Kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen – complete: put a round and wall table with chairs, with stools for a round table

Small kitchens have special requirements for the size and shape of the furniture installed in it, as well as for its ability to transform. Even in a modest room, you can arrange a dining area (with a kitchen table and a chair) and a relaxation area. You may have to deviate from some familiar canons for this. But as a result, you will be able to “squeeze” out of your kitchen the maximum that it is only capable of.

Which table to choose

tables and chairs for a small kitchen

It is quite difficult to place a full-fledged table in a small kitchen, but a small wall table will be just right.

Since a small space automatically narrows the range of possible options when planning the design of a small dining room in a private house or apartment, we will focus on the most reasonable ones. And already from them we choose the optimal one.

Remember that the minimum distance from the table to the working area and sink is 90-110 cm. To the cabinet with drawers and the stove is 140 cm.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Choosing a place. Squeezing anything into a space occupied by lockers and large appliances isn’t easy. In larger kitchens, a single-line or L-layout of the kitchen unit allows you to put a table along the opposite wall. A small area practically deprives of such an opportunity – in a small kitchen all the space is occupied by furniture. The easiest way to find a place near a window or in a corner is by choosing the right type of model.
  2. Choosing a shape. Tables can be square, rectangular, round, triangular, semi-oval and semicircle. The choice of form directly depends on the intended installation site;
  3. Choosing a type. It is convenient if the design of the model allows you to make it more compact at a time when it is not used for its intended purpose.

The most ergonomic distance from the wall to the back of the chair is at least 40-50 cm.

For a small room, the following options can be considered optimal:

  • folding;
  • folding (including a transformer table);
  • in the form of a shelf along the wall;
  • bar counter.

If there is no room even for such compact options, you can use a large window sill for a meal, a shelf that slides out from under the countertop of a kitchen cabinet (they are provided in many models) or itself.


kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen

Classic rectangular and square tables – they will be relevant everywhere

The advantages of tables of this shape include their spaciousness and the ability to put them in a corner. Leaning one side against the wall, we save the useful area of ​​the room. Pick up your little kitchen from Ikea.

A small square table in the corner will allow only two to sit, by the window – three. The rectangular model has more capacity, at least one more seat.

The disadvantages of conventional models of this shape include the inability to transform them, if necessary, to a more compact size. Another inconvenience is the presence of corners. This increases the risk of injury for small children, whose head is right at the table top. And for an adult, it is also not very pleasant to stumble upon a sharp corner during kitchen chores.


The issue of installing a round or oval table can be attributed to discussion. It all depends on the area of ​​the room and the number of people who gather in the kitchen every day for a meal. a glass folding table will be a good solution for a small kitchen.

The main advantages of such models:

  • lack of sharp corners, which is especially true for families with small or hyperactive children;
  • the absence of corners allows you to sit at this table anywhere;
  • the interior turns out to be more comfortable and respectable, more decoration options;
  • joint meals at a round table contribute to the unification of a family or a friendly company.


  • a round kitchen table, installed in the corner, loses in usable space and can accommodate no more than two people;
  • if the table is supported by one support (leg), it may not be stable enough, which can also pose a potential danger to young children;
  • four legs at round tables lead to less seating.


Tables that can change their configuration are one of the most preferred options for a small kitchen. They can be of any shape: square, round, oval. The latter options are preferable for families with small children.

Advantages of transforming tables:

  1. Compactness and adjustable dimensions.

    When folded, such models take up a minimum of space, and if necessary, their size can be increased by at least 30%. Depending on the location chosen for installation, you can choose a model with a table top that folds out on the sides or a sliding table in the middle. You can increase not only the area and height of the product.
  2. Multifunctionality.
  3. The absence of complex mechanisms, which makes it easier to unfold.
  4. Security.

The low cost of such models should rather alert, the mechanisms may not be reliable enough;


  • the price bar for transformers is higher than for conventional models;
  • lack of containers for storing kitchen utensils.

The most reliable connecting parts are metal, the worst option is plastic that wears out quickly.

Advantages of wall-mounted tables:

  1. Compactness. When folded, such a model is reduced by half. The second part is located along the wall, saving usable space
  2. Functionality. Can be completed with a shelf for small utensils.

How to choose chairs

Putting three or four ordinary chairs in a small kitchen is an almost impossible task. They would take almost all the space in a small room. It is not an option to offer family or guests to eat while standing. However, there is a solution.

If seating is needed, then choose stackable chairs or a group of folding chairs. After a group lunch or dinner, they can be folded into the closet or hidden behind / under the table.

Small or group stools

Stools are an ideal choice for a modest room. Their advantages are obvious:

  1. Mobility.
  2. Compactness.
  3. Possibility of storage under a table or closet.
  4. Low cost, which allows them to be changed more often as they wear out.
  5. Ample opportunities for decorating or equipping them with a soft seat.

With back

kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen

If the place allows you to better opt for chairs with a back.

