Bright table setting in the kitchen at home: summer motive

Summer is the three shortest months of the year. During bright parties, walks in the park and picnics, we do not notice how they go. Therefore, I want so much to feel the holiday atmosphere every minute, to fill the most ordinary things with colors. Restaurants open verandas so that the unforgettable scent of summer fills the entire space. However, you can create an unforgettable summer story at home.

Features of summer table setting

Table setting at home

Bright flowers are the main attribute of the summer setting

Summer brings us only bright colors: juicy fruits, picturesque vegetables, romantic flowers, dazzling sky and azure sea. It is worth starting from this when creating a summer interior, which in many ways resembles the patchwork style.

Take advantage of the variety of garden flowers by regularly updating your bouquets. Place a fruit bowl, cups of berries, and baskets of vegetables in a prominent place.

Table setting at home

Want a stylish concept? Contrasting and mischievous marine theme will fit into the light interior. Floral motifs will suit fans of romantic designs, while Hawaiian passionate and adventurous people will love the selection of colors in bright colors.

The annual international exhibition Maison & Objet in Paris, dedicated to interior design, proclaimed the fashion for “back to basics”. Trendsetters François Bernard, Elisabeth Leriche and Vincent Gregoire suggest paying attention to natural materials and exotic prints.

The main rule of the summer table is to use all the gifts of nature: from fruits and vegetables to seashells. Do you want a full-fledged holiday? Refresh your furniture and pillow covers, towel and napkin collection.

Table decor with flowers

Table setting at home

Flower decor is one of the most popular, yet flowers create a summer mood

Garden flowers will play in a special way if you put them not just in a vase, but in a pot or tin watering can. You can assemble a whole set: a large watering can and several small ones. And do not strive to clean them to shine – a hint of antiquity only suits them. Small decorative garden buckets or pitchers are also fine.

Table setting at home

In winter, residents of non-southern countries are limited in the choice of fresh flowers, which means that the situation needs to be corrected in the summer months. Indulge in freshly cut garden flowers. They will not only harmoniously fit into the summer interior, but also add special aromatic notes. Leave as much colorful greenery as possible on the branches.

  • The classics of floral design – transparent vessels – are in trend today. They add light and lightness. In addition, they are easy to assemble into a single composition. Place a vase with a gorgeous bouquet in the center of the table, from which stretch the threads from glasses with flower miniatures (perhaps repeating the central bouquet, or simply created from the same flowers) in both directions.
Table setting at home
  • Flowers that match the bouquet can be put on plates during serving , or passed them under the ring along with a napkin.
  • Collect flowers of different heights in narrow vases or even wine bottles , experiment with flowers. You can collect a composition from several items.
  • Designer Maxim Languev suggests putting a tub of fresh herbs right in the kitchen of a city apartment for those who lack the immediate proximity of virgin fields and forests.

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Fresh greens grown directly in the kitchen or in the dining room will be a practical interior solution. How about a young onion that the guest can treat right from the “table” garden? And he harvested the harvest, and dined!

Fruit decorations

Table setting at home

Fruits will give you a bright mood and a piece of summer

  • Fruit table setting will cheer you up even on the worst day.
  • Use scented candles to recreate an orchard , and purchase appropriate textiles and utensils.

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Fruits in chrome-plated vases are suitable for a strict, elegant setting, and baskets will give the situation an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


Table setting at home

Do not throw away the bottles, they may come in handy for your table setting.


The nautical theme in summer is especially uplifting . However, one is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. You can choose a romantic style with delicate shades of the sky and sea, or a daring and mischievous combination of red, blue and white.

The romance of the waves

Table setting at home
  • arm yourself with items of two colors: white and blue;
  • dishes with a print of seashells and other sea treasures can become an accent;
  • in this case, it remains only to add snow-white napkins and candles;
  • place shells of various shapes on the table as a decor;
  • decorate candle holders with transparent beads and starfish;
  • spread nautical necklaces on a tablecloth or a strict wooden table;
  • shell-shaped rings can also be attached to napkins;
  • tie the chairs with ropes stolen from a pirate ship or a fishing net.

Do not forget about the bottle with treasures: pour colored sand and sea stones into a transparent bottle, seal with parchment.

Dinner on the yacht

Table setting at home
  • true ship style brings a festive atmosphere even if you serve breakfast;
  • add red or blue pillows to the interior;
  • select a tablecloth to match;
  • if you have a wooden table, then you can do with napkins – vests;
  • decorative anchors will not interfere.


