Table with tiles: how to decorate the kitchen table with tiles

Table with ceramic top: do-it-yourself porcelain stoneware kitchen tables, how to make kitchen table decor with tiles

The kitchen is the place where a person spends almost all his time, preparing or eating food and receiving guests. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the choice of the main material for the kitchen – the kitchen table. Ceramic tiles are the best in this regard. It not only has a beautiful appearance but is also very practical, as it is sufficiently resistant to damp and dusty environments and falling objects of small size.

Ceramics in the kitchen

Now it is difficult to imagine a kitchen without ceramic tiles because it is used almost everywhere. She finishes the walls and floor, as well as an apron or wall panel in the kitchen interior.

kitchen table with ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles on the table look very interesting and elegant.

As a material for finishing tiles, they are used for a very long period. Only the technology of its manufacture has changed, as well as the appearance and quality of production.

The service life of a ceramic tile is determined depending on how resistant it is to abrasion and how strong the topcoat is.

Table with ceramic top

Material Advantages

Perhaps the main and unconditional advantage of ceramic tiles is their long service life and practicality. It perfectly withstands high temperatures, so without any fear, you can put hot objects on the tile, as well as cut food while cooking. Any kind of pollution is also not terrible for ceramic tiles, as they are easy to remove from the surface in a matter of seconds. Such a table does not need to be covered with a tablecloth, because it has a beautiful appearance, and besides, it does not need surface protection.

Keeping a tile countertop clean is easy. As soon as new contaminants appear, they should be removed with some kind of detergent, while remembering that abrasive products are not recommended for use.

Ceramic material for kitchen countertops is the most suitable. When comparing it with the same models made based on a laminate, one can easily notice the unconditional advantages of a table made of ceramic tiles.

It is very functional as a dining table, as well as in terms of a bright accent in the kitchen. If you successfully choose the shape and size of the frame with the tabletop, then you can easily use this piece of furniture in terms of the main and additional dining table. This is especially convenient if the kitchen is large enough.

Extendable dining tables and chairs add to the functionality. It often happens that it is the size of the kitchen space that makes it impossible to use all the advantages of a large table in a normal way because in the end there will simply be nowhere to put it. In this case, just a sliding table will eliminate the problem. Some models fold in the center. This contributes to their reduction in size. Such a table can be placed somewhere in the corner of the room and it will fit perfectly even in the smallest kitchen.

kitchen table with ceramic tiles

Ceramic mosaic will transform an old, shabby table

Ceramic tiles also have a very high strength, which almost everyone has heard of. The main thing is to properly care for this material and it will last you a very long time. This is easily explained by the resistance of a ceramic tile kitchen table to mechanical damage.

It is very important to pay attention to the material from which the table frame is made, as it also plays a key role in terms of durability. A frame made of metal is considered the safest and most durable, but the terms of its use are not as long as those of a wooden frame.

An important advantage of a ceramic table is its excellent appearance. It will fit into the room, decorated in the interior style: loft, “country” or impeccable “hi-tech”. To ensure maximum compatibility of the worktop, you only need to draw up its required color scheme, including the frame.

It is also worth mentioning that ceramic tiles cannot quickly absorb foreign odors, as is characteristic of a wooden countertop. It is also very hygienic and safe as a dining table material.

In addition, various kitchen and other appliances do not adversely affect the tile table, i.e. don’t scratch it. It also provides it with additional benefits.

How to DIY: round, oval, sliding

Before you make a table of tiles with your own hands, you need to prepare all the tools necessary for this. In the absence of any device, you can use an analog as a replacement or try to borrow it from acquaintances or friends.

First, you need to decide what material the frame should be made of. It is usually made from wood or metal. The latter is distinguished by its reliability, but it weighs quite a lot and is prone to rust. To put the metal frame in order, it is necessary to clean and paint it.

As the basis for the table, it is best to use an unnecessary dining or coffee table. At the same time, it is good if it is made of wood. If you have a finished countertop, besides in good condition, without scratches or other damage, it makes no sense to make a new stove. In case of observing various defects and irregularities, it is necessary to apply a new slab to the surface or remove the damaged one and replace it with the made slab-top.

If there is no frame, then you need to make it yourself, and use a wooden block or chipboard as a material.

The tabletop is made of chipboard (laminated is recommended), multi-layer moisture-resistant plywood, or OSB boards. The latter is most suitable in terms of greater moisture resistance, and besides, they do not need to be impregnated. The laminated chipboard tabletop has the same qualities. Of course, you can use ordinary chipboard boards, but it’s better not to do this because even if you don’t take impregnation into account, over time these boards are destroyed due to moisture.

The plate must have a thickness of at least 16 mm. It is best if it has about 21-24 mm. In this case, the table will be more reliable, even if heavy porcelain stoneware is used.

For a table for decorative purposes, almost all tiles will do, no matter if it is a wall or floor. The main thing is that its thickness should be more than 6 mm. The size of the tile almost does not matter. True, you need to know that with a small tile there will be no particular difficulties when laying it, moreover, there will not be much waste.

Tiles of small sizes are quite easy to calculate. If we talk about the advantages of large tiles, then it does not leave many seams, as it occupies a large table area.

As a picture, you can choose whatever you like. A tile made not only in one color, but also one that is decorated with a certain pattern or structural composition has a magnificent look. A uniform background can have either a pattern or a decorated insert.

