Kitchen decor: do-it-yourself ideas, how to decorate with interesting crafts and little things from improvised materials, decorative textile elements

No matter how interesting, high-quality, thoughtful, taking into account all the tastes, ideas, and interests of the owners, repairs were made in the kitchen of an apartment (in the kitchen) or at home, after a certain time, it still bothers. Yes, and natural wear and tear due to careless handling of furniture and kitchen decoration also make a significant contribution to the desire to update the interior, especially if there are small children in the family – mischievous inventors who seek to “decorate” a room that is boring to their taste.

If you are bored with the interior in a small kitchen

Interesting ideas for the kitchen

A boring kitchen interior can be easily updated with a little decor.

The cost of a radical repair can be attributed to one of the most resource-intensive – it will require a lot of time, effort, and, most importantly, financial investments. What is worth only new high-quality furniture. Therefore, in the absence of significant defects that entail capital construction work and the presence of old, but solid kitchen furniture, albeit somewhat shabby, has lost its original appearance. You can get by with much less expensive measures, which, moreover, can make the interior of the room more unique, mmakingit unlike any other.

So, how can you quickly, efficiently, and effectively update the design of the kitchen?

Restoration of old furniture, how to decorate

Interesting ideas for the kitchen

Furniture restoration is a chance for grandma’s favorite sideboard to get along in a modern kitchen

The main functional decoration of this room is the kitchen set. Before carrying out work on the restoration of its appearance, you should carefully go through all its fasteners and hinges with a screwdriver itoget rid of the backlash that occurs during intensive use. Then we proceed to update and decorate its external surfaces.

So how to update the kitchen set and restore it? This can be done in several ways.

Coloring, what material is needed

Interesting ideas for the kitchen

You can decorate the kitchen yourself by painting the facades

You can give a new color, the same for all kitchen furniture – a set, chairs, tables, or use different color combinations – it all depends solely on your imagination, taste preferences ,and capabilities.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen

Multiple techniques can be used at once

Acrylic washable paint is best suited for this purpose – it is very durable, resistant to external influences and has a huge variety of color variations with the possibility of mixing different shades – coloring. The most popular colors among professional designers today are chocolate, lettuce, orange and various shades of red.

Surface pasting

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Pasting the facades with a film – the ability to radically transform the kitchen

Instead of painting the walls, you can finish the kitchen facade with various ready-made materials. How to decorate the walls? For example, natural veneer or fine-line type. It is quite simple to fix it using the recommended type of glue. But such a finish requires smooth surfaces and some skills, so a person who first encountered the issue of restoring kitchen furniture with his own hands should pay attention to another tool – self-adhesive film.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

You can not only change the color of the facades, but also create some kind of ornaments and drawings

Today, there are many color and pattern variations of self-adhesive film, which will allow you to easily choose a product that suits the tastes and moods of the owners.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

The range of film allows you to embody any fantasies

Replacement of fittings on the headset, cabinets

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Interesting fittings for the kitchen, old spoons can be used

The next great solution would be to replace the visible functional and decorative furniture fittings. This is especially true for cabinet handles and wooden boxes for storing vegetables.

You can use both finished products, of which there is a huge variety today, and hand-made wood crafts – if you have carpentry skills.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Accessories from old bag handles

Interesting decoration of glass, facades

When updating the appearance of kitchen furniture, one should not forget about glass elements, inserts in cabinet doors. Ordinary transparent glass can be replaced with mirrored glass, which will visually expand the space of a cramped kitchen space. Or use frosted, corrugated, colored, stained glass, decorated with sandblasted ornaments, patterns, which, together with the equipment of cabinets with internal decorative and functional lighting, can give high decorative properties, become the “highlight” of your kitchen. See also information about corner buffets.

A simple solution is to decorate transparent glass for facades with lace, appliqués, and stencil drawings on the wall yourself.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Old tulle can be used to decorate shabby chic kitchen cabinets

The same applies to the rest of the furniture elements – solid kitchen doors can be decorated with various hanging decor – plastic, wooden, plaster moldings. On sale there are a lot of variations of these fittings, differing both in shape, size, and in the type of decorative finishes and colors. You can apply other variations of decorating elements of furniture structures, for example, decorate the legs of tables and chairs with colored threads, various carvings, burning, and then varnish them.

