The layout of the living room-kitchen-dining room – advantages and disadvantages

The traditional canteen has long ceased to exist in its previous format. Today it is present in many apartments, but already as a dining place in a combined room, for example, in a kitchen-dining room or in a dining-living room. The combination of all three rooms looks interesting and very organic.

It is worth saying that combining any room can become more convenient than decorating each room separately. As a result of the merger, the owner does not lose the traditional front room for receiving guests, but will also make the room more democratic and functional. If you approach the design correctly, then it is quite possible to get something creative and special. Let’s talk about the design features of such rooms and present a number of useful tips.

Planning “kitchen-dining-living room” in the apartment

Usually, such options are resorted to when it is necessary to increase the total space, or when the layout of the apartment is not entirely successful. In addition to the planning features, even before starting the rework, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of such an idea. This link will tell you how to decorate the interior when moving the kitchen to the corridor.

Features of such space planning

Today, you can come across three options for the layout of the dining room. This will allow the existing premises to be modified and made more functional. We are talking about such options for planning space:

  • separate dining room with full decoration;
  • kitchen combined with a dining room;
  • dining room-living room.

To arrange the interior, you will need to divide each of the rooms into separate functional zones. As a result of combining the dining room with the kitchen or also with the hall, a comfortable room is obtained for fully receiving guests. Immediately after the end of dinner or lunch, you can move to the recreation area, watch TV. In addition to zoning, it is necessary to take into account the overall design and style, keeping in mind the functionality of each of the premises.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the kitchen-dining room is that the combination will create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort in any apartment, even the smallest one. Choosing an original layout, you can combine two functional areas of the kitchen-dining room, which allows you to make the most of every centimeter of your home. It is very important that the owner will receive a lot of space, while the functionality of the apartment and each room will be preserved. Of the advantages, we can also note the following points:

  1. The owner of the apartment will have the opportunity to increase the space, and if you choose the right finish, furniture and other accessories, you can turn ordinary rooms into a luxurious room.
  2. When decorating, you can use interesting design ideas and decorate in a special format.
  3. It will be much more pleasant for the hostess to cook in the kitchen-dining room. The woman will not feel lonely and isolated.
  4. The interior can become the real “highlight” of the apartment, if you carefully think over all the techniques.

In addition to the advantages, it is worth talking about the difficulties that may arise when making such a decision:

  1. Smells from the kitchen will spread throughout the apartment, so you have to take care of installing a powerful hood. It is necessary that it also fit into the design.
  2. Residents can be annoyed by the sound of the refrigerator, so it is worth buying the one that will bother you.
  3. Many people need a place where they want to retire. Usually, the kitchen becomes such a room. If you decide to combine each of the rooms, then you will definitely lose such a cozy corner.

As a result, we can say that choosing this option has many advantages and several disadvantages.

Layout options

There are several types of layouts that may interest you, namely:

  1. Linear. Ideal for decorating a room resulting from the combination of a kitchen – dining room, but with a narrow area. When the room has such a problem, then the kitchen set needs to be placed in a line against one wall, and the dining table on the opposite.
  2. Double row. Suitable for a camp kitchen combined with a dining room. You can use this flaw and make it a virtue. You can increase the space due to the balcony.
  3. Ostrovnaya. The most sophisticated option, since the objects will, as it were, form “islands”. Any shape can be chosen here, square or circle, oval. Usually, there is a table or bar in the center of the island.

It is worth choosing the appropriate option taking into account the size and configuration of the room, since it is necessary to hide the flaws of the room and emphasize its advantages.

The interior of the kitchen combined with the dining room

Combining the kitchen with the dining room can be an ideal solution to many problems for modern housewives. Other family members will also like this decision, since you can watch TV, chat, play some game without leaving the table. To make the room as cozy and comfortable as possible, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • you should take care of lighting the dining area in advance;
  • if you install panoramic windows, then the room will take on a special look;
  • for decorating windows, you should choose light tulle, classic blinds for the kitchen;
  • as a decor, for the Ikea kitchen corner, paintings or floor vases will look good.

You should definitely pay attention to the selection of finishing materials and furniture, as they can significantly affect the overall atmosphere in the room.

Dining room design – living room

In this case, it is not always possible to talk about unification. Functional zoning will allow combining a sofa and a dining room in one room. When the kitchen is small, this option and in general it will become possible for unity to accommodate the dining table. Here you won’t have to demolish the walls, but it is necessary that a wide doorway be made into the living room.

You will definitely need a table at which all family members can fit and a convenient approach for serving dishes. For a daily meal, this option is not very suitable, but at such a table it will be pleasant to gather for family feasts or arrange cozy evening tea parties.

Project “kitchen – dining room – living room”

This option is relevant for small apartments, where there is very little space for using all the functions. For example, you can combine a small kitchen with a living room, and already mark the dining room in the middle of these rooms.

By using additional decorative elements, you can easily expand the space, make it lighter and more spacious. Some restructuring actions will have to be coordinated with the authorized departments, therefore,

Space zoning

When several rooms are combined in one room at once, different in their functional purpose, then zoning is indispensable. It is important that the interior looks harmonious and harmonious, and several tips will help with this:

  1. Zones can be separated in an architectural way, for example, using columns and podiums, false partitions and arches, and other options.
  2. A convenient option is a bar counter. Island tables, small sofas and racks look good.
  3. You can use a special finish to separate the areas. For example, make the floor in the kitchen area of ​​ceramic tiles, and choose parquet or laminate for the living room and dining room. For the working area, the best choice is painting the walls, and for the living room and dining room – cozy wallpapers.
  4. Lighting is worth considering. By choosing electrical appliances, you can make the common room more sophisticated, and highlight each room.
  5. Not a bad option – choosing a different color for each zone.

Many apartment owners prefer sliding doors or screens. This allows you to divide and make the environment more comfortable.

Bar counter

Perhaps it is the bar that can be called the most stylish decor element. This structure will quickly become a convenient breakfast spot and a great work area.

A bar counter is not very suitable for an apartment if there are children or elderly people in the family. This option will be extremely inconvenient and it is worth considering replacing this design with a conventional dining table with high chairs.

False – the wall

The structure is made of ordinary drywall. In fact, we are talking about a built-in cabinet or an open rack. There you can store kitchen utensils or decorative items.


This is a beautiful and elegant type of decor, but it is worth seriously considering the shape of the structure, as arches come in different types. Suitable for zoning.

Often, arched passages are