Additional materials:

  • a balloon containing silicone and a syringe;
  • impregnation (when using chipboard);
  • cement-based glue for wood;
  • grout with epoxy resin.
kitchen table with ceramic tiles

Nice patchwork table. Suitable for rustic country or Provence

It is also necessary to prepare such devices:

  • grinder (as an additional option, you can use a tile cutter; you should also stock up on a diamond wheel);
  • electric jigsaw for cutting wooden boards;
  • spatula to apply tile adhesive;
  • rubber spatula for rubbing tile joints;
  • tape measure and pencil;
  • level;
  • self-tapping screw for wood (length 55 mm);
  • decorative strips.

The whole process is divided into a couple of steps, each of which should be implemented only after the previous steps have been completed. Let’s single out a separate case when it is necessary to make a new countertop. If used, the first three steps should be skipped.

What to do:

  1. New tabletop. First you need to calculate the size and shape of the countertop, whether it will be folding. For these purposes, the slab must be placed on a straight surface, and then the tile must be applied in the form of some kind of pattern. It can be applied both without seams and with seams. For these purposes, plastic crosses are used. Tiles must be laid out, moving from the middle and towards the edges. Using these manipulations, you can calculate their required number. Thanks to the use of an electric jigsaw, it is easy to mark the countertop and trim it. If there is an initially specified size, the tile still needs to be shortened.
  2. The tabletop must be screwed to the frame with self-tapping screws. It is very important that the structure is strong and stable. During manufacture, the horizontal level of the surface of the plate must be controlled precisely thanks to the tool of the same name.
  3. When using a conventional chipboard, it is necessary to impregnate it with a hydrophobic composition. After the plate dries, work must be resumed.
  4. Then it is worth sticking tiles on the countertop using tile glue diluted in water. Laying is done in the same way as marking. If you need to suddenly cut the tiles, you can use the grinder. With it, it is very easy to cut both a straight and a rounded section of a certain tile.
  5.  The seams between the tiles, as well as the ends of the countertops, can be sealed with grout or use a rubber spatula. It is still better to use epoxy-based grout in the manufacture, as it is resistant to various kinds of physical and chemical influences.
  6. Once the tiles and grout have cured, you need to trim the ends of the countertops to give them a beautiful appearance, as well as protect them from a damp environment. As a finishing material, you can use a decorative wooden plank. It can be easily screwed to the stove with self-tapping screws or glued with waterproof glue. You can also decorate the ends with various corner elements.

Kitchen tile worktop

To make the best tile countertop with your own hands, you need to stock up on the following devices:

  • waterproof chipboard;
  • grout and sponge;
  • electric jigsaw and tile cutter;
  • sealant with silicone and a gun;
  • a set of tools;
  • tile adhesive and mounting adhesive;
  • conventional and notched trowel;
  • tiles or mosaics of the same thickness.

The advantages that a tiled worktop has included the versatility of the material: it is suitable for decorating a kitchen in any style.

What should be done:

1. First you need to dismantle the unusable countertop and build a new strong frame so that it can hold a fairly heavy tile or mosaic. The depth of the table will accommodate the frame. The base of the tabletop is made of MDF or chipboard. Then it needs to be fixed using mounting glue and self-tapping screws to increase reliability.

2. The tabletop is cut from chipboard and in each case, it has an individual size. Then the cover is fixed on the prepared frame with glue and screws.

3. Using a sealant with silicone, it is necessary to properly process all joints to prevent the penetration of a wet environment into the interior.

4. Then you need to work with the tile itself. Before laying it, it is very important to make a plan where it will be located on the countertop. It is better to try to distribute the whole tile on the edge, and part of it in the middle. It is worth buying tiles so that then there is a small margin because the tile cutter does not always do its job perfectly.

5. After that, it is necessary to stick the tile with an adhesive suitable for this purpose and allow it to dry completely.

6. Then you need to check whether everything is fixed as it should and process the seams with the grout of the desired color shade. Next, align each seam and remove the remaining grout with a wet sponge. After a few hours, everything will be ready.

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Design ideas for decoration

If the kitchen table is unusually overlaid with ceramic tiles for interior decoration, it can turn into almost the main decoration of the entire room. The main thing is to show an extraordinary share of imagination. No need to be upset if no interesting idea came to mind about decorating the kitchen table.

Draw a pattern before starting work, this will save you from mistakes.

Draw a pattern before starting work, this will save you from mistakes.

You can decorate the table with pieces of tile instead of using it entirely. In this case, the tile is already turning into a mosaic. Also, the table can acquire an unusual pattern, which will give it even more uniqueness.

It should be borne in mind that when changing the shape of the table, you must try to fit it into the design of the room. For example, if there are round-shaped objects in the kitchen, the table should also be round or, at worst, oval. You can make the table semicircular. In this case, it will save a lot of space and serve as a bright and unusual accent in the design. It will fit perfectly on the balcony, where there is often not enough free space.

The table can be perceived quite differently if we take into account the shape, size, and material from which it is made.

If there is a lot of wooden furniture in the room, then it is better to try to make sure that the base of the table is also made of wood of a suitable shade.

Such a table will fit perfectly into the kitchen covered with wallpaper in country style. If there is high-tech furniture in the interior, you should try to make the base of the table made of metal. Such a table is more suitable for modern youth cuisine.

No need to be afraid to show creativity with your own hands to the maximum and embody various design ideas. Everything that is done by hand not only brings a sense of pride and great joy, but also brings some comfort to the interior, and also charges the home atmosphere with positive.

kitchen table with ceramic tiles.

The kitchen should be a comfortable and cozy place, but here there is where to realize your fantasies.

From all of the above, we can conclude that ceramic tiles (ceramics), porcelain stoneware, or tiled tiles are versatile material that has not only many advantages, but also great practical value. In turn, a tiled worktop will not only last longer in the kitchen but also decorate it and bring a certain amount of originality. It is also worth looking at the material of the waste shredder. 


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