Kitchen sofas for a small kitchen: a folding sofa in the interior of the kitchen

Small sofa in the kitchen: a small corner kitchen sofa, a straight folding sofa in the interior, dimensions for the kitchen

Kitchens are different. Lucky if its area is comparable to the size of a small room. Finding a place for upholstered furniture in it is not difficult. However, a small kitchen, and most of them are, is no reason to give up amenities. After all, this is not only a room for culinary exploits but also a home. In addition to the functional filling necessary for food storage and cooking, in any space, you can organize a comfortable place to relax, such as a small sofa. The main thing is to think over the design of the room, make accurate measurements and choose the best option.

Small size sofas for the kitchen

Replacing the familiar kitchen nook with hard seats with a small sofa provides a significant gain. It will take up almost the same amount of space, and the level of comfort and aesthetics is much higher. Read how to furnish a small kitchen in Khrushchev at this link.

There is a place to accommodate a late guest, watch TV, or work at a computer, without disturbing sleeping relatives.

How to choose

When planning the purchase of a kitchen sofa, you should hardly be guided solely by the price component. Saving sometimes leads to great disappointment. There are not so many main criteria for the right choice.

What we pay attention to:

  • Sofa transformation mechanism;
  • Upholstery material and quality of materials used;
  • Ergonomics;
  • The configuration, size and design that should fit your table;
  • Availability of additional functions;
  • Hygroscopicity.

Cheap furniture without a certificate can fail within the first month.

What to Consider

Measurements of the site for the future sofa should be made taking into account several nuances:

  • the shape of the back and the presence of side parts;
  • it is better to prefer a straight back to a curved back;
  • armrests and side backs – their absence;
  • When choosing a folding sofa, you need to know for sure whether the available space is enough for such a manipulation;

The smaller the kitchen, the more accurate the calculations.

Material: leather, woven

Sofas for the kitchen are small

A cozy sofa is a great addition to the interior of the kitchen

The visual appeal of the upholstery should match that of an Italian, Scandinavian or traditional English upholstery. Poisonous colors and bad decor will cause constant irritation. But other criteria are priority: ease of care (should be easy to wash), strength, resistance to high humidity and temperature extremes, immunity to odors.

Even with care, the splashing of water and grease cannot be avoided. The result is streaks and stains. They create a feeling of slovenliness and discourage appetite. What materials will help to avoid such troubles?


Sofas for the kitchen are small

Fabric – on the sofa can last a long time, or it can be a complete disappointment. Gotta choose right

There are a lot of fabrics used for covering upholstered furniture. But are they all suitable for such a specific room?

Upholstery of any type, no matter how durable, requires appropriate care. Do not use products that contain bleach to clean the sofa.

Sofas for the kitchen are small

Well fabric sofas are suitable for combined kitchen-studios

Tapestry and jacquard. These fabrics are very elegant, varied in patterns, and even exquisite. But for the kitchen, the option is not ideal. Jacquard is wear-resistant but does not tolerate high humidity. It cannot be washed, dry cleaning is required. The tapestry is strong enough and able to withstand infrequent wet cleaning. But with constant use, it is prone to abrasion.

If there are four-legged pets in the house, this option should also be neglected. Numerous puffs are possible from sharp claws.

Flock. Teflon flock. Eco-friendly flock fabrics of the new generation are more suitable for use in aggressive environments, as they are characterized by greater water resistance. Teflon-impregnated flock is easy to clean, easy to clean, prevents dirt and dust from sticking, and is resistant to elevated temperatures. Able to withstand the onslaught of pets. Teflon flock is usually treated with antiseptics.

Durable chenille. A find for allergy sufferers. It does not deform, does not electrify, does not absorb odors, which are sufficient in such a room, and is soft to the touch. But it is not too moisture resistant and quite expensive.

Velours. It is softness, resistance to deformation, and breathability. However, this material cannot be called durable and resistant to abrasion. Over time, stains can become more difficult to remove.

A beautiful sofa with poor stitching will not last long. It will come apart at the seams and look unaesthetic.

Leather, suede, leatherette

Sofas for the kitchen are small

Leather sofas look just gorgeous

Microfiber or artificial suede is one of the most popular materials for the kitchen in terms of consumer characteristics. Durable, resistant to moisture, dirt, and abrasion due to Teflon coating, does not stretch. Eco-friendly and easy to clean.

An excellent choice of genuine leather. Status, the longest possible service life, simple maintenance (any stains are easily rubbed off), moisture, and heat resistance. The lack of patterns is compensated by the variability of shades. The disadvantages include the high cost. However, it is also a guarantee of high-quality dressing and coloring.

Do not place a sofa made of natural and artificial leather next to the stove (especially gas). The skin does not tolerate cigarette burns. A good reason to quit smoking.

Leatherette. Eco

-leather Imitation of natural leather is much more affordable, and in terms of consumer qualities, it is not much inferior to it. Resistant to wear and moisture, easy to clean, not susceptible to odors.

Improper care can eventually lead to cracking of both natural and artificial leather.

Eco-leather is an eco-friendly breathable material with a fine texture, which is in no way inferior to genuine leather in its strength and practicality. No PVC is used in its manufacture. This upholstery is environmentally friendly, does not emit toxins and allergens, and is vapor-tight.

The presence of synthetic fibers in the composition of the fabric should not be embarrassing. Such upholstery is not afraid of wet cleaning and practically does not fade.

How to fit a kitchen sofa and table into the interior

Sofas for the kitchen are small

Sofa as part of the interior

Placing a small sofa in the kitchen is a doable task. It is enough to take into account a few nuances.

