Marble sink: kitchen sinks made of marble chips

Stone sink: marble sink for the kitchen, marble crumb sinks

The kitchen is the place where everyone spends a lot of time: the hostess cooks, the whole family gathers at the table, unhurried conversations are held with close friends over tea. Therefore, not a single detail of the interior here can be accidental. Everything should exist in harmony, create comfort, and at the same time be quite functional. The sink is also an important part of such a kitchen environment. There are many options for kitchen sink materials. Stone (stone) is one of them.

Advantages and disadvantages of stone

There are no materials without flaws. The question is where there are fewer of them and what is more acceptable in the design of a particular kitchen.

One of the advantages is soundproofing since the sound of water is almost inaudible.

Advantages of the stone:

  • very long service life;
  • the ability to choose a color for any interior option;
  • good compatibility with other materials (tile, metal, wood);
  • the ability to manufacture any shape and size;
  • no food stains;
  • high hygiene;
  • ease of care;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the possibility of restoration.


  • high price;
  • some types of stone are afraid of exposure to strong chemicals;
  • heavy weight (if the stone is natural), a special stand is often required.

As you can see, the advantages of a stone sink are much greater than the disadvantages.

Types of sinks, choose

The variety of types of sinks and the materials from which they are made is amazing. Sometimes it’s just difficult to make a choice, and the necessary information will help in this. Having studied which, you can fully appreciate the advantages and take into account the disadvantages.

Granite (granite)

Has a dense structure and therefore does not absorb moisture

What are their benefits?

  • plaque is not formed;
  • does not absorb odors;
  • do not leave stains;
  • resistant to mechanical stress – there are no cracks and deformations;
  • not affected by alkalis and acids;
  • does not fade under the sun;
  • has different colors and designs;
  • they have a long service life.

Leave the color accent behind the sink with an apron. Even if the furniture is pale in color, the bright colors of the sink and backsplash will make your kitchen smart.

Modern design trends have not bypassed sinks. How to choose a sink so that it does not stand in the corner of a shapeless mountain, but successfully fits into the interior. Find out how to create a kitchen layout with an island here.

stone sink in the kitchen

A sink can be a good addition to the interior.

To do this, you can think about the following points:

  • always looks good when the sink and countertop are the same color and mounted on the same level;
  • it turns out in an original way when contrasting colors of the sink, countertop and faucet are used. In this case, the sink can be the same color as the backsplash or front of the headset.

If you simply choose a practical sink without taking into account the features of the interior, then in this case the advantage of a granite sink is obvious. It is so easy to care for that the hostess can afford to choose a light sink so as not to darken the kitchen.

Match your countertop to the color of your sink, not the other way around. It is more difficult to buy a granite sink of the desired color than a countertop in the required color scheme.

Granite sinks are mainly made inset, they come with one and two bowls, with a drain shelf that gets rid of excess water flowing from the washed dishes.

Manufacturers complete them with various coasters, cutting boards that fit tightly on the edges of the sink, designer taps

Marble (marble)

Such products are very practical:

  • they repel moisture;
  • not susceptible to high temperatures;
  • fungi and bacteria do not settle on them;
  • environmentally friendly.

They have different colors

Now marble sinks are at the peak of popularity, but they are not without drawbacks:

  • can not be cleaned with aggressive chemicals and folk methods;
  • absorb odor;
  • they may have stains.

Marble sinks look good in the kitchen when a certain interior is created for this. Therefore, you first need to determine what place the sink will occupy in the design decision of the kitchen.

This is not that hard to do because marble sinks come in a wide variety of colors and can be molded into any shape. But if this point is not thought through, then the marble sink can stand out sharply and seem like a completely alien element in the created space design.

Marble chips

stone sink in the kitchen

An acrylic stone sink will easily fit into any interior.

Such sinks are made from pieces of marble joined with acrylic resin, which fills all the pores.

