DIY kitchen chair covers: how to sew from fabric

Covers for kitchen chairs: how to sew do-it-yourself covers for kitchen stools, fabric decor

The kitchen is far from the cleanest place in the house because we use it several times every day. That is why chairs, like other parts of the interior, need constant protection with a cover against greasy splashes and fruit juices.

If chairs have lost their original appearance with the passage of time, the covers will be a good helper in this. When they appear, the kitchen will look updated with a minimum amount of money spent. In addition, this decorative element is easily erased, which makes it easier for housewives to take care of the kitchen.

Kitchen covers for the kitchen: types

kitchen chair covers

Covers for the kitchen for chairs, it is not only protection against greasy stains, but also a good decor

A cover for kitchen chairs is a convenient and quite practical thing, but one should not forget about its aesthetic value. If chairs have lost their original appearance with the passage of time, the covers will be a good helper in this. When they appear, the kitchen will look updated with a minimum amount of money spent. In addition, this decorative element is easily erased, which makes it easier for housewives to take care of the kitchen.

There are 3 types:

  • canvas sitting on a chair;
  • sitting on it freely;
  • cape.

The first type of covers is hard to sew, but it looks quite elegant and expensive. It will be difficult to sew it yourself, unlike the remaining two types, which diligent housewives can make themselves.

Materials (edit)

In order for each type of cover to sit well on the chair frame, you need to choose the right fabric. As a rule, its color is matched to the color of one of the elements of the kitchen decor, for example, wallpaper or curtains. They also look for what purposes the cover will serve. After all, you cannot use the same material every day and significant days.


The most common material for sewing is due to the combination of price and quality. When choosing it, you need to build on the index of its strength, so that the cover will serve you as long as possible. Unfortunately, natural types of fabrics are not always easy to care for, so we suggest choosing a material that will combine components such as linen, viscose, and polyester. Then the cover will not wrinkle much and please the eye for a long time.


kitchen chair covers

Oilcloth is not very suitable for covers, but as cushions for chairs, a good option, at least not easily soiled

Convenient for daily use, but not very suitable for holidays. This material is easily washed, does not fade for a long time, moreover, it does not need to be ironed after washing, as it keeps its shape well. The disadvantages include the fragility of use. And how to choose an oilcloth on the table, read the article. Read how to fit a sofa for a small kitchen into the interior in this article.


It looks exotic on the chair, but the main thing is the comfort and warmth that comes from the cape in the winter season. Children love these covers because of their softness. But such covers cannot be called long-lived, since from prolonged use the villi roll down and press down. Recommended for use in all rooms except the kitchen (for obvious reasons). If you have pets, also think carefully before putting on capes. Can decorate and unassuming plastic chair.


It is one of the most winning materials in a number of ways. First, it is aesthetic beauty. Secondly, it is, of course, the durability of use, provided that the material is of high quality. And thirdly, it is easy to clean and wipe the dirt. Suitable for almost any interior. It goes well with metal frames on chairs.

In addition to covers, there are also covers for chairs – these are a kind of cushion covers that, in addition to protecting against dirt, create additional comfort.

How to sew with your own hands, is a pattern important

If you know how to sew well, and are confident in your skills in owning a sewing machine, you can easily sew any cover with a back that you have ever seen – this is a great option for decorating with your own hands. If not, don’t despair. There are always ways to go to a tailor shop and get the same excellent result.

So, to sew the cover, we need:

  • Of course, the chair itself, always with a high-quality frame.
  • The fabric is of the same quality and the threads are of the same tone.
  • The scheme for sewing.
  • Sewing machine and overlock.
  • Measuring tape, scissors and chalk to mark the fabric.

At the beginning, measurements are taken from the chair, this must be done very carefully, taking into account all the narrowing and expansion of its parameters, as well as the height. Particular attention should be paid to the legs. They often have extensions on the bottom for greater stability.

Do not make the covers too long, as the chances of them getting dirty will also increase significantly.

kitchen chair covers

Even if you are not particularly friendly with sewing accessories, even a child can do such pillows.

After that, increasing each parameter by about 5 centimeters for the seams, draw a pattern (at first, you can draw a scaled-down example on paper). Having done all this, we calculate the approximate material costs for one chair (on average, 1.5-2 meters). We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out pieces of the product.

If this method is too complicated for you, it is recommended to use the dummy method. To do this, you need to attach a newspaper or large sheets of paper to the chair, secure them with tape, circle them with a pencil, cut them out. And that’s it, your pattern is ready! Just do not forget to first transfer all parts to tracing paper, adding 5 centimeters each for the hem of the seams and the shrinkage of the material.

We process all the edges of the parts on an overlock (you can use the “zigzag” stitch on a regular sewing machine). We sweep them away, try them on, and if everything is in order, then we sew them on a typewriter. Our cover is ready!

How to properly fit chair covers, stools into the interior

The main condition for kitchen covers is a durable, easy-to-wear material. But don’t forget about beauty. Try to match the color of the cape fabric with the furnishings available in the kitchen (mainly curtains, wallpaper, kitchen furniture, or oven mitts). It is desirable that the covers are in pastel colors so that they do not immediately catch the eye, but merge with the interior. Pastel colors are suitable for Ikea chairs and the design of their kitchens.

It is also possible to create with the help of covers the effect of a colored spot, a “highlight” of the room, together, for example, with paintings of the same color. However, sewing kitchen covers in light colors are not rational from the point of view of soiling.

If you plan to use the chairs not only in the kitchen, but also in other rooms of the house, then try to make the cover design universal. Then they will become a wonderful decoration for any room.

You can create the shape and size of the chair covers and covers according to your own taste. Choose either sharp or smooth edges of the bottom, classic ties or a huge bow on the back of the back. However, slipcovers and kitchen styles need to be matched. For example, the fabric of kitchen covers with a strict pattern and simple dense cut will perfectly fit into the modern classics of your living room interior, and an oilcloth cape will fit into a casual kitchen.

Interesting ideas (knitted, fur)

kitchen chair covers

An interesting idea for needlewomen – crocheted covers

Nowadays, you will hardly surprise anyone with the presence of covers with a large number of bows and frills of all kinds of colors, but knitted or fur ones can be discouraged. They will certainly add originality and comfort to your home, you just have to buy thick threads and get to work. Read about other interesting kitchen design ideas here.

For the convenience of dressing on a chair, snakes are often sewn into covers, or they are decorated with bows and frills that can be fixed to the legs.

Tips for the use of covers for chair, stool

In order for your stool and chair covers to serve you faithfully for many years, you should take proper care of them, namely: regularly wash, iron, and carefully put on the chair. In many ways, caring for the covers comes down to the correct use of the material from which they are sewn.

Using covers in the kitchen is a very convenient and useful thing. In addition, they will help you realize all your stylistic ideas, what option to sew for a stool, chair, corner. Be creative!


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