How to furnish a small kitchen: organizing space correctly

How to equip a small kitchen: organizing space, how to properly and comfortably furnish, a solution for a small kitchen of 5 square meters

A small kitchen should be functional. But aesthetics are also desirable! All this is not easy, but the realities dictate their conditions: not all families can afford an “airfield kitchen”. Therefore, you can find a lot of ready-made design techniques for small kitchens and furnish them correctly. And if you use them as a base, applying your imagination to the design of the kitchen, then there can be a lot of options.


Very often, a small interior is combined with a living room, but a small room can be made more spacious.

The general rules for the interiors of small spaces are:

  • the use of light, neutral tones;
  • “stretching” of space with the help of the play of light, vertical objects;
  • emphasis on contrasts, for example, a “bright spot” in a plain interior.

Light colors in the kitchen are not always a plus. This is due to their increased marginality. Therefore, if the choice falls on light furniture or finishing materials, first of all, they should be easy to clean.

Elements with a mirror surface will help visually make the space larger. These can be chrome-plated furniture elements, mirror inserts in the kitchen “apron”, a glossy ceiling surface. It should be remembered that the stretch ceiling hides a few centimeters of the real height of the room. However, with it, wider options for lighting the kitchen become possible. Find out how to decorate the walls in the kitchen at this link.

Maximum light is simply necessary for visible space.

A bright accent may well be curtains, a free wall (which, in general, is a luxury for a small kitchen!). Some other elements of the interior must intersect in colors with this accent.

Do not overload the kitchen with decor. Not the best option for a large ornament on wallpaper or in textiles. The abundance of prints or pictures on the walls, trinkets on the shelves that do not carry a functional load are not for small kitchens.

Set and necessary cozy kitchen furniture

When purchasing furniture for a small kitchen, it is wise to use custom-made options. Every centimeter of a small space must be involved.

The working surface of the countertop should ideally be free. If possible, a window sill table in the room can become a continuation of the working surface. The line “refrigerator-sink-stove” is a classic. The countertop mustn’t be interrupted. This will allow you to use the workspace to the maximum.

how to decorate a small kitchen

The window sill can become part of the work area. It is convenient, besides, the window becomes an additional source of light.

Kitchen cabinets should be as spacious as possible. It is good when it is possible to place dishes and other necessary items by arranging them in separate cabinets. In this regard, it would be better to purchase a headset with fewer cabinets, but containing more. You can combine various decor options using the online designer.

By the way, kitchen furniture with an abundance of drawers, open shelves and small cabinets “steals” space. Moreover, it creates a feeling of clutter.

Sliding furniture doors are a good solution. When opened, they will not clutter up free space. Cabinets-cases, on the one hand, are not bad for small kitchens, because. allow you to use the vertical part of the room. However, their solidity requires binding to a specific place, which is not always good in conditions of space shortage.

For the dining area, a folding tabletop attached to a free wall will be ideal. If the dining table is stationary, you should give preference to a triangular, oval, round shape or use a transformer kitchen table.  Stools take up less space than chairs. Especially if you choose models that are placed one on top of the other, you can pick up a small mini corner or a small corner sofa.

how to furnish a small kitchen

A folding table is very convenient for small kitchens. In addition, you can be sure that there will never be uncleaned dishes on the table.

The top and seats are made of transparent material, with chrome details, giving a feeling of more spaciousness.

Color solutions for a small, small-sized kitchen

The color of the kitchen is a matter of taste. But the abundance of bright colors, variegation in small kitchens is not the best solution:

How to furnish a small kitchen.

For a small kitchen, light colors should be selected, but it does not have to be boring white.

  • light wood color, sand, beige or white will be the best base colors;
  • the second color may well be olive, pistachio, pale azure;
  • if you want brightness, orange, yellow are appropriate;
  • the red color in a small kitchen “pulls the blanket” on itself too much, but in the end, it still steals space. So, red furniture and wallpaper is not for small kitchens;
  • and in small items, such as dishes, napkins, towels, red is quite appropriate and enlivens the interior.

It should be remembered that glossy furniture of any color visually expands the space due to reflective properties. But improperly selected glossy furniture can simplify, “cheapen” the interior as a whole. In addition, caring for it is somewhat more difficult than for furniture with a matte surface.

How to furnish, equip

The main appliances for a small kitchen: a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave oven should carry a maximum of functions while taking up minimal space.

The mistake of many owners of a small kitchen is to place a washing machine with a shortage of space. This is because in the bathrooms of typical apartments you can’t turn around either. The washing machine in the kitchen is not entirely hygienic, and it also takes up storage space. It is optimal to place a dishwasher in this place. There are variations of this technique for small rooms, and it is difficult to overestimate the help in the household from it.


To place the microwave oven, vertical surfaces should be used. For example, place it on the refrigerator, if its height allows. It is better to choose a refrigerator high, nominal in width. It is good when the door of the refrigerator can be outweighed by varying the direction of opening.

how to furnish a small kitchen

When arranging a small kitchen, use a vertical, but remember the height of family members.

