Stylization of flowers: graphic pattern, floral print on the wall in the interior, are facades with ornaments relevant?

Flowers are always associated with warmth, summer, romance. This print has become a symbol of femininity and tenderness. And therefore, for interior decoration, a floral print is quite common to emphasize the tenderness and romance of the style. In addition, this is one of the most common prints, which is more popular among both interior designers and fashion designers.

Floral print in the kitchen

The variety of floral motifs can only be envied. These are luxurious rosebuds, exotic orchids, voluminous chrysanthemums and peonies, delicate daisies, and cute bells and daisies. In addition, the color palette in the flower theme is not limited to anything – everything is possible. That is why flowers are found in the decoration of any room in the house, and cannot but be used in the kitchen, which is very often the prerogative of the hostess of the house.

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But when using a floral print in the interior, you need to follow a number of rules:

  1. Know the measure . The abundance of floral theme in the interior can make the room tasteless. Therefore, it is important to correctly combine different print options, and be able to dose it in the interior.

    A strip of wallpaper made of a bright floral print on a plain background looks much more interesting than completely covered walls with floral wallpaper.
  2. Combine correctly . It is best to take one part of the room for a floral print. It can be a floral mosaic on the floor, a floral panel, wallpaper or wall murals in the kitchen. You can apply a floral print on acrylic kitchen fronts or use floral textiles in the kitchen.

    You can combine a floral print with polka dots or a cage. Or, on the contrary, draw attention to the colors, leaving the rest of the walls plain.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment . In interior design, it is not always necessary to adhere to the classical rules. Since it is you who will be in your flower kitchen every day, do not be afraid to create something new, what you want.

naturalistic images

It is unlikely that it will be better to come up with flowers than nature created them, so you just have to repeat the flower you like. It is this version of patterns that is most popular among designers. And about accessories for bar counters, you can read the link.

And there is even a certain classification of which flowers are more suitable for which style of interior:

Small wildflowers: bluebells, daisies, buttercups, small roses or small twigs of jasmine or apple trees – Provence style, rustic country;

design ideas for kitchen wallpaper with flowers

Wallpaper with flowers

Large bright flowers: poppy, peony, chrysanthemums – classic style, modern;

If a large flower is brightly colored, it is more suitable for modern styles. Floral print on technology can be used even in high-tech style;

For the loft-style, floral prints are also used, but more often it is a black and white version applied to the wall, in the form of graffiti;

The most common naturalistic floral print in the interiors of French and English styles.

Stylized flower image

Typically, such a print resembles an ornament that is used in ethnic styles; wildlife motifs are very common. But modern styles using bright colors and colors are also not alien to this technique. A stylized flower can be found in the interiors of art nouveau, contemporary, pop art, modern. The decorative painting of dishes in a floral style has proven itself well.

design ideas for the kitchen stylized floral image

Stylized flower images

Stylization is the simplification of a pattern, the creation of an appliqué or ornamental effect. In most cases, it is used in conjunction with bright colors that emphasize graphic images.

Black and white motifs

Achromatic images are best suited for modern interiors, as well as art deco or modern . White flowers look especially stylish on a black background. You can use floral print everywhere: upholstery of a sofa or chairs, tulle, wallpaper, mosaic on the floor, etc.

black and white kitchen design ideas

Design ideas for the kitchen in black and white motifs

Large and dense floral pattern

A similar pattern in the interior looks beautiful, lively and incredibly dynamic, and yet, there are recommendations for its use. Since the large pattern is too active, it is desirable to use it on one surface . It can be textiles: curtains and tablecloths, carpet on the floor, wallpaper in the dining area or sofa upholstery. Large bright flowers look good on furniture facades or as a panel on an apron or wall. How to choose a corner worktop for a forge can be found here.

design ideas for the kitchen large and dense floral pattern

Large and dense floral pattern

A large floral print looks good in a laconic interior with simple, graphic fronts and lines in the design.

Sophisticated pattern in pastel tones

Such cute and unpretentious boutonnieres of field herbs are more often found in a naturalistic style. The design of flowers can be different, but most often they are field or medium-sized flowers, or branches of flowering trees. You can learn more about the types of kitchen hoods here.

design ideas for the kitchen sophisticated pattern in pastel colors

Sophisticated pattern in pastel tones

Designers use this color option to add lightness and romance to the room, so these are prints for Provence or English classical style . Sometimes they can be used for American style or contemporary decor.

In most cases, floral colors in pastel colors are found in wallpaper design or textiles.

Graphic flowers

Colourful, bright and very cheerful will be the interior, where a graphic floral pattern, reminiscent of an application made of colored paper, is designed in a bright palette. Some confuse graphic flowers with stylization, but stylization can only resemble a floral motif from a distance, but in fact be part of an ornament. In a graphic image, the features of the pattern are clearer, and the silhouettes are more realistic. And about the paint for the walls of the kitchen can be found in this article.

design ideas for kitchen graphic flowers

This is what graphic flowers might look like

A flower becomes graphic when it is applied to an object using only one shade, and the volume, at the same time, is lost . For example, the green upholstery of the chair, against which white flowers, clearly reminiscent of roses, is graphics.

Styles in which graphic floral patterns can be successfully used are: pop art, retro 50s-60s, contemporary, fusion.

Floral prints have a lot of fans and are found in almost every designer collection. Recall at least the last few Dolce & Gabbana collections where floral ornaments, stylization, graphics and naturalistic images are quite common. Therefore, do not be afraid to seem banal using floral wallpaper: it is fashionable, stylish and incredibly effective.


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