Oval folding kitchen tables: how to choose

Today you can order a dining table of any shape and configuration, depending on the characteristics of the room and its size. Tables can be round, rectangular, complex shapes, narrow in the form of a bar, and even triangular. But one of the most popular shapes is oval or semi-oval. These tables have several advantages that save space and create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

Oval tables

Basically, it is advisable to buy oval tables for large kitchens, since this shape involves placing any number of guests at the table. 

folding kitchen oval tables

Folding kitchen oval tables

There will be restrictions only in the size of the table itself, but the absence of corners allows you to put any number of chairs, and if they are small in size, and people are not very well-fed, then 6-8 people can fit at an oval medium-sized table.

In terms of design, the oval table is more of a classic look, and in modern high-tech kitchens , where straight lines and strict shapes prevail, an oval table will look out of place, especially if it is made of wood, stone or has a finish that imitates natural materials.

high-tech oval kitchen tables

High-tech oval kitchen tables

Oval dining tables have several advantages:

  • The absence of sharp corners guarantees safety . In tight spaces, sharp corners of the table often cause bruises on the hips, with oval tables these problems are excluded;
  • The absence of corners is also a saving of space, albeit a small one ;
  • Oval tables look lighter and more graceful .

The disadvantages of such furniture include only their cost. Technically, making an oval table is more difficult and longer than a rectangular one, so the price for it will be about 30% higher.

There are also semi-oval varieties. With their straight side, such tables are adjacent to the wall; they are not intended to be located in the middle of the room. In general, semi-oval tables are designed just for small rooms, where you cannot put a table in the middle, and due to the lack of corners, you can save several square decimeters .

Such tables can have a traditional design on four legs, or they can be folding and even attached to the windowsill.

How to choose a folding oval table

The oval table can be solid or folding . In the first case, the design looks more aesthetically pleasing, but the fixed size of such a table suggests enough space so that, with its size, it does not interfere and does not take up useful space.

The advantage of a folding table is that when folded, 2-4 people can fit behind it, and if necessary, such a table unfolds and increases one and a half to two times, depending on the insert-liner, due to which such a structure is extended when unfolded …

The junction of the two semi-ovals that make up such a table may be conspicuous, but it may not be noticeable: it depends on the color of the material and the quality of the work . If the table is covered with a tablecloth, this joint does not pose a problem at all, and in general such a small flaw can only make a negative impression on outspoken perfectionists.beautiful tables for the kitchen

There are also folding oval tables, which when folded have a rectangular shape . They are small in size and it is better to choose a folding kitchen table for a small kitchen. These tables, which are also often called “butterflies” because of their design, are more similar in function to coffee tables, but they can also be used as dining tables.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the mechanisms due to which the table is laid out. The simpler the mechanism is, the more reliable it is in operation, moreover, it is a price-determining factor: a piece with false mechanisms at a price can be 15-20% more expensive. Although you can make a wooden table with your own hands, it will be time-consuming and costly.

Folding elements and mechanisms are an important criterion when choosing. Such mechanisms should work smoothly, and before buying it is necessary to unfold and fold the table several times to make sure of some of the nuances: you must be sure that the table can be easily laid out by one person without help, the mechanisms themselves should not make any suspicious sounds. It is also advisable to make sure that this mechanism can be easily repaired or replaced if necessary.

If you have already chosen a suitable model, answer a few questions:

  • Is the structure stable enough?
  • Can the unfolded table be able to withstand heavy loads?
  • Are there any prerequisites for the table to wobble?
  • Are you satisfied with such a product in terms of design, cost and dimensions?

With positive answers to all questions, you can be sure that you have found exactly the table that is ideal for your kitchen.

Oval tables can be made from different materials, which have their own characteristics. Some of the materials are not intended for use in the kitchen, while others serve well as the basis for dining tables. In addition, the material, like the shape, contributes to the visual change of the interior.

The optimal materials for the manufacture of oval kitchen tables are:

  • Chipboard in plastic (postforming tabletops);oval kitchen tables made of chipboardOval kitchen tables made of chipboard
  • Glass ;
  • Artificial or natural stone .natural stone oval kitchen tablesNatural stone

The latter option is considered the most expensive, although glass tables are also expensive, and sometimes even surpass stone products in cost. Judging objectively, it makes no sense to order a stone dining table with a small budget . Firstly, there are a large number of films and plastic coatings that perfectly imitate natural materials, so overpayment is often not justified.

