English plaid fabric for the kitchen: Scottish style in the interior for the background, checkered pattern on the wallpaper, patchwork, floor

Plaid is one of the most common patterns used in clothing or interior design. This unpretentious pattern has not just gone out of fashion for several centuries. Even more – the cage for many peoples has become a national pattern. Remember the Scottish kilt where the color of the stripes of the cage can tell about belonging to the clan, the area where you come from and even about your hobbies. Or a classic English suit with a gingham blazer.

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Cell in the interior

kitchen design ideas

The cage is used in many styles. Therefore, if you are thinking about what print to use for room decor, remember the cage – among the incredible number of options for this pattern, you can certainly find the right one .


kitchen design ideas

Most often, a cellular print is used in textiles.

This is a type of cell that is used mainly on light tissues. These are white vertical and horizontal stripes, the intersection of which forms cells. The background of the fabric is most often red, blue, brown. But only light shades. Read about how to combine blue and white in your kitchen in this article.

Since the fabric is light, it will work well for curtains or tablecloths , chair covers and stools or napkins.

kitchen design ideas

The fabric is associated with spaciousness and summer days, so it is perfect for decorating a country or Provence style kitchen. Can be used for colonial or Indian style cuisine . After all, it was in India that this fabric was first produced. Ginem is a fabric that is suitable for rooms in which you need to bring space .

When decorating with a guinea pattern, you should carefully select the colors for decoration. Since the pattern itself has three shades, it is better to use them in the decor so as not to make the room too colorful. The exception is the paisley pattern, which can be used in doses.

The guinea pattern cannot be combined with floral patterns. Of the materials that do not go well with gynema – leather.


kitchen design ideas

Tartan is our usual Scot

This is also a checkered pattern, which also has the second name “tartan”. It is difficult to confuse tartan, as these are multi-colored stripes that create an amazing pattern on the fabric.

kitchen design ideas

The background for such a cell is most often used in bright colors: red, green or blue, less often brown or yellow .

Such a cage is bright and a little aggressive, so it is better to use it for men’s styles: chalet, country, English style. You can use such a cage for retro or vintage styles.

The tartan goes well with any plain fabric that matches the color of the tartan cage. A combination with geometric patterns is acceptable, but on condition that the color of the stripes or zigzags matches the color scheme of the cage.

The Scottish cage looks good with large geometric objects (a frame from a modular picture, a clear geometry of kitchen facades, wooden furniture or square tiles on the floor)

Kitchen Design Ideas

Plaid-plaid stylish, fashionable, bright


The Vichy cage originated in France, and like so much French, it quickly became a classic. Vichy check is often found on print dresses or shirts, so this print is one of the most popular in the “cellular” environment.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Checkered print looks adorable

The essence of the pattern: the interweaving of white and colored stripes. And at first, such a cage was produced only in three variations:

  • White and blue;
  • White and red;
  • White and black.

Initially, the pattern was used only for textiles: bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, light curtains, but over time, Vichy was increasingly used for interior decoration.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Cellular print in textiles looks cute and homely

This pattern will look good in different styles. But it is important to choose the right colors and colors :

Kitchen Design Ideas

The ceiling in the kitchen in a cage is unusual and stylish

Vichy is a neutral print, so it goes well with plain walls, as well as with other patterns made in a neutral or close to the cage range .

Kitchen Design Ideas

Checkered upholstery on chairs – interesting

These can be large floral patterns, better embossed, or plain. Coarse weaving of matting or burlap goes well with Vichy.

Kitchen Design Ideas

You can also experiment with the size of the cage: use a small print for a small kitchen, and use a larger “cage” for large decor items in a large room.

If you don’t know how the checkered pattern will look, choose small decor in your interior – it is perceived softer and practically merges with the general background . And about the decoupage of stools and other methods of restoration, you can read here.

Flashy, bright. A large cell is better to use dosed. For example, a checkered sofa in a monochrome kitchen or a checkered tablecloth with a minimum of decor on the walls and curtains.


Kitchen Design Ideas

Chess is one of the most beautiful and fashionable prints.

A very common version of a checkered print, especially for floor and wall decor. After all, most floor tiles are available in a square version.

There are no restrictions for the color schemes of the checkerboard. But there are two rules:

  1. Use two colors.
  2. It is advisable to use contrasting colors.

Chess is used in many styles from classic to loft. Therefore, it all depends on your imagination and design taste.

Retro style is one of the styles that has become a symbol of chess. The floor in blue and white or red and white checkerboard looks stylish, fresh . For kitchen wall paint, click here.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Several cell types can be used

The black and white chess cage has become a classic that is used in any interior. The second name of this kind of cell is “domino”.


Kitchen Design Ideas

Patchwork will be the highlight of the kitchen

And although patchwork does not quite fit the classification of a cage, this bright print is worth attention. Patchwork is a patchwork print that is most often used in combination with a cage.

Patchwork in the kitchen is most often created from ceramic tiles, so decor is used on all surfaces that can be tiled. These are walls, floor, apron, countertop .

Patchwork looks very unusual on a tiled table – such a piece of furniture will be an interesting idea for the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas

An interesting option – chess and patchwork

Many ceramic tile manufacturers develop entire patchwork collections. But if you wish, you can decorate the tiles yourself in this unusual and original style.

In textiles, patchwork is used less often. It can be a bright patchwork bedspread for a sofa or chair covers.

Patchwork is used most often in ethnic styles. That Russian style with a tiled stove, oriental styles with unusual mosaic floors. Country style, Mediterranean, Moroccan and other styles where a colorful palette is welcome.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Bright cage will attract attention

Kitchen Design Ideas

Makes the kitchen more graphic

Kitchen Design Ideas

Make the necessary accents

Kitchen Design Ideas

Makes the room more stylish

Kitchen Design Ideas

Nice print for retro decor

Kitchen Design Ideas

Suitable for many interiors

Kitchen Design Ideas

Makes the kitchen more comfortable

Kitchen Design Ideas

Stylish and fashionable

Kitchen Design Ideas

Lovely background for white furniture

The cage print is bright, stylish and charming. It does not tolerate halftones and is built on contrast. This print can be used in any style solutions for your kitchen. It can become both an original background and a bright highlight of the entire room. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with plastic countertops for the kitchen in this material.


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