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Such a household appliance as a coffee grinder is a very necessary thing for every home. It is intended not only for high-quality grinding of coffee beans, but also for any other substances, for example, cereals for making cereals for babies. Therefore, you should correctly approach the choice of this device and know all the subtleties and nuances of this delicate process. But what a millstone coffee grinder looks like with adjustment and how to use it correctly, the information on the link will help to understand.

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Real lovers of aromatic coffee will never brew a powder that has already lain for some time; they will necessarily first roast and then grind the beans into powder before performing the sacrament of preparing a divine drink. Of course, earlier this whole complex procedure was done by hand – heavy millstones or a special device were used in which the grains were brought to the state of a powder. But today this is a utopia, and there are few people who will use hand-held devices: why, when such a convenient device as a coffee grinder has been invented?

So what does she represent, and what is the principle of her work?

In most cases, this is a glass with a built-in motor, with a loading bowl of different sizes, engine power and grinding quality. Like all electrical appliances, it has a plug and cord with which it is connected to the mains. The container itself can be made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from stainless steel to durable plastic. This also applies to the bowl, where, in fact, the entire grinding process takes place. But in most cases, it is made of durable metal with stainless properties.

Grinding devices are embedded in the bowl, most likely one knife, but there may be instances with several attachments for better crushing of coffee or other beans.

But what are the best models of electric coffee grinders and how to use them is detailed in this article.

The motor is hidden in the body of the device, it is small in power and size. There is always a contact cover in it, which, when turned correctly, creates a connection to start the grinding process.

And if it does not fit tightly, then it will not work to crush the grains. That’s all a brief description of this household appliance, without which it is difficult to imagine the kitchen of a real hostess.


Household coffee grinders for home use can be roughly divided into several varieties:

  • By the type of device control.
  • By the quality of grinding grains.
  • The volume of the loaded bowl.
  • At cost.

For grinding coffee and other beans, there are only 2 types of devices: with power supply and completely manual. But we will not consider this last option, but we will talk in more detail about electrical varieties.

But they also have their own gradation, manufacturers produce electrical equipment of two types:

  • Rotary or knife subspecies.
  • Working like a millstone.

There are also coffee grinders with ceramic burrs, but how effective they are when used, the information on the link will help to understand.

The first coffee grinder is characterized by the presence of knives on the bottom of the immersion bowl, and the longer they rotate, the finer the beans will be ground. But the user himself will have to adjust the duration of the work, since the process is started in manual mode by pressing and holding a special button.

For a high-quality result, the portions of the load should be less than half of the total volume of the bowl, otherwise the device will work with difficulty, and the quality leaves much to be desired.

As for the devices working on the millstone type, they can work up to 15 of the most different modes. They are able to grind grains to a medium fraction, or completely grind them to a dust state. A distinctive feature of devices of this type is the absence of overheating, although the motor can have parameters from 100 to 1000 W.

For ordinary home use, a device with indicators of 250-300 W is quite enough.

But what the tima manual coffee grinder looks like and how effective it is, the information on the link will help you figure it out.

Burr-type coffee grinders usually have 2 containers at once: directly prepared grains are loaded into one, and the finished product is fed into the second. Moreover, you can select the device in a large first bowl, and then you can load a large amount into it, but do not grind everything at once, but leave them until the right moment, when you need freshly ground coffee.

Manufacturers and prices

In our home appliance market, you can find a lot of devices for grinding coffee beans, we give an overview of the most popular models:

  • The Russian brand Vitek has long been known to our hostesses; a wide variety of equipment is produced under these brands, including coffee grinders. VT-1542 is considered a popular model for about 1.7 thousand rubles. It works on the principle of rotary grinding with knives. It is equipped with a locking system if the lid is accidentally opened, the body is made of plastic, with a stainless steel bowl of medium volume. But what is an electric coffee grinder with millstones and how to use it correctly, is detailed in this article.electric coffee grinder VitekA very common device. although it has all the necessary functions, it has a high safety indicator
  • The products of the Italian company De’Longhi are always distinguished by excellent build quality, excellent performance and durability. Therefore, many in the kitchen have appliances of this brand. The cost of the device is very affordable, no more than $30, it is equipped with additional accessories for care: brushes, a special compartment for storing the cord. Their body is stainless steel, containers for loading grains and collecting the finished product are plastic. It works on the principle of a millstone, so the grinding quality is always excellent. But what a coffee grinder looks like with a degree of grind and how to use it is indicated in great detail here.electric coffee grinder De'LonghiVery nice and functional harvester. which has everything you need to work with coffee
  • German technology is always the standard of quality and durability, this fully applies to the Bosch brand coffee grinders . It works with knives, but the coffee is finely ground. The cost of standard equipment does not exceed $85, although it is possible to adjust the degree of grinding of the grains. It is also worth learning more about what coffee makers for ground coffee are for home.electric coffee grinder BoschSince knives are used in the work, the coffee is very finely ground.
  • Braun devices come in both rotary and millstone types, so they can vary significantly in price. A standard model can cost around 1,500, and a more efficient millstone with more functionality – already 3,500. You may also be interested in information about how an electric coffee maker for Turkish coffee might look like.Braun electric coffee grinderA very common device. for very little money, at the same time of very high quality
  • Polaris equipment has long been exported to our markets, and the grinding quality is perfect for making espresso coffee. The cost of the product does not exceed $13, it works like a rotary device. You may also be interested in information on how there are inexpensive grain coffee machines for the home with a cappuccinatore.electric coffee grinder PolarisThe coffee grinder will be able to make coffee of the desired grinding, while the quality of the equipment itself is at a high level

How to choose

If you are not ready to spend a lot, or are used to an instant drink, and you do not need to grind coffee often, then it makes sense to take a closer look at inexpensive cutlery:

  • Pay attention to the power indicator so that the device works efficiently and the grinding is fine . But even a large indicator can negatively affect the grains – a burnt smell may appear from strong overheating during operation. Therefore, a value up to 200 W will be the most optimal for a home.
  • The position of the knives should be as close to the bottom as possible to ensure the best grinding quality.
  • The material of the case will be an important factor – the best option is stainless steel, but this can cost you more.
  • If you decide to purchase a durable and reliable millstone device, then pay attention to the options offered by the manufacturer: protection against overheating, automatic shutdown at the end of work, or when the temperature rises. This will be a useful bonus when choosing a decent grinder.

In order to make the right choice, you need to understand what is the rating of inexpensive coffee machines for the home.

It is also important to study the characteristics of the grinding quality, the possible time of continuous operation without overheating. You can also pay attention to the volume of the loaded bowl, the degree of operational safety. All these little things will help you make the right choice and buy the device you need in any household.


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