Electric grill pan: pros and cons, how to choose

Household electrical appliances are undoubted helpers in the house of not only every housewife, but also a single man. In addition, on the market you can find a wide variety of devices for cooking, electric pans with a grill function are especially popular. Why? You may also be interested in information about what kind of stainless steel pans without a non-stick coating.

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Description of the pan

This is an ordinary-looking frying pan, but with a device for connecting to the power supply. You do not need to buy additional bulky equipment for it, occupy space useful for other purposes, and instead install, for example, dishwashers.

electric grill pan

This is what an electric grill pan might look like.

It can be used in exactly the same way as a regular frying pan, fried, sautéed, or even stewed like in a saucepan.

In addition, many items are supplied with a transparent lid, and you can always see the state of the dishes being prepared. In most modern models, a thermal temperature regulator is installed, one has only to set the desired operating mode, and the pan will support it: it will not overheat or overcook. No other frying pan can boast of a similar characteristic, they always have heat losses, unlike their electric counterparts. You may also be interested in information on how a cast iron pan with a non-stick coating looks like.

A few more words can be added to the description of comfortable kitchen utensils:

Firstly, food will never burn or char if you forget about it for a while, secondly, dishes made from meat, fish or vegetables turn out to be almost the same as they would be cooked on an open fire, and thirdly, most of the nutrients remain in the products themselves. An electric frying pan can be placed in any convenient place, for example, on a loggia, and you can start cooking delicious meals in the fresh air, and in small kitchens it has many advantages – you don’t need a lot of space for it, but you can cook in any conditions. The equipment is perfect for summer cottages and country houses where there is no central gas supply, and electricity has already been supplied.

You should also try using a pancake pan for an induction hob.

The characteristics and descriptions made reveal only the advantages of such an electrical appliance, we list a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Possibility to prepare meals in your own juice, without the use of oil. This is achieved by the fact that the products are cooked on the ribs, and practically do not come into contact with the bottom. This method is especially popular with lovers of healthy food.electric frying pan grill a dish in its own juiceA dish in its own juice comes out especially well in a frying pan, and it turns out very tasty
  • The features of the ribbed surface make it possible to fry, and not to stew – all the juice released enters the space between the ribs, and under the influence of high temperature it evaporates, which does not allow the prepared dish to dry out.

But it also has certain drawbacks : it works only with the presence of electricity, energy consumption can affect additional costs for paying bills, it is very difficult to wash because of the characteristic ribbing. And there is no such smell of smoke, as is usually the case in nature, when cooking on charcoal. But how pancakes are prepared in a cast-iron frying pan and what reviews there are about this or that frying pan, is indicated here.

Grill pan for electric stove

The Russian Academy of Sciences has conducted research and proved that grilled products are much more nutritious and valuable than the same set, but stationary cooked in a conventional frying pan. All carcinogenic formations that accumulate during frying drain into special grooves, which improves the consumption of fried foods. And the higher the height of the ribs, the better for the whole organism.

In a frying pan with a grill effect, you can cook almost any dish: meat, fish, vegetables. They will all have mouth-watering toasted streaks with blush on both sides.

Any frying pan designed for an electric stove has a thick bottom, high sides and a characteristic ribbed surface of the inner bottom.

You may also be interested in information on how an aluminum frying pan with a non-stick coating is used and what reviews there are about a particular frying pan.

But how to choose a grill pan for your home electric stove? Are there any special recommendations in this direction?

It has already been noticed repeatedly that almost any utensil that is in household use can be used on the heating elements of electric stoves; there are no such strict requirements for it as induction hobs.

You may also be interested in information on how to use a double-sided non-stick frying pan and what kind of electric stove is good.


  • Cast iron grill pans . These are durable and durable products, and the thickened walls of the dishes with a rib along the bottom provide good heating of products with the effect of an arch on charcoal. Some manufacturers can cover the dishes with heat-resistant enamel, and add a special press to the set to improve the quality of roasting, for example, chicken tobacco. Among the shortcomings, one can note the large weight of the dishes, the relatively long heating, as well as the storage of cooked food for a long time cast iron grill pansA product made of such material will serve for a long time.
  • Aluminum frying pan with a special non-stick coating. Such grill pans are much lighter than their cast-iron counterparts, heating the cooking area is faster, and the cost is much lower. They also clean well and are easy to care for. If you choose cookware with non-stick coating, then pay attention to the characteristics of the layer thickness – it must be more than 3 mm, otherwise they will become thinner over time and will not perform their direct functions. You may also be interested in information on how a grill pan looks like for an electric stove and which is the best.aluminum grill pansThis frying pan is very easy to use due to its weight.
  • Ceramic grill options . You do not need to think that they are completely made of ceramics, the basis for them is steel or aluminum, but the coating and grill ribs will be ceramic. They have one, but a significant drawback – they are afraid of sudden temperature changes, that is, a pan that is too hot before washing, should be cooled to room temperature, and only then sent under running water. But how effective the Vitesse frying pan with a ceramic coating is and whether it is worth using it, this information will help to understand.ceramic grill pansEdging frying pan, but has some peculiarities when using and washing after cooking

How to choose

To choose a grill pan for an electric stove, you should adhere to several important recommendations:

  • For effective cooking of any, not just meat and fish dishes, you should select such dishes that are slightly larger in diameter than an electric burner.
  • The bottom of the pan must be necessarily thick, this will ensure uniform heating of the entire volume of the ribs at the bottom of the pan.
  • An important indicator is the height of the ribs – it should be at least a centimeter, then the dishes will be prepared juicy and appetizing.
  • If you see specially equipped plums on the sides of the pan, then this is a good indicator, the excess can be drained so that when boiling, they do not splash onto the hob.
  • The handle is also important – many models have a removable option, that is, it can be removed during cooking, and when everything is ready, move it to the sink with its help. Choose a handle made of heat-resistant materials so that it will not deteriorate from heat.
  • The depth of the cookware will also be an important parameter. If you often cook steaks and other meat dishes, that is, they need a certain time, then you need deep dishes so that the juice can not boil away immediately. Small options are suitable for fish or vegetables, because they need incomparably less time for full readiness.

But what kind of grill pan is better to buy and what reviews exist, is indicated in great detail here.

Also pay attention to the shape of the dishes: square options can be useful for a large amount of food, oval ones for cooking fish dishes, small ones are useful for frying sausages or small pieces of chicken.


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