A built-in electric stove and oven will be a better solution than a stationary stove. However, this technology is always more expensive. The budget is of great importance when filling a small kitchen. As a rule, it is limited.

Built-in appliances will allow you to save a few centimeters and get rid of unnecessary corners.

Built-in appliances will allow you to save a few centimeters and get rid of unnecessary corners.

However, when furnishing a kitchen, you should focus on the maximum price that you can afford. After all, too cheap appliances and furniture a priori cannot be of high quality. Small appliances should not occupy the open space of the kitchen. The only exception is for the electric kettle. Before you buy another blender, steamer, toaster, ask yourself: “How often will I use this, and where will it be stored?”

Features of decor, design of a small

As for textiles in the interior of a small kitchen, use the rule of combining its colors with the rest of the interior. And, as in everything else, here, the main thing is not to overload. If you do not accept such minimalism, choose pastel-colored tulle and curtains to match the furniture.

Roman blinds, blinds prefer heavy curtains.

Lambrequin in a small kitchen can be classified as frills. Curtains on the floor are also not suitable. The optimal length is to the windowsill. Place the curtain at the maximum height. If we talk about other fabric elements in the kitchen, it can be pillows on chairs, napkins on the table. Keep them to a minimum. And, of course, the combination of these elements in texture and color with window textiles is a win-win.

Lighting should be maximum. Ideally, in addition to central lighting, there should be separate lighting for the working and dining areas. Massive chandeliers, intricate sconces, floor lamps are completely unacceptable in the interiors of small kitchens. But built-in, for example, LED lamps in kitchen furniture are quite appropriate.

Materials will help to more clearly, step by step see the arrangement of a small kitchen.

ceilings in the kitchen which to choose

You have not yet decided which ceiling for the kitchen is better?

the technology of installing an electric underfloor heating is not so complicated, read about it here.

How to furnish a kitchen in Khrushchev 6 sq. m

how to furnish a small kitchen

Light colors, built-in furniture, maximum light – these are the basic rules for arranging a small kitchen.

The standard small kitchen is considered the so-called. “Khrushchev” 6 meters. Furnishing such a room, it should be remembered that the ceilings in such houses are rarely high. To visually expand the space should be both horizontally and vertically.

The kitchen set is better to choose a corner. Thus, they use the user space to the maximum. When choosing the height of furniture, consider the height of family members. Vertical spaces in a small kitchen should be functional. Read the article about how the small corner is arranged.

But, if every time to get something important, you have to stand on a chair or stepladder – a mistake was made in interior design!

Give preference to the functionality of furniture, rather than design delights. Use the wall between the cabinets and the worktop. You can hang a chrome rod for kitchen items or a magnetic knife holder. But do not overload this space, keep really important things in the public domain. We also recommend that you read our article which will tell you how to plan.

If possible, do not place storage cabinets above the stove. Donate this space to a cooker hood. After all, ventilation in small rooms leaves much to be desired. And the smells of the kitchen are especially persistent.

In small kitchens, an extractor hood with replaceable filters is more often used. Such a hood is often part of a headset.

“Apron” for the kitchen is better to choose from tempered glass. Its solidity gives an advantage over tiles: you don’t have to fight for cleanliness between the joints. And if we compare the glass “apron” with popular plastic panels, the glass is washed much better, does not absorb fat. You can learn about the advantages of plastic apron panels here.

Tiles on the floor, arranged in a checkerboard pattern (if 2 colors are used) give a feeling of more spaciousness. Also, you can use the principle of laying out “on an oblique” if the floor is plain.

Tips from designers on arranging a small kitchen.

In conclusion, a few simple rules that are appropriate for decorating and decorating the interior of a small kitchen:

  • a lot of light will give a feeling of a large space;
  • prefer light colors to dark and too bright;
  • Make the most of your kitchen space. Remember about the reverse sides of the doors, the side walls of furniture and appliances;
  • don’t go overboard with accessories. The line of comfort and clutter in a small kitchen is very thin.

Ideas for organizing the space of a small kitchen

We present you with a photo of ideas on how to furnish a small kitchen and make it more functional.

How to furnish a small kitchen

Window sill as part of the work area or dining table.

how to furnish a small kitchen

Nice idea for a dining table. But for stability, you can add a leg.

how to furnish a small kitchen

These racks do not take up much space, and you can put a lot of things there.

how to furnish a small kitchen

The idea for storing spices: everything is at hand.

how to furnish a small kitchen

You can hide the microwave in the hanging cabinet.

how to furnish a small kitchen

A pull-out table can replace a dining area for a small family

how to furnish a small kitchen

Such an organization is already a spice for real design gurus, but hanging shelves with transparent jars for spices and cereals are very interesting and convenient.

Lids... The eternal problem with their storage is solved!

Lids… The eternal problem with their storage is solved!

Most importantly, remember that even a small kitchen can give great opportunities, you just need to see them correctly and use them correctly, comfortably equip and equip, for example, a small-sized Khrushchev! For inspiration, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with design ideas.


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