Oilcloth on the kitchen table: a transparent and silicone tablecloth, how to stick a hot-melt adhesive, how to lay a coating on a kitchen table, pros and cons

To save the original whole surface of the kitchen table will help kitchen oilcloth. Starched linen tablecloths in the kitchen are impractical, and oilcloth for the kitchen table is easy to use, easy to clean from dirt, and besides, elegant prints will give the dining room a stylish and modern look.

It is very easy to choose a table cover from the many options on the market. They will differ in composition, color schemes, cell patterns in the interior, price and country of production.

What is the difference between oilcloth and other types of kitchen table covering

The modern variety of materials used in the manufacture of oilcloth is based on the principles of environmental friendliness and resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, oilcloth cannot be compared in terms of performance with any of the other types of coatings for the surface of the kitchen table and perfectly protects the wooden countertop.

Oilcloth tablecloths are very aesthetic, they can be chosen for almost any style of kitchen design and interior design. This is a practical solution for a summer kitchen in the country.

Advantages and disadvantages of oilcloth-tablecloth in the kitchen

You can highlight the advantages of choosing an oilcloth as a cover for a glass table:

  • Protects the kitchen table from mechanical and thermal damage or helps to hide the worn surface.
  • Oilcloth complements interior decor in an inexpensive and affordable way.
  • With its low cost, it is easy to replace it with a new one than to change the surface of the table.
  • They do not absorb moisture, almost any pollution is easily removed.

When choosing an oilcloth for the kitchen, you should also take into account its disadvantages:

  1. In the absence of proper care, they can serve as a source of mold.
  2. Not everyone may like the look of the table setting.

Types: fabric, silicone or paper

Oilcloth is made from a layer of fabric or paper, non-woven fabric, on top of which a layer of polyvinyl chloride is applied to ensure wear resistance and resist mechanical or chemical damage.

Options for kitchen oilcloths on a non-woven fabric will be the most durable, so their price is noticeably higher than the same varieties on a paper basis.

In addition, their PVC oilcloths may have a strong chemical smell that is not suitable for everyone.

There are openwork types of oilcloth that look beautiful on a festive table or in a shabby chic style but are very impractical for everyday use because dirt clogs into the patterns. How to choose tiles for the kitchen floor can be found in this article.

How to choose

When choosing an oilcloth, you need to be guided by the interior of your kitchen. Sharp contrasts and color spots in the form of bright tablecloths will not be very appropriate, shades of oilcloth should continue the theme of decorating the room itself and setting the table with your own hands.

If the kitchen is decorated in cold, blue or white colors, then the oilcloth should also be kept in transparent or cool colors. For a warm, orange, yellow or green forge, light and warming shades are also suitable.

If we proceed from considerations of the quality of the material, then, as a rule, the higher the cost of oilcloth, the longer it will last. Inexpensive types of oilcloths can contain a large amount of chemicals and have an unpleasant odor (polystyrene oilcloths), so it is undesirable to choose them in the kitchen.

Oilcloth is usually sold in rolls, and it will not be difficult to choose the right amount for your kitchen table of any size, just by measuring its length.

Oilcloth prints

The design of the maple for every taste allows you to choose the patchwork patterns and prints located on it. These can be summer motifs of vegetables and fruits, symbolizing wealth and abundance in the house, suitable for Rustic interior.

Holographic three-dimensional prints will help divert attention from the coating and create a fantastic atmosphere, so that it will not even be clear that it is an ordinary oilcloth. A soft base with elegant embossing and a bright picture will make any kitchen luxurious, you just have to choose the right pattern. You can find out about the options for storage boxes for vegetables by clicking on this link.

On cold winter evenings, a summer ornament will create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, reminiscent of warm days. On the contrary, in summer it is better to choose oilcloth in cool colors, with frosty patterns, and bring a stream of coolness and freshness into the house.

Care and maintenance of a beautiful oilcloth tablecloth

To maintain the integrity of the oilcloth, you must follow the rules for caring for it:

  • before first use and when soiled, wash with warm water and soap and wipe dry;
  • do not use for washing aggressive products with a high content of acids and alkalis in order to avoid violating the integrity of the top layer and reducing the service life;
  • use special coasters for hot dishes or cut out potholders so that the oilcloth does not melt from exposure to high temperatures.

To increase the service life of the oilcloth, it must be wiped with a special composition that contains equal coatings of milk and vinegar. Such care for the oilcloth will ensure the integrity of its coating and the brightness of the original colors.

The variety of types of oilcloth (fabric or silicone, for a round or square table) for the kitchen table allows you to make a choice for any kitchen interior design. The practical table cover is inexpensive, stain-resistant, and very easy to change, bringing a fresh touch to your kitchen in an inexpensive way. You can read about the cage pattern in the interior of the kitchen in this material.


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