on kitchen fronts harmonises perfectly with pink shelves or kitchen furniture. A worktop in white marble looks gives the kitchen interior an elegant appearance. Individual decorative objects such as a vase or a fruit bowl in which the pink is picked up again, provide a coherent overall picture, while gray textiles such as carpets or pillows provide a feel-good atmosphere.

This Style Of Decor Goes Well With Pink

If you want to put the color pink in the kitchen design, you can choose between different interior design styles.

The country house style is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood or stone, which provide a cozy and somewhat rustic kitchen look. The color pink gives the room something friendly and playful. Pink candles, tea towels with pink print motifs or soft cushions in old rose enhance the feel-good ambience. And form the ideal basis for cozy relaxation in the country kitchen.

With the modern style of furnishing On the other hand, clear lines and visible structures are in the foreground. The contrasting color combination of pink and black and handleless kitchen cabinets are the basis for an exclusive kitchen design. Who wants a touch more coziness, can also opt for dark wood tones such as walnut or cherry.

The Scandinavian interior design style , however, convinced by bright colors and simple shapes. Light woods and white harmonize perfectly with rose tones. Textiles, such as tea towels, carpets or seat boxes, Rosa likes to take on in the form of geometric patterns such as diamonds, triangles or stripes.

The color pink is also popular for the design of kitchens in a retro look . An eye-catching fridge in pink, pink dishes or a nostalgic waste collector in pink remind us directly of the 50s, in which probably no one has thought about the calorie content of cotton candy, sweets or strawberry ice cream.

The Most Beautiful Kitchens In Pink

Kitchens In Pink

kitchens, in which the color pink dominates, have a pleasant effect and are therefore the right choice if you want a culinary paradise to feel good and relax. Because the soft color is ideal for combining different materials and colors, it can be used to create a variety of interior styles, making a pink kitchen both playful and romantic, or elegant and modern.


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