  • It is worth giving preference to models without armrests and side corners, for example, a couch with a berth. Thus, you can save at least a dozen centimeters;
  • The sofa can be both monolithic and folding (for example, according to the principle of a French folding bed). When folded, these models are compact and do not interfere with movement around the kitchen. At night, they can be moved apart, turning into a full-fledged sleeping place;
  • Corner configuration (in the form of the letter G) – will delicately fit the sofa even into a small room. The optimal length is no more than 1.5 m;

Before going to the store, you should decide on a place to install the sofa, as there are right-handed and left-handed models.

Sofas for the kitchen are small

A sofa is simply a necessary attribute of furniture for a cozy interior.

With an island arrangement of the working area, the sofa can be installed directly next to it.

The way out for a non-standard or small-sized kitchen can be the manufacture of custom-made furniture, taking into account the characteristics of the room. How to arrange an Ikea corner kitchen in a small room, read here.

If the area allows, you can separate the sofa from the rest of the space with a plasterboard partition or a bar counter, creating a full-fledged relaxation area with the help of decor.

Combined room

Combining the kitchen and living room with small footage of the latter is a popular design technique that provides many benefits:

  1. First, the expansion of the footage of the room.
  2. Secondly, the opportunity for the hostess of the house not to break away from the guests or family while cooking.

And during the holidays, you can arrange cooking shows for guests, as they do in restaurants with a kitchen open to the eyes of visitors.

To avoid the spread of odors throughout the room, you should take care of effective ventilation.

To isolate the living room from the kitchen, you can use the following techniques:

  • organization of more intense lighting in the cooking area and more subdued in the living room, thereby delimiting them;
  • only partial removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room or installation of a cornice on which you can hang curtains separating the two halves from each other;
  • the role of a delimiter can be played by a table with a low lampshade hanging above it, a chandelier or a long lamp. You can install a folding table butterfly;
  • floors of different heights. In the kitchen area, it may be slightly higher. In addition, it is wise to use a floor covering of different colors or textures;
  • installation of a bar counter, the role of which can also be played by an island for cooking.

chalet style kitchen

Do you want to create a chalet-style kitchen interior in an apartment?

Find out how to create a Provence-style interior with your own hands here.

Small kitchen

Sofas for the kitchen are small

In a small kitchen, a full-fledged sofa is difficult to place

A small room suffers most from an ill-conceived layout. In this case, there is simply nowhere to turn in it. Therefore, it is better to dismiss the option of an island for organizing in a small space right away. Apart from him, nothing else will be placed here.

The main “blow” should be taken by the walls. Kitchen furniture and stove can be placed in a line opposite each other, freeing the center for the movement. With the corner option, two walls adjacent to each other on one side are actively involved. On the other hand, you can place a cozy small sofa.

If you install a sliding door instead of a regular swing door, you can save a lot of free space for the same sofa.

A folding table and the same chairs can only be taken out for a meal, and then removed until the next time. A beautifully decorated wide window sill, to which a couple of light bar stools are attached, can become a non-standard option for eating.

Large with sofa bed, sofa bed

Sofas for the kitchen are small

Large kitchen – there is where to turn around

That’s where the scope for imagination. You can experiment and make several options for arranging furniture when you get bored with the previous option. The working area can be located traditionally against the wall and in the form of an island in the middle of the room. Cupboards for dishes, a refrigerator, upholstered furniture, and a table with chairs are located by ergonomic requirements at the choice of the owners. A stove against the wall can be separated from the dining area and sofa by a small bar counter.

Depending on the shape of the room – a square or a rectangle – the layout can be single-row or double-row. Good luck if a heated loggia or balcony is adjacent to the kitchen. It is quite possible to move a table with chairs or a sofa there.

Small sofa with drawers

Furniture, the design of which provides for additional containers for placing things, kitchen utensils, and products in them, will help free the room from an outdated bedside table or cabinet. The appearance of a small sofa can be an occasion for big positive changes in it. 

It turns out that instead of one item, you get two at once – a sleeping place and a place to store enough volume.

Caring for sofa bed

Whatever upholstery option you choose, competent care of the sofa is required in any case.

  1. Do not install it near heating appliances or a stove to avoid burns and ingress of grease and dirt. This is also true from the point of view of fire safety.
  2. Knowing about the moisture resistance of the upholstery, you should not test it for strength by regularly filling it with various liquids.
  3. For cleaning, it is important to use only products intended for this purpose, which do not contain bleach.
  4. Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner or steam generator.
  5. When removing dirt with a stain remover, it is better to apply it first on a soft cloth, and not immediately on the upholstery.
  6. Removable covers from the sofa are best cleaned in dry cleaning.
  7. It is better not to install the sofa in the area of ​​direct sunlight.
  8. Regularly check the condition of the sofa mechanism.
  9. A sofa made of genuine leather (leather) is easier to keep in good condition while maintaining a sufficient level of humidity, regular oiling of the skin. Use only a soft cloth to wipe.
Sofas for the kitchen are small

The sofa in the kitchen can be a bright highlight

Sofas for the kitchen are small

If space allows, arrange a cozy place for gatherings in the kitchen.

Sofas for the kitchen are small

The sofa will fit especially well into the interior of the loft kitchen

A small sofa, a sofa bed in the kitchen is not a luxury. Its appearance allows you to make the room more comfortable, expands its functionality (it can serve as a box if the top cover opens), and allows you to organize another bed. Against can only be the lack of sufficient space. This material will tell about kitchen stools with small seats.


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