Decor and design of the apron

Kitchen apron – the area between the work surface – the countertop of the kitchen set – and hanging cabinets. Traditionally, this area is finished with ceramic tiles. If the latter has a discreet solid shade, it is quite possible to decorate it in various ways:

  • paint or decorate with various painting techniques (or simply according to your imagination and imagination) using special paints designed for ceramics with a matte or glossy surface;
  • apply decor from colored beads or special decorative stones that are glued to the surface of the tile using special glue;
  • use decoupage technology – applying ready-made ornaments, patterns, which are then covered with a protective varnish layer;
  • apply the carquelure technique, which allows you to give the effect of antiquity or decorate the kitchen apron with cobweb patterns.

The first three decoration methods are quite versatile, they are suitable for both a city apartment and a village house. Only patterns and drawings should be selected appropriately, for example, in a city kitchen, abstract decor or carquelure would be more appropriate, and “live” patterns – flowers, sunflowers, fruits and vegetables, cockerels and others – will look better in a country house.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Decoupage tiles – one of the most common decor options

Decorating: how to do it with textiles

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Beautiful textiles in the kitchen create a special mood

This decor group includes various curtains, tablecloths, furniture covers, soft pillows, decorative coasters for dishes, which also protect the working surfaces of the table and countertops of the headset from scratches and heat from hot dishes. For example, oilcloth on the table.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

It is important that textiles are in harmony with each other.

The ideal option would be to acquire several sets of textiles made in the same color scheme and style. You can change them, for example, according to the seasons (in summer – more “cool”, green or salad shades), in winter – “warm” tones – red, yellow. Or have a set of ordinary, everyday and festive textiles.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Curtains on furniture will give the kitchen coziness and homely mood

Having dressed up the kitchen on the eve of any memorable date or a general holiday in new “clothes”, you can significantly improve the mood of the household, bring a festive atmosphere to the interior.

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

The bright style of the kitchen will transform the room

Any options for the execution of textile products are suitable: embroidery, macrame, other methods of weaving and decorating fabrics. Only when choosing colors and patterns of fabrics, one should adhere to the following principles:

  • Style matching. Laconic, monochromatic or discreet two-tone ones are better suited to a minimalist style, while pompous, heavy ones, decorated with large, catchy and bright patterns, are more in line with the classic style.
  • Room size. Juicy and large patterns will look good in large kitchens, small rooms are better suited for material with small stripes, ornaments, floral and other patterns.
  • Practicality. If you do not want to regularly clean, wash kitchen textiles, you should give preference to non-staining fabrics that do not absorb kitchen odors.

We decorate the kitchen walls with our own hands

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Kitchen wall decor is not always a dramatic change.

To decorate the walls of the kitchen, you can use:

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Shelves in the kitchen – a great option for decorating bare walls

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

But you can use the shelves for storing utensils.

  • a collage of photographs and a picture on the wall, their reproductions can also decorate “bare” walls. At the same time, the style and design of the room should be taken into account – for a minimalist, hi-tech style, abstract modern paintings are suitable, for a city apartment – various landscapes, for a solid rural kitchen – paintings depicting wildlife;
Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

A collage of photos is suitable for vintage or loft styles

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Ceramic mosaic is another option for wall decor

  • you can also paint the walls using various stencils, vinyl stickers or, if you have an artistic gift, come up with a composition yourself.
Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Wall painting will not take much time. especially if you like to draw

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Bright drawings on the walls look interesting

Other design ideas for decorating the kitchen

You can decorate the kitchen with a variety of functional and aesthetic elements. For example, you can use ikebana – compositions of artificial / dry plants, panels, beautiful sets of dishes that should not be hidden in cabinets – in visible places in the kitchen they have the right place – in addition to the decorative function, such an arrangement also brings practicality, since utensils are always under hand, there is no need to search for it.

Check out other ideas on how to transform without repair:

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Paint the old kitchen facades

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Hang an interesting shelf on the wall and arrange unusual cups

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Here is another option for wall decor – patchwork panels

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

If you know how to needlework, you can knit interesting things for the kitchen

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Create an interesting decoration from plaster, and then paint

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Don’t forget about batteries – they usually spoil the look of the room

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Painting tiles will create an interesting highlight in the kitchen

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Beautiful lighting will emphasize the beneficial aspects of the decor of the room

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Grandma’s chest of drawers looks quite modern

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Waters is an amazing resting place created by the hands of a needlewoman

Interesting ideas for the kitchen,

Beautiful decor that will add romanticism to the kitchen

You can also use countless handmade variations from improvised materials when decorating – art painting on glass, dishes, cabinets, balconies, window sills, windows, designer curtains, ceramic pots that will look great in a rustic kitchen, crafts-pictures from cereals, colored sand and more.


Black and red in the kitchen: a combination with white in the interior, a combination of black and red in a kitchen set


Light beige color: what colors are combined in the interior of the kitchen, combination with brown, shades of a warm palette