  • they are strong and durable;
  • the dishes that have fallen on it will not leave dents, you can strike it with a knife without leaving a trace;
  • marble does not absorb any fat or moisture, which means that there are no stains;
  • they do not lose their appearance under the influence of the sun;
  • marble chips are good in that quite long products can be made from it. Therefore, you can make the sink and countertop the same;
  • having the texture of natural stone, the sink feels warm to the touch.

Acrylic kitchen sinks

stone sink in the interior.

Acrylic stone sinks are suitable for almost any interior.

Perhaps no material can compare with acrylic in terms of possible design solutions. And this is primarily due to the variety of color palettes. And such a technical feature as the ability to avoid joints and seams during installation also expands these possibilities. And so acrylic will fit into any interior. In addition, this material:

  • does not absorb odors;
  • product stains do not form on it;
  • not afraid of high temperatures
  • in case of damage (scratches, chips) it is easily restored;
  • relatively low price.

Caring for this sink is simple:

  • do not chop or cut food in the sink;
  • wipe with a sponge with detergent;
  • Wash off spilled chemicals with plenty of water.

The biggest plus is that the acrylic surface can be easily extended, and thus the working surface of the kitchen set will be a single space with a sink.

Composite good materials (composite)

These sinks are getting more and more popular.

Composite is easy to produce products of any shape and in any color scheme.

Composite sink advantages:

  • warm surface due to low thermal conductivity;
  • can withstand very heavy loads;
  • microbes do not settle on the surface;
  • absorbs noise from flowing water; has a long service life.

What should you pay attention to when choosing

Experts believe that you can not buy a sink less than 90 cm wide. It is inconvenient to use.

  1. Before you buy a sink, decide on the place where it should stand, with the height of the desktop surface—the size of the sink depends on this.
  2. Decide: will your sink serve as a bright accent or be one with the kitchen set? Then it will be clear what color it should be.
  3. In the store, the sink should be carefully examined from all sides: it should not have cavities and chips.
  4. The level at the edges of the bottom of the sink should not be lower than that of the drain.

In the store, you need to ask what the product has a guaranteed service life and what are the rules for returning the sink back to the store, and be sure to ask for a warranty card.

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Arranging the kitchen according to the rules of feng shui can change the mood of your family.

You have a walk-through kitchen and you don’t know how to equip it – read on this link.

Kitchen style and stone sink (sink)

stone sink in the kitchen.

Country style is one of many where a stone sink will look organic, though if it is not a rustic style of a Russian hut.

Stone sinks fit well into styles such as:

  • modern, which is just characterized by a combination of different materials: wood, stone, metal;
  • high-tech – a combination of all available materials and the use of contrasting colors – these are the features that allow you to fit perfectly into the style of a stone sink;
  • loft – here a stone sink will look especially good: it is stone and metal that are the main materials of the loft style in the interior;
  • eclecticism – combining many styles, this direction makes it possible to use a variety of materials;
  • art deco ─ an interesting pattern of a marble sink can be repeated on the facade of furniture or an apron, it can also be in a different color;
  • minimalism – an acrylic sink in discreet tones will be there in place.
  • ethno style – provided that it is a style created in the tradition of the northern peoples: acrylic sinks and granite sinks will be appropriate here;
  • country ─ the combination of a stone floor with stone (granite, marble chips, composite) will be the highlight of such a kitchen;
  • neoclassic – new materials such as composite and acrylic will take their rightful place in such an interior.
stone sink in the kitchen

Not only do modern styles look good with a stone sink

There are styles where a stone sink is simply impossible to imagine:

  • Russian ethno style. And in fact, who has seen a Russian village hut with anything made of stone in the kitchen, except perhaps only a millstone;
  • romanticism – a note of some nostalgic sadness and mystery inherent in this style does not fit with the stone in the kitchen;
  • Provence – a faience sink would be more appropriate here.

But in most styles, a stone sink will be very out of place.

In case of a non-standard situation (too small kitchen, complex design solution, etc.), the sink can be ordered according to individual drawings.

Purchasing a sink (sink) made of natural or artificial stone, such as ceramic stone or granite, is a good decision. It has many advantages over the same product made from other materials. And its high price will pay off with long service life. How to choose the wallpaper for the kitchen in a modern style here.


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