Blue range in the kitchen: combining indigo with white and gray

Indigo kitchen: a combination of blue with white and gray in the interior

The blue sky, the azure surface of the water, fragrant cornflower-blue flowers, and the deep blue depths of the ocean look like a pacifying one. But not everyone dares to a similar color in their kitchen. And this only makes those individuals stand out who want to make a completely unique design and stand out from the crowd. In addition, a discreet blue shade always looks attractive and harmonious.

Advantages and disadvantages of blue

color kitchen color combination

One of the benefits of a kitchen is freshness. Blue Kitchen is always cool

When choosing blue for kitchen decoration, you need to be careful. In order not to be mistaken with the shade, it is important to study all the pros and cons of a sky-colored kitchen.


color kitchen color combination
  • A blue kitchen is blue, a shade of cleanliness and coolness.
  • The positive impact of the blue tint on the human psyche.
  • Restoration of normal pulse and pressure.
  • Reducing symptoms of depression, blues, stress.
  • Relaxation effect after a hard day.
  • Visually, the azure shade expands the boundaries of the room.
  • This interior option is bold and creative.

The cornflower shade of the kitchen reduces appetite. This solution is ideal for people who are on a diet and need to get rid of extra pounds.

There are also factors in which indigo cuisine is categorically contraindicated.

color kitchen color combination

Blue is a very tricky color – the wrong combination can easily turn the kitchen into a dark room.


  • When losing weight, azure will only be a plus. But in the absence of weight problems, you will simply get a reduced appetite for yourself, for family members, and for guests.
  • If there is a lack of sunlight in the room, a blue kitchen will only aggravate the situation. This shade will cool the kitchen and absorb the remaining light.
  • If you are the lucky owner of a large kitchen, then turquoise is not your color. Expanding the space of an already voluminous room, he will turn the kitchen into an empty room. The interior will not look complete.
  • If the design of your kitchen is strict, laconic, devoid of accessories, then blue will be the worst color choice for it. It will only enhance the experience by making the space more formal than homely.

Do not go for too dark shades of blue. Such colors have a depressing effect on the psyche. The room where the whole family gathers should have a positive aura.

The right combination

color kitchen color combination

In order for the blue kitchen to look harmonious, it is often “diluted” with a different color.

The correct combination of turquoise with a different shade largely determines how the general appearance of the room will be perceived from the outside.

How to find contrast

The following blue color combinations are considered the most successful:

  • Blue with gray. The most favorite blow of all designers. The only caveat: the kitchen must be on the sunny side.
color kitchen color combination

Not all shades of blue are suitable for gray, be careful

  • Blue with white. Snow-white tabletops, chairs, curtains, lampshades and other cozy attributes will perfectly complement the interior.
color kitchen color combination

In combination with white, blue looks noble

  • Blue with yellow. Such a room looks very lively, positive and joyful. Shades of blue begin to play on a yellow background.
color kitchen color combination

Blue or light blue and yellow add warm notes and light, a la sunny day.

  • Turquoise and pink. They complement each other perfectly. To make the kitchen look cozy, you should pay attention to the warmer tones of pink – the peach color.
color kitchen color combination

The combination of pink and blue is perfect for a cute, feminine cuisine

  • Blue with red. A more business-like kitchen. With the right accents, such a kitchen will look expensive.
color kitchen color combination

Stylish red and the blue combination will add solidity to the dining room

Combining colors of the same gamut

color kitchen color combination

Blue itself is very active.

To avoid this, curtains, walls, flooring, and wall coverings should be in a more subdued shade.

Excessive monochrome should be avoided.

We place accents

color kitchen color combination
  • To create even more comfort in the kitchen, you should take care of the right lighting;
  • large chandeliers and large lamps in saturated colors are great for dishes of the same shade;
  • yellow, orange, pink or caramel accessories are great for an indigo kitchen;
  • the lighting must be necessarily warm;
  • additional small lamps above the sink will create a confidential atmosphere.

Blinds must be discarded. Wide curtains of a pleasant shade are what you need to create an aura of peace and comfort.

When choosing this shade for your kitchen, it is important not to make the main mistake of many novice designers: not to create too “cold” interior.