When it comes to performance and quality, a dining table is not a case where extra strength is required . Food is not cut on such tables, it is not subject to mechanical stress. Basically, the dining table experiences an average degree of stress, but these are small weights, and the oval table top itself is immune to them: from this point of view, much more attention should be paid to the table legs.

Oval table legs can be made of wood or metal. The first option is more attractive in appearance and adorns the classic interior well. Metal legs are slightly stronger than wooden ones, they can have different modifications, but their main advantage is the ability to adjust the height. Now you can forget about wobbling tables and the need to put cardboard, pieces of plastic or rubber pads under the legs.

Oval chipboard tables have one unpleasant feature, which is the way of processing the perimeter. As you can see in the photo, the oval itself is pasted over with a PVC edge. Today this is done on special equipment, which, with skillful handling, excludes defects, and the roundings themselves do not have defects, so the edge lays down evenly.

But some manufacturers still grind such curves with hand-held grinders, and the angle of the plane can be “overwhelmed”. If, at the same time, we take into account the fact that instead of PVC, in order to save money, a plastic edge is sometimes used in the color of the countertop – such a product cannot be called high-quality and reliable.

The plastic edge is thick enough to adhere tightly to curved surfaces, so when glued to a heaped corner closer to the bottom of the table, it will stick tightly , and a gap will remain between the edge and the semi-oval cut closer to the plastic face surface.

It can be 1-3 millimeters, and look like a thick sloppy seam. In some cases, such a seam is so large that the edge does not adhere to the end of the countertop, and it has to be hammered or covered with glue or silicone. The photo shows what a good seam should look like.

Naturally, with such a problem, the seam not only looks rough and ugly, but also creates the risk that moisture will get between the edge and the worktop, and this leads to the swelling of the worktop . Therefore, such joints and seams are the first thing to look for when choosing chipboard countertops in plastic.

There are no such problems with oval glass tables: they are not afraid of moisture and minimal processing is enough to achieve a beautiful look. In addition, glass can withstand higher temperatures.

We used to think that glass is a fragile material, but not when it comes to glass for oval tables. Usually this material in such cases has a thickness of at least one centimeter. Of course, such a table can be broken if you deliberately hit it with heavy objects, but in general this surface is quite reliable. The only drawback of such tables is their high cost.

How to fit an oval table into a kitchen interior

Oval tables fit perfectly into any dining area, dining room and kitchen, if the interior does not have exotic design elements, although sometimes such solutions look great in a very unusual setting:

When choosing such a table, the main thing to be guided by is the size of the room:

  1. If the kitchen is narrow, you need to choose an oval table top to match the color of the window sill or the color of the kitchen countertop . In such cramped conditions, elements of different colors will contrast with each other, which will destroy the sense of integrity. Also, in a small kitchen, it is better to put not an oval, but a semi-oval table, which with a straight side would adjoin the wall or window sill.
  2. For large combined kitchens with living rooms, you can choose and order models of any size, just do not be too zealous in this : even if the table fits in the room, it should not interfere with free passage, in addition, the dimensions of the chairs must be taken into account.

Regardless of the size of the room, the color of the oval table must also be taken into account: bright models of red, yellow, poisonous green and orange colors, due to the design features, will look conspicuous spots.

How to match chairs to an oval table

When choosing new chairs for an oval table, you can pay attention to ready-made sets: in them, the table and chairs are combined in color and design . If the table is sold separately, when choosing chairs, the only thing can be considered important: they should have smooth lines and rounded shapes, which will allow such furniture to make an optimal combination. There are all sorts of original options on sale: from classic to transparent chairs.

An oval table that fits well into the interior and stands out for its quality of workmanship is a good purchase. Such furniture will last a long time and will not cause any inconvenience, besides, such folding tables will allow you to accommodate a large number of guests at any time, who will feel convenient and comfortable.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the kitchen sliding table with glass top in this material.


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