Design of a kitchen with a stove in a private house: renovation and interior in a rustic style

Stove in the kitchen: design with a window and a stove in a private house, rustic renovation, a living room with a boiler in the middle, a fireplace and interior

It is problematic to create an original kitchen design in an ordinary apartment due to the small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. And in a private house, the size of the kitchen allows you to make it not only multifunctional but also interesting from a design point of view.

The larger the area of ​​​​the kitchen, the easier it is to implement unique design solutions and turn the cooking and dining room into a stylish room in which you can not only cook but also receive guests.

Features of kitchens in a private house

The kitchen in the house differs from the kitchens in apartment buildings not only by the size of the room. Several points significantly distinguish the kitchen in a private house from the usual one:

an abundance of windows, create natural, bright lighting in the room.

With rustic stove

An important element of most kitchens in a private house is a stove, with which not only this room but the whole house is heated. The presence of a stove in the kitchen dictates its conditions for the design of the space, namely, when arranging the premises, certain building materials should be used.

big house kitchen design

The stove in the house does not necessarily dictate the rural style, you can turn this place into a medieval castle.

For example, it is advisable to leave the ceiling in a room with a stove wooden, making a protective varnish coating on the log house. Plastic ceilings or wallpapers are not suitable for decoration, as the temperature in the room will be high due to the operating stove, and hot air tends to rise and adversely affects artificial materials.

It is also better to leave the walls wooden or use special tiles that are resistant to high temperatures to cover them. The floor in the kitchen with a stove in the working area is best made of ceramic tiles. A large kitchen area will allow you to use parquet or laminate on the floor in the dining area, away from the working stove. How to decorate the walls in the kitchen about the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, read our article.

The style of a room with a stove does not have to be made rustic; with proper design, the stove can fit into both modern design and high-tech. A brick-lined stove will look stylish in any interior.

with a fireplace

To give special comfort to the kitchen in a private house, you can use a fireplace. It can perform not only the function of a heater but also serve as an interior decoration. The fireplace portal can be finished with both stone and polymer.

If the design of the kitchen provides for a natural finish of individual elements, you can decorate the fireplace with masonry, brick, or river stone. The classic interior can be complemented by a tiled fireplace.

For the design of fireplaces in a private house, high-quality refractory materials are always used, which make this decorative element safe. Since the fireplace in the kitchen is likely to be used for gatherings in front of it, it is advisable to equip comfortable seating in front of it.

big house kitchen design

The fireplace in the kitchen will become the personification of the hearth, which every housewife carefully maintains.

It is necessary to install a fireplace in the kitchen of a private house in accordance with all safety regulations, providing air supply to it and observing all fire safety standards when laying a fireplace.

With gas boiler

When designing a kitchen in which a gas boiler is equipped, it is important to organically fit the column into the design of the room.

You can either hide the gas boiler or try to make it blend in with the kitchen set as much as possible and not catch your eye.

For example, the boiler can be hidden in a regular kitchen cabinet, then it will be visible only if the cabinet doors are open. To do this, when ordering a kitchen set, you need to take into account that you will need a separate place to mask the gas boiler. There are certain requirements for the installation of furniture that will come into contact with heating appliances. For most wall cabinets, there should be at least a 3 cm gap on both sides of the boiler, and there should be no back wall or bottom. These details must be discussed with furniture installers so that the use of furniture masking for a gas boiler is as safe as possible.

If you do not want to hide the boiler in furniture, then choose such a unit so that it harmonizes as much as possible with the color finish of the kitchen.

The right color of the gas boiler will make it almost invisible in the kitchen space.

With windows, bay window or exit

big house kitchen design

Windows are a great source of light and decor.

Daylight in the kitchen of a private house makes the room bright and spacious. Window decoration plays an important role in the interior. It depends on the size of the room, the location of the window, and personal preferences. Instead of a window sill, you can make a countertop by continuing the work area. Often in the kitchen of a private house, a sink is placed under the window. Read about modern sinks made of artificial stone here.

large kitchen design

Doing household chores in the kitchen is not so boring if you have a wonderful view from the window

If you want to use a kitchen window for decoration, you can place live plants on the windowsill, which will get enough sunlight in this place. In modern architecture, a bay window in the kitchen is often used – these are large windows that protrude beyond the walls of the building.

large kitchen design

The bay window can also be equipped as a recreation area.