How not to darken your kitchen

color kitchen color combination

You can’t combine a blue kitchen with dark colors, so as not to turn the kitchen into a gloomy room

In order for the kitchen to look bright and fresh, you need to add any shade of beige to the interior of the blue kitchen. The entire palette from light brown to beige will do. Visually, it will be a completely natural combination: sea and sand. The combination of these shades will make a turquoise kitchen light and delicate.

Blue in a small room

color kitchen color combination

A small kitchen can also be decorated in blue.

A small kitchen is a reason to give up dark shades of blue. You can also forget about monochrome color. For a small room, a warm shade of blue is ideal – heavenly, ultramarine, dark azure, sapphire. You don’t need to do too many bright accents. A lamp or tableware of a rich companion color will perfectly “revive” the interior, but will not give the “blooming” effect. You can additionally paint the heating batteries, this will be a rather original move.

You can find out about Provence-style wallpaper for the kitchen in this article.

color kitchen color combination

Be careful in large or shared spaces with blue. But this combination does not spoil the interior at all.


color kitchen color combination

Lighting in the kitchen should be good, but in moderation.

It has already been mentioned that the blue kitchen should be on the sunny side of the house. The room, which does not lack daylight, is decorated in cold shades of azure. Due to the constant natural light, these kitchens look fresh and cozy.

You can find out about the glass folding table by clicking on the link.

If the windows face west, and there is not as much sunlight as we would like, then the design of the kitchen is done in a dark range of blue.


color in the kitchen color combination

Warm, yellow color will bring warmth and comfort to the kitchen

Yellow artificial light in a blue kitchen is appropriate for a dining area. He creates a positive, favorable atmosphere there, promotes trusting communication between family members.

You can find out about the tile for the apron in the kitchen of Kerama Marazzi here.

Colored backlight

color in the kitchen color combination

Colored lighting is used as a decorative element. Depending on the shade, it can give the room a different atmosphere. In the azure kitchen, the illumination of the ceiling, cabinets, work surface, kitchen apron, dining table and even the floor looks great. It is better to choose a backlight color that is not too saturated.

A combination of a blue kitchen with peach or beige lighting will work great.

You can find out how to update the tiles in the kitchen here.

Color and style

The Empire style was tacitly entrenched in the sky-colored kitchen. And everything comes from history. Indeed, in the Empire era, it was fashionable to whitewash the walls with the addition of blue. Empire style has sunk into oblivion, and blue has remained in the design of our kitchens for a long time. Today, blue cuisine is the exception rather than the rule. But with the right design, cornflower blue kitchen will fit into any style.

  • Classical. Warm shades of blue. Few attributes from wood.
color in the kitchen color combination

Classic in blue looks elegant and sophisticated

  • High tech. Cold scale. Metal and glass pieces of furniture.
color in the kitchen color combination

High-tech blue kitchen a great combination

  • Modern. Light blue tint. Several bright accents.
color in the kitchen color combination

Modern Art Nouveau nobility and elegance of lines

  • Provence. Blue-green gamut. Lots of attributes that add coziness.
color in the kitchen color combination

Provence blue kitchen – refined and airy

  • Country. Checkered blue curtains and tablecloths.
color in the kitchen color combination

Many people think that country is always wood, but here’s a variation with blue paint.

Check out our photo selection of blue, cyan, and teal in the kitchen:

color in the kitchen color combination

A narrow kitchen in blue looks more spacious

color in the kitchen color combination

Blue gamut in a modern kitchen in pop art style

color in the kitchen color combination

White light makes blue kitchen snow-cool

color in the kitchen color combination

Blue ceiling is not common, but glossy can be used

color in the kitchen color combination

Nice combination with beige and bronze, it looks rich.

color in the kitchen color combination

This dirty blue goes well with wood.

color in the kitchen color combination

By the way, blue paint is the best option for kitchen restoration

color in the kitchen color combination

Even a small amount of blue is already a beautiful accent.

color in the kitchen color combination

In a large room, you can combine blue with wood, so the room will look more comfortable.

color in the kitchen color combination

The pastoral mood in shades of blue.

color in the kitchen color combination

But if it is wrong to combine blue, the kitchen looks deserted

color in the kitchen color combination

The old kitchen is very easy to restore, but it can be combined with several colors.

The blue shade of the kitchen will appeal to extravagant natures, but at the same time open and sociable. In the indigo kitchen, they will talk about life, indulge in their thoughts, relax. The blue kitchen is conducive to pacification, tranquility, and relaxation after hard days.


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