Flowers are the main attribute of summer, which we miss so much for the remaining 9 months of the year. Therefore, the summer setting of almost any concept includes bouquets of fresh flowers. True romantics can go further and create a blooming garden atmosphere during dinner. Let the interior be based on one particular flower or a complex bouquet.


table setting at home

Provence is lightness and airiness

For those who like restraint, Provence style or shabby chic decor will do. Many fresh flowers in vases and pots against a background of natural wood, plain linen tablecloths and napkins. A classic vintage set in a small flower will give a delicate and romantic touch to such an interior.


table setting at home

Vintage – sedate dinner and traditions of generations.

If you want to envelop the dining room in warm summer light, create an atmosphere of joy and tranquility, then feel free to follow the path of a floral print in everything. The main thing is that the flowers on the dishes do not disharmonize with the tablecloth, you can use a transparent tablecloth on the kitchen table.

In order not to become a victim of your own mistakes, it is better to purchase a collection of textiles: a tablecloth, napkins and towels in delicate colors and suitable dishes. Be the last to tackle live compositions.


Your vacation in the tropics is over, but sultry pictures do not leave your thoughts? Then turn your classic dinner into a real Hawaiian party. Its main attribute is picturesque garlands of flowers.

table setting at home
  • give up the usual vases and start weaving lei;
  • arm yourself with bright flowers with medium-sized buds and greens;
  • the shells remaining from the marine interior will perfectly fit into the design of the tropical style;
  • exotic fruits will add juiciness . For a couple of evenings, forget about Antonov’s apples by decorating the table with baskets of pineapples, bananas, mango and kiwi;
  • choose scented candles and bright napkins;

Snow-white crockery or wooden or earthenware sets will come to the rescue in this world of color.


Romantic table setting for two:

A romantic dinner in a homely setting wins before going to a restaurant due to the intimate atmosphere of privacy. Accentuate it with delicate details that accentuate the sensuality of the moment.

table setting at home
  • a safe bet – light colors . However, remove too solemn white from the interior. Napkins, tablecloth, dishes and even flowers of delicate powdery shades are symbols of mystery and charm, a combination of pink is often used;
  • you can focus on large objects : luxurious buds of roses, peonies or phlox, large format candles, massive plates. In this case, with a minimum of details, you will be able to create a harmonious interior with a touch of celebration;
  • if you have time to work out the details, then your choice is cozy and delicate little things. Collect several bouquets of delicate and romantic flowers : chamomile, peony roses, lilacs, small chrysanthemums, etc.
  • give preference to a light plain tablecloth, on which you can place a lot of small candlesticks in bulk . They can be decorated with floral wreaths or transparent glass beads;
  • an old porcelain service and pot-bellied cups and glasses will perfectly fit into such an interior .
table setting at home

Dinner for two will be even more pleasant if the table is beautifully served

Want to add some passion to your evening? Add a red or cherry color to the interior, for example, with napkins or candles.


table setting at home

Children still do not fully understand how deceiving appearances are, so a beautiful cake is already delicious for them! Play on this by serving the kids’ table, and you will have a chance to keep the kids at the table for at least 40 minutes.

Is the adult table designed in a nautical style? Then make it a continuation of the children’s area, adding “pirate” details. Skull napkins, themed juice straws, candles and pirate ships.

Are the kids crazy about the latest cartoon characters? Create a vibrant table setting based on 2-3 colors and add your favorite characters, branded dishes and napkins .

Summer serving: simple and bright

  • Summer table setting is not just creating an interior, it is creating a mood, and it does not matter whether you arrange breakfast in the apartment or dinner on the terrace;
table setting at home

Summer serving is appropriate at any time of the year

  • follow the chosen concept, choosing textiles, dishes and decorations of the same style;
table setting at home

Summer setting is always bright, contrasting and cheerful

  • improvise, coming up with new combinations with a fresh bouquet from your own garden;
table setting at home

This is how ordinary greenery in beautiful pots can become an interesting decor.

  • the ideal option is a thematic summer service or glass and porcelain painted with flowers;
table setting at home

An ordinary bright service will help create the right mood

  • a floral set painted with watercolors or stylish and austere wooden dishes;
  • however, if you like to change the concept every week, then the classic light set will come in handy.
table setting at home

Variations on the theme of summer are simply endless

A win-win option is plain textiles. Bright tablecloths and napkins combined with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket will energize the day.

You can create an atmosphere of a fabulous summer both with the help of summer designer interior items, and through a skillful combination of at first glance traditional accessories.


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