Bay windows look spectacular, especially if you beat them correctly. For example, equip a dining area with a sofa and pillows there or decorate a bay window with stylish curtains or drapes. If the kitchen in the house has access to the street, then you need to carefully consider the placement of furniture.

large kitchen design

A glass door in the form of a French window will fill your kitchen with sunlight and warmth.

A glazed door will expand the space, but it is better than it is away from the work area. The door should be well insulated so that in the cold season the temperature in the kitchen is not below normal.

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Do you know how to choose a mixer for the kitchen?

Find out the pros and cons of painting the ceiling in the kitchen here.

Dining room

The main advantage of a large house is the ability to combine the kitchen with the dining room. A separate dining room is a luxury for owners of small apartments but commonplace for owners of a private house. The working area and the eating area should be separated from each other. You can zone the space both with the help of partitions, and with the help of separate lighting for each zone, or thanks to the correct arrangement of furniture.

Above the dining table, surrounded by chairs, you can hang a floor lamp that will create coziness during an evening dinner. You can also raise the work area by making the floors in it a few centimeters higher than in the rest of the room. The design of the kitchen and living room dining room should be made in the same style.

Combined with living room

Often the kitchen in a private house is combined with the living room, especially if it has a fireplace. A room of this plan allows you to cook in the presence of guests and is great for holidays. In addition, some people like to watch TV while cooking or sit comfortably on the couch, waiting for this or that dish to be cooked in the oven or microwave. In this case, it is also important to observe the correct zoning of the room.

It is better to turn the sofa with its back to the working area and hang the TV on the wall opposite the kitchen set.

You can separate the kitchen work area from the living room using a ceiling box with built-in spotlights. If necessary, only this area can be illuminated, and soft, subdued light will remain in the living room. You can also separate the living room from the kitchen with a bar counter, which will be used for its intended purpose of eating ready-made snacks and drinks.

walk-through layout

In the presence of a walk-through kitchen, designers are faced with the task of how to make it emphasize and highlight the boundaries of the kitchen space. Usually, for this, you need to install furniture especially, additionally organize sources of artificial lighting, and also correctly use different materials and flooring patterns.

large kitchen design

The walk-through kitchen can also become a cozy and interesting place.

In the kitchen area, you can lay tiles in a checkerboard pattern, and use another coating outside the borders, for example, laminate or plain tiles. The floor in the kitchen area can also be highlighted with a brighter and more saturated color. It is very convenient when the kitchen has a warm floor, even in winter it is cozy and comfortable in such a room, this is especially important for large rooms in a private house where there can be drafts. The technology of laying a warm electric floor is not so complicated and you can do it yourself.

To focus on the working surface of the walk-through kitchen, you need to hang several lamps above it.

The table in the walk-through kitchen should be placed in such a way that the cabinets and the workplace itself do not interfere with the passage.

Design of a large kitchen in the interior of the house

A large kitchen allows you to place kitchen appliances and furniture on it in the most convenient way. When designing a kitchen set, you need to carefully consider all the little things. You should have free access to any appliances and kitchen cabinets. How to calculate the power of a kitchen hood read in this material.

large kitchen design

A large kitchen is an opportunity to always have everything at hand and not be crowded. This is especially true if several families live together, for example, children and parents, and every housewife wants to cook something.

The work surface in a large kitchen is best done in the middle of the room, so that cooking is as convenient as possible.

Above the table, you can hang the most frequently used kitchen utensils. It is optimal to place the working area in a large kitchen so that during cooking everything you need is at hand and you do not have to go from one end of the kitchen to the other. The kitchen plays an important role in every home, read about the rules of feng shui kitchen here.

large kitchen design

Pay attention to lighting – in a large kitchen there should be plenty of light – create a few spotlights.

large kitchen design

The kitchen and living room should be designed in the same style.

large kitchen design

Windows play an important role in a large kitchen. Especially carefully you need to calculate the dimensions of the cabinets

The interior of the kitchen should meet the needs of the owners. Despite the large space, the room does not have to be fully furnished, the most necessary items are enough. And if you are not too fond of cooking, it is better to focus on the elements of a small studio, dining room, and living room, and make the work area small. In our other articles, you can get acquainted with the online planning program – 3D constructor.


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