If the kitchen space allows you to put at least a few chairs with a back, it is better to give preference not to wooden samples, but to more practical products:

  1. Models on a metal curved frame;
  2. Bar. These models are taller, and the back in them, if any, is quite symbolic. Not an option for everyone.
  3. Transparent. Visually lighten the space, although in reality their size is often no less than that of conventional models.
  4. Plastic. Light weight, easy to clean, mobile. One preferred option is plastic stools.
  5. Stackable and foldable (their advantages were discussed above).

Small sofa

Chairs and stools are not the only options for furnishing a kitchen. A small sofa will provide not only seating, but also an additional berth. Such an acquisition will also please those family members who fall asleep later and get up in the morning much earlier than the rest of the family.

In the absence of a living room in the apartment, a kitchen with a sofa will allow them to equip an additional space for classes, watching TV, and working at a computer.

What to look for when choosing: folding, small, folding

The selection of furniture for such a specific room, which is the kitchen, must be approached with caution. There are points worth paying attention to. For example, the quality of the upholstery. The optimal choice is leather (natural, artificial, eco-leather), flock, microfiber. They are easy to clean, resistant to high humidity, and durable.

Fine tapestry and jacquard will eventually fall prey to the grease, grime, and claws of pets (if any).

Dimensions (edit)

When buying a sofa, it is better to give preference to models without armrests and a straight back. It is worth making careful measurements that will allow you to find out whether this sofa will fit into the kitchen space, whether it will fit there when unfolded. Every centimeter counts. Carelessness in calculations will make the purchase pointless. A small corner with boxes will be a good help in the struggle for free space.

Base material

One of the most important criteria for choosing a quality sofa, in fact, like chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture for a small kitchen, is the base material. The question of which is better to choose: chipboard or MDF.



  • budget price;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ease of manufacture and assembly;
  • excellent heat and sound insulation.


  • release of formaldehyde hazardous to health;
  • does not lend itself to fine processing.


  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to high humidity, increased visiting temperatures, mechanical stress;
  • durability;
  • lends itself to fine processing.

The disadvantage is the higher price.

This list will help you make the right choice in favor of safer and higher quality material.


kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen

You need to choose the upholstery very carefully, not only for the design of the room, but also for convenience.

When choosing upholstery for kitchen chairs, you should follow the same principles as in the case of a sofa. The fabrics are easy to clean, wear and moisture resistant.

An easy way to replace the upholstery on a chair:

  1. Carefully remove the old upholstery, using it as a reference for the new one. Don’t forget about seam allowances.
  2. Smooth the workpieces with an iron.
  3. Lay out old parts on new fabric and trace around with a fabric felt-tip pen.
  4. Cut parts of the workpiece.
  5. Sew the details in the same pattern.
  6. Put the upholstery on the chair.
  7. Secure the fabric with a furniture stapler and studs.

Kitchen furniture maintenance

Regular maintenance of kitchen furniture is a guarantee of their maximum service life. What rules should be followed during cleaning:

  • use only special furniture cleaning products: polishes, aerosols. Wipe with a soft cloth;
  • treat aluminum legs with neutral detergents;
  • wipe the leather surface with a cotton pad dipped in soapy water;
  • to clean the glass folding table, you must use special products and a soft cloth;
  • stains on glass are removed with alcohol;
  • a damp cloth moistened with water or a mild detergent solution is sufficient for cleaning fabric upholstery.

How to make a do-it-yourself kitchen dining table and chairs

With carpentry skills and the necessary set of tools, you can make a table and chairs for the kitchen yourself. The main thing is to follow safety precautions and follow the instructions exactly. For a simple model, you will need:

  • Boards;
  • Drill, screwdriver, screws, nails, bolts, saw, jigsaw;
  • Sander or sandpaper;
  • Pencil, level, tape measure, wood glue;
  • Gloves and glasses.


  1. We lay out 4 identical boards at the same distance and fasten with nails and screws with two perpendicular end boards.
  2. On the other two sides, we strengthen the frame with two more boards
  3. We make a tabletop from boards of the same width and attach it to the frame.
  4. We make legs from the bars and attach them to the tabletop.
  5. We process everything with a grinder. Cover with stain if desired.


To make a chair, you can use the same principle, reducing the dimensions to the desired ones. An additional detail will be a backrest sufficient in width. The main thing is to make measurements, prepare a sketch of the future product. A convenient option is the Ikea chairs.


In order to update the look of chairs and tables in the kitchen, you can varnish wooden parts or stretch old upholstery. How to do this is described above. Mahogany furniture, pre-cleaned and sanded, can be stained with several coats.

Is the old upholstery worn out but not torn? You don’t have to remove it by pulling new material over it.

Table top

You can give the countertop a fresh, unique look using decoupage, varnishing, mosaic coating and finishing the table with tiles and vinyl film. When laying tiles, do not forget about grouting and tile adhesive, which is applied gradually as new tiles are laid.

The furnishings of a small kitchen will delight you for many years if you approach the furniture group creatively, guided by your taste, common sense and accurate calculations.


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