How to choose best yogurt maker

There is a category of people who try to adhere to eating only natural and good-quality products that do not contain preservatives, thickeners or flavor enhancers. This fully applies to such a popular product as yoghurt – what ingredients manufacturers will not put there so that it does not spoil for a long time and retains its traditional taste. As a result, you can get an upset stomach, an allergic rash and many other health troubles, especially for young children, whose protective properties of the body are still not fully developed.

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Our conversation is dedicated to such an indispensable device as a homemade yogurt maker, if your family members prefer to consume fresh and good-quality dairy products without chemical additives. But what kind of multicooker with a yogurt maker and a bread maker are and how to use them, this information will help you understand.

How to choose a good yogurt maker

The task of any yogurt maker is to maintain a constant temperature regime for a certain time, therefore, when choosing a device, you should carefully study the main characteristics declared by the manufacturer, equipment and appearance:

  • How many containers are included in the set and how much they have . There are varieties with only one large bowl, several small cups, or both. The number of cups also plays an important role: you can cook several servings at once for several days.yogurt maker
  • Devices come in different sizes and different configurations
  • Time counter or automatic function of turning off the device after the readiness of the fermented milk product , or setting the start for a specific time with the ability to set the desired time.
  • Temperature regulator . Some manufacturers equip their equipment with additional functions, for example, cooking homemade cottage cheese, sour cream, ayran, and each of them requires its own specific temperature. If it is not there, the temperature may be elevated during cooking, which will lead to improper cooking.
  • What material are the bowl and cups made of ? There are many varieties of the starting base: it can be glass, ceramics or food grade plastic. The first two options are better for health, but they are very fragile, and if the set includes plastic cups, then you should study the labeling: low-quality products can spoil the taste of the product, or even harm your health.
  • We have already mentioned that the device may have an automatic shutdown functionality, but we will repeat: this feature is very useful, especially for mothers who are busy raising young children, and it is better to purchase a device where it is already present.

Additional Tips

  • Try to choose a technique with transparent cups, this will allow you to see for yourself about the readiness of the yogurt, its consistency.
  • Power indicator . Basically, the unit works from 12 to 20 W, and although it is used for a rather long time, it is still very economical.
  • Control type . There are devices with simple switches, or with an electronic touch panel, on which you can set the temperature, ready time and other parameters.
  • It will also be important to have built-in equipment for sound notification of product readiness , and some brands may put on the cups the time and date when this or that product was actually prepared.

And if you need a high-quality and reliable device, then you should not neglect the improved functions.

The principle of preparing a fermented milk product is the same for all devices: according to the recipe, milk and sourdough (you can use natural store-bought yogurt without additives), which you can buy at the pharmacy, set a timer and turn on the yogurt maker, is used.

Autoclave conditions are created in the inner container, where fermentation and languishing take place for about 8 hours. After that, you can eat it.

Rating of manufacturers prices

Many companies of well-known brands launch yogurt makers on the household appliance market, let’s determine which model will suit your requirements:

  • Tefal products are always reliable and durable, and it produces equipment of different price categories, for example, the YG500132 model at a price of $75. features a capacious bowl up to 1 kg, a set of cups up to 8 pcs. capacity of 125 ml, consumes 30 watts. He also knows how to cook cottage cheese. But the bottoms of the cups are too overheated, and may even burn slightly. But what an electric kettle looks like with lighting and how effective a particular brand is, the information on the link will help to understand.
  • yoghurt maker Tefal
  • A great option for making not only yogurt, but even cottage cheese
  • But another version of the same manufacturer, the YG260132 brand , has excellent characteristics: although it works according to a mechanical type of control, with only one bowl, it has a touchscreen display, works very quietly, and can help in the preparation of a variety of fermented milk products.yoghurt maker YG260132
  • Has a touchscreen display, which is very functional and has a wide range of actions
  • Another well-known manufacturer Moulinex is also represented by several models: YG230 / 231 costing up to $4. and YG1001 at a price of $50. the latter option is completely electronic, but there is no control display: it is located on the case. But both devices have proven themselves on the positive side. Such devices can be installed in modern kitchen sets.yoghurt maker Moulinex
  • Although the hardware is quite modern, it does not have a modern display.
  • The Redmond company is also known in our country, but only 1 model RYM-M5401 worth $40 represents a similar technique. includes 8 cups, there is a touch screen control, built-in timer and temperature regulator. For that kind of money, good functionality. 
  • yogurt maker Redmond
  • The set includes a lot of cups that can provide for the whole family
  • Our short review will be completed by the Vitek VT-2600/2601 equipment worth $35. the only drawback of the device is the lack of a signal about readiness, all other indicators are at a high level: 6 cups in a set, compact size, with low power consumption. The more expensive VITEK VT-2602 model costs $70. there are additional useful functions: cooking sour cream, cottage cheese, everything can be controlled through the touch menu. Moreover, it comes with a prescription book for different occasions.Slim VT-2600/2601
  • With the help of the sensor menu, you can prepare delicious cottage cheese and yoghurt to it


  • Svetlana, mother of 2 children: “ I decided to buy a device of the already well-known Tefal brand, and I don’t regret it a little: a high-quality case, is not afraid of unintentional mechanical influences, besides, the manufacturer provides many recipes for preparing a wide variety of yoghurts that my children really like.”
  • Irina, mother of many children: “I needed a good and high-quality yogurt maker, so I opted for the Richmond model: the cups are made of durable tempered glass, they lend themselves well to washing, the more they are closed with transparent lids, and you can observe the degree of fermentation through a special window on the case. And after cooking, the device itself puts down the date of preparation, which is very convenient so as not to confuse freshly prepared and already old products. ” We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best yogurt makers in this material.


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