LED kitchen lamp:Lighting system above the work surface

LED lights for the kitchen: lighting above the work surface, ceiling touch under the cabinets

The diffusion of new modern technologies is reflected in the daily life of many citizens. The energy-saving fashion has spawned many useful gadgets that not only save energy, but also decorate the interior of the living space. Such devices include LED kitchen lamps as a modern alternative to conventional incandescent lamps. But how an overhead lamp for a kitchen under Era cabinets can look like, as well as how do-it-yourself installation takes place, you can see here.

Pros and cons of fixtures

The advantages of these devices include:

high energy-saving performance of the same lamps. 

Based on LEDs and the principle of heating these elements, such lamps consume electricity much more economically (depending on the category of consumption, such savings can be up to 100% compared to conventional incandescent lamps). By using such devices throughout the medium-sized premises, the consumer will be able to reduce utility bills for electricity by 25-45%. The high energy savings also contribute to a short payback time, despite the relatively high cost compared to legacy competitors. Also, you may be interested in information about how the process of choosing Provence-style chandeliers for the living room takes place and what they generally exist.

led lights for kitchen

The less electrical consumption, the more efficient the use of such a lamp will be.

small size and compactness of the entire device

Small-sized LEDs can serve as a relatively strong light source, which in a kitchen arrangement will save internal space and not clutter up the divided zones or the total area with massive lamps. But how a pendant chandelier might look in the kitchen and what type is preferable for choosing is indicated here.

small led lights for kitchen

Small fixtures can be small

the durability of such lamps is incomparably

higher than similar lamp devices, since the technology of application and production assumes the presence of a single light element, the service life of which is on average 40-70% higher than that of an incandescent lamp. The purchase of high-quality LEDs almost always guarantees their full return on investment. Ceiling kitchen chandeliers are also often chosen.

long-lasting LED kitchen lights

Most often, such lamps consume very little electricity.

the spectrum of light radiation on these devices includes, in addition to classic yellow lighting, also white and darkened with varying degrees of brightness. In addition, such lamps have the ability to automatically or manually adjust the brightness of the lighting, as usual, as a percentage of the maximum power. This adjustment provides increased comfort and coziness in the room.

Such lamps can be installed in Italian solid wood facades for the kitchen.

The disadvantages of such devices most often include the relative fragility of individual LEDs, since when one diode fails, the operation of the entire circuit and device is disrupted, which ultimately leads to the loss of light properties.

But what kind of kitchen chandeliers are in general and how great the variety is, you can look at the photo.

What are the types

The main types of this kind of lamps that are common on the domestic market are:

furniture lamps equipped

with LEDs are used in the furniture industry as separate elements, and in the kitchen they are designed to separate different zones, as they usually have a round shape with a separate shade. Also, as such lamps, special tapes are used, enclosed in a plastic case. To illuminate the kitchen space, such tapes are fixed on the facades of kitchen furniture and, when cooking, illuminate the cutting surface and the countertop as a whole. The cost of such types is relatively low, and in terms of their quality, these tapes are represented by the simplest set of LEDs, which are distinguished by their reliability and unpretentiousness;furniture led lights for kitchen

Such lamps should be installed either under the ceiling or under cabinets.

for cabinets

such lamps have a separate plafond, which contains a set of light elements to illuminate the space inside kitchen cabinets or cabinet cases outside . Such shades can be either built into kitchen furniture or installed separately as a separate lighting element. When purchasing such shades, the service life is more than 5 years;led lights for kitchen under cabinets

The most convenient place to place the lamp, as they will illuminate the work surface

with touch sensors

a new type of LED luminaires that perform economical work and are activated by triggering touch sensors, which, depending on the modification, can react to heat, movement or touch . The peculiarity of such devices lies in the principle of switching on, for this the consumer does not need to look for a switch, but just go into the room where a motion sensor is installed at the entrance and is closed with a common chain of LED shades or an LED strip. The motion sensor is triggered, the circuit is closed and the light turns on. However, such a scheme is currently the most expensive implementation principle;LED kitchen lights with touch sensors

Touch sensors allow you to work exactly when you need it

on batteries

such devices are among the most budgetary versions, however, they do not require connection to the general electrical network, and separate lampshades are mounted in the kitchen with the possibility of subsequent battery replacement. Such shades are common on the market and are simple in their design, and also affordable at their cost;

battery powered led lights for kitchen

Not a very convenient option, since it is sometimes worth replacing the batteries

surface-mounted luminaires

are gaining in popularity due to their practicality and ease of installation . Such lamps represent a plastic body of various shapes, inside of which there is an LED strip, and on the back of the body there is an adhesive layer on which a shade can be attached. The surface of the kitchen facade must first be cleaned and degreased, and then the ceiling must be fixed. However, the disadvantage of this design is the unreliability of fixing the plafond, since over time the adhesive layer dries up and loses its adhesion properties.overhead led lights for kitchen

The most popular options for placement in the kitchen

Manufacturers and prices

the most popular manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures on the Russian market include:


is a well-known domestic manufacturer of lighting devices for home and other premises . The range of the company’s assortment is huge and includes a wide range of types of various lighting devices, including LEDs. Lamps from this manufacturer are distinguished by their high reliability and relative cheapness of their products in comparison with imported counterparts. The manufacturer also provides a warranty for the operation of its products for 3-5 years, depending on the model. The range includes lamps of various performance technologies and types;LED kitchen lamps ERA

One of the inexpensive luminaires with simple fixing


is a Turkish manufacturer of lighting equipment in the budget segment. The manufacturer is famous for its good quality, variety of models and assortment of LEDs, and also gives a good warranty for its products, which is 3 years. The company’s products are widely known in the domestic market due to the types of lamps, most of which are represented by either new sensor devices or classic battery-powered devices;LED kitchen lights Toron

LED kitchen lights Toron


is a Chinese lighting manufacturer. The company has developed from semi-handicraft production to the manufacture of LEDs in an industrial volume of acceptable quality. These products are popular due to their low cost and relative quality. Most products survive a one-year life.

Luminaires based on lighting with the help of LEDs have recently entered mass use, but have become widespread among the population. Due to the presence of undoubted advantages, an increasing number of consumers are moving away from conventional incandescent lamps towards LED lighting. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the lifting mechanism for kitchen fronts in this material.


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