Hanged shelves for the kitchen: open, for roof rails, for dishes

It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without hanging shelves that can hold crockery, cutlery, small household appliances, groceries and other necessary things. The lack of good, spacious shelves leads to clutter in the kitchen, while the tasteful elements of the kitchen set not only decorate it, but also give pleasure to the hostess.

Hanging shelves in the kitchen

Used by everyone for a long time, kitchen drawers fade into the background. Large dimensions “eat up” a lot of space in an already small kitchen space, the large weight makes it difficult to self-assemble.

Wall shelves for kitchen

Hanging shelves in the kitchen are fashionable and stylish

Hanging shelves are a practical and stylish solution for ergonomics. Despite their small size, the hinged shelves are quite spacious and, with the right material from which they will be made, can even withstand pans and pots.

Installation of a hinged shelf does not require special skills and does not take much time. Such an element of the headset will not visually narrow the space, it will accommodate all the necessary things and decorate the interior of the room. Unlike the usual wardrobes, everything is in plain sight here.


Hanging shelves can be used:

  • As a substitute for wall cabinets in a long, narrow kitchen where the cabinets will look rough. In this case, the entire upper space of the kitchen is equipped with hinged shelves of various sizes. Pans, pots, plates, mugs and other household items are placed on them.
  • As a support. Hanging shelves are a secondary element, they are used to connect cabinets, fill the free space (between the cabinet and the wall) or increase the space for storing various cans, boxes.
  • As a decorative element . The shelf is used solely for interior decoration purposes, as a stand for photo frames, lamps, flower pots, candles, etc.

In the interior

When choosing a wall shelf, it is important to consider the overall design of the kitchen. A beautiful result depends on the harmonious combination of color and material of the shelf with the kitchen set. In a room with wooden furniture, plastic shelves will be out of place.

The size and material of the future shelf depends on the role it plays. The more things are supposed to be stored on it, the larger it should be, and the more reliable the material.


Wall shelves for kitchen

Hanging shelves in the kitchen are, among other things, a good decor.

Wooden shelves are an affordable and practical solution; they will look especially appropriate in a classic interior or in the Provence style. Bright ornament, carving on the surface of the shelves will add coziness and elegance to the wooden ones in the country style.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material, the shelves made of it are lightweight and highly durable. Instances treated with a special solution that protects against moisture, decay and insects are durable.


  • They swell with frequent contact with water.
  • Attractive to insects, easily damaged by rodents.

Metal, for roof rails

Interior items made of metal (for example, railing shelves) will harmoniously fit into a modern or high-tech kitchen. The use of this material does not imply the creation of a rough shelf, on the contrary, thin fasteners, steel or bronze grilles with the presence of chrome-plated details will add refinement and lightness to the design. Rails are used both for storing things and for drying dishes.

Metal shelves are durable, strong and lightweight, especially with an aluminum cover. The use of pendant mounts will allow the item to be removed for wet cleaning. Fasten such shelves directly to the walls or by means of a metal rail. They do not deform under the influence of high temperatures and are not afraid of high humidity.

If the kitchen is small, it is recommended to use several small shelves instead of one large one. This will help to avoid burdening the space.

Hanging shelves in the kitchen

Small railing shelves are very convenient for storing cereals.


Hinged plastic shelves will allow you to decorate the interior, thanks to a wide range of colors and the ability to depict any pattern on the surface of the object. Lightweight, durable structures will not burden the room, unload the walls, put things in order, and will be a good filler for drawers and cupboards.

Plastic is the most affordable material, it has high chemical resistance. Plastic shelves can be of any shape, with built-in flashlights. These shelves are easy to transport, install or outweigh.


  • Plastic products are not suitable for storing heavy items. Most preferably, a plastic shelf is used as a decorative element.


Glass shelves will best fit into a modern interior, highlighting the sophistication and elegance of the owners of the house. Hidden mounts will create the impression of the item “hanging” in the air, and special holders will give the shelf a more serious and fashionable look. An element of the interior can be chosen in a classic design – transparent glass or matched to the overall style of the kitchen. For decoration, you can use art painting on glass shelves in the kitchen.

To give the room a more elegant look, single-level shelves are suitable for the most important things or memorabilia. To increase functionality – multi-level, able to accommodate a large number of items.

The thickness of the glass should be chosen at least 6 mm, preferably 8 – 10 mm. Then you will be sure that it will not crack under the things installed on it. Photo frames, glasses, crystal dishes – everything can be placed on this fragile but very durable shelf.


  • It is necessary to handle such a shelf very carefully, without accidentally damaging it – after all, glass.

Stone or acrylic tableware

Hanging shelves for the kitchen

Acrylic is a modern and stylish material that is increasingly used in the kitchen

Stone shelves are a stylish and rare option. Stone products will successfully fit into any interior. The use of such a shelf should be appropriate in the overall design of the room: the presence of a table top made of the same material and an apron or floor, similar in color to the shelf.

Despite their strength, stone shelves are more often used for stands for vases, candles, figurines, caskets, etc. Play on contrast adds charm and solidity to the room.


  • Not suitable for plasterboard walls .
  • Heavy.

How to make an inexpensive do-it-yourself

A hinged shelf can be made independently, the main thing is to arm yourself with the necessary tools and stock up on materials. Such work does not require much time and effort, but it will please you with the result.

The order of work and recommendations for the manufacture of a wall shelf: open, corner, straight

The most suitable materials for making a do-it-yourself hinged shelf are chipboard (width 25 – 30 cm), plywood or wood. From the tools you need to prepare a drill, an electric jigsaw, sandpaper, a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, glue.

  • Draw a drawing of the required size on a sheet of material. The edges should be slightly rounded.
  • We cut the workpiece with a jigsaw carefully and slowly so that the lines are even.
  • We process the edges with sandpaper, making them smooth, even.

Diagram of a wooden shelf in the kitchen.

The blank of the future shelf is ready, now you need to give it a presentable look. If you used plywood or wood, you need to paint the shelf and cover the entire surface with a special varnish. The chipboard shelf does not require special processing, it is enough to glue the rubberized edging to the end part with glue (you can find it in any hardware store).

You can attach the “craft” to ordinary corners, or use special mounts, choosing the appropriate type and weight of your future shelf.

Unusual decorative kitchen shelves – non-standard solution

  • A shelf mounted on the table adds space for drinks, hot food, and more.
  • The foldable hinged shelf assumes use if necessary, it is convenient for the countertop window sill. Can be folded to save space.
  • The backlit shelf provides an additional light source and highlights the commemorative item.
  • The pull-out shelf increases the work surface.

The use of hinged shelves significantly saves space in modern small-sized kitchens, does not weigh down the walls, and does not darken the space. Such shelves will help to freshen up the interior, add zest, and they are much cheaper than cabinets with almost the same spaciousness you can buy without upper wall cabinets.

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Hanging shelf for kitchen

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Hanging shelf for kitchen

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Hanging shelf for kitchen

Classics will always be relevant

A hinged wall shelf (open straight or corner) can be made independently according to your own sketches and inexpensive, and this is already a unique piece of furniture and master’s pride. You can also buy, for example, in the Ikea store. Read about handles-rails for kitchen furniture in this article.


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