Kitchen tiles: how to choose a design and style

Choosing a harmonious kitchen style, we try to pay attention to the color of the walls, furniture design and the selection of decor. But we pay little attention to the flooring. But the color and design of floor tiles is not only a harmonious completion of the design of the room, but also an excellent decor, and in some cases a highlight of the kitchen.

Ceramic tile

Kitchen tile

Ceramic is the best finish for your kitchen

Of course, you can go along the beaten path and pick up a plain tile to match the color of the walls or furniture. But the kitchen will be much more interesting if the ceramic tiles on the floor are in the same style as the rest of the interior.


Kitchen tile
  1. Durability . Ceramic tiles are one of the most durable materials in the world. You can still find old ceramic tiles in the decoration of ancient castles or fortresses. Well-known tile manufacturers give a 25-50 year warranty on their products.
  2. Reliability . Ceramic tiles are very durable. She is not afraid of even very heavy loads. In addition, ceramics have excellent thermal conductivity, so they are an excellent option for underfloor heating.
  3. Variety . There is no more such material that has so many different textures, colors, shapes and colors.

If you do not know how to decorate the floor in the kitchen, choose ceramic tiles, this is a win-win option.

Kitchen tile

The tile should harmoniously fit into the interior

Tile and style

Secrets and recommendations for choosing ceramic tiles:

If you choose the right tile for the floor, taking into account the overall design of the room, the interior will only benefit.


For modern styles , plain tiles are most often chosen . It can be either to match the color of walls or furniture, or vice versa, be in contrast. Looks especially interesting with ceramic countertops.

kitchen tile

Solid color tiles for modern style are the best option

Modern styles do not have a lot of decor , so it is ceramic tiles that have the ability to be that very decor.

kitchen tile

Floor as a decor – an interesting and unusual solution for the kitchen

Very often tile collections are complemented by decor, beautiful skirting boards or friezes. But the decor can also be an unusual texture of tiles of different sizes.

Kitchen tile

Monotonous interior is diversified by tile

Classic, antique

The classic style is elegant and noble. Ceramic tiles for interior decoration of this style are used very often.

The ceramic floor can be of different designs :

  • Marble coloring is one of the most popular colors. It is not only beautiful, but also very practical, since the dirt on it is invisible. Marble flooring is a must for antique materials;
kitchen tile

Marble tiles – sophisticated and elegant

  • Natural stone . There are no restrictions for designers here. These are terracotta, light sandstone, dark granite, and other options;
kitchen tile

stone effect tiles are a very unusual solution

  • Wood. Ceramic tiles can be wood-like. This makes it possible to use all the advantages of ceramics and enjoy the beauty of the wood pattern.
kitchen tile

Wood imitation tiles are the beauty of wood and the advantages of ceramics

Mosaic can be separately called . This is a beautiful decor that always attracts attention. It is worth noting that in this case, it is better to give all the attention to the floor, and the color of the walls and facades should become the background . You also need to be careful with the design of furniture, the Viennese chair in the interior of the kitchen does not go well with the bright floor.

kitchen tile

Mosaic is a great option for the kitchen

It can be both mosaic tiles and real panels and art paintings.

kitchen tile

The mosaic can be laid out in several ways.

kitchen tile

Mosaic can be used in different styles


There are a lot of variations on the ethno theme.

For styles close to the classics, Provence, English or Victorian styles, ceramic tiles are used very often for decoration. Tile design is most often a variety of stone options. How to combine wallpaper for the kitchen can be found in this article.

It is warm sandstone that will fill your kitchen with sunshine.

kitchen tile

Ethno styles go well with ceramics

Alternatively, you can choose a tile for a stone of different sizes. In this case, the illusion of a hand-cut stone is created.

It is a reddish terracotta that fits perfectly with the Mediterranean, Italian style . Country style, Moroccan.

It is warm sandstone that will fill your kitchen with sunshine.

Terracotta will add coziness

Chalet or English style often use ceramic tiles with natural stone.

Since stone is always associated with coolness, a beautiful carpet will look good in the lounge area. You can find out about the kitchen wall clock here.

Kitchen tile

Stone in the kitchen will add charm to the kitchen

Bright African and Turkish styles , or vice versa, too calm and monochrome interior can be decorated with bright flooring, which will become the highlight of the kitchen. And about the pros and cons of laminate in the kitchen can be found here.

Kitchen tile

Bright floor will make the kitchen as bright as Africa

In many collections of ceramic floor tiles, there is a separate line of panels, decors and friezes with which you can create an interesting picture on the floor. More often than not, all this is an imitation of a carpet. And about high chairs for the kitchen, you can read the link.

Kitchen tile

A panel in the kitchen will make the room more elegant

Polymer mosaic – high quality and durable:

Combination of two types of flooring

It should be noted that ceramic tiles go well with other materials. It can be like another collection of ceramic tiles, laminate, linoleum, parquet board or even carpet.

In what cases is this option used:

kitchen tile
  • Floor decor ;
  • Delimitation of space;
  • Division into zones ;
  • The use of tiles is only for the working area of ​​the kitchen, and in the dining room they use warmer materials, linoleum, or parquet.

It is important when combining different floor options to pay attention to the joints, which must be hermetically sealed.

Alternatively, this method of laying the floor can also be used as a kitchen decor.

kitchen tile

Tile decor should repeat the interior

In this case, the details of the floor and decor of the room and kitchen should overlap with each other.

Bright patchwork tiles are becoming more and more popular. The collections of these tiles are so diverse that you can find a good solution for almost any kitchen.

kitchen tile

A good option is tiling the work area

Such tiles are appropriate in modern styles: high tech, loft, minimalism, modern . But it will also look quite harmonious in the colonial or English style . An indispensable element of decor is such a tile in bright styles: Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan .

kitchen tile

Patchwork tiles are eye-catching

The flooring, especially ceramic tiles, will last for several decades, and it is important that its design, colors, shape not only not bother you, but also harmoniously fit into the interior, even if you slightly change the style of the kitchen. Which is better,  ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware, you can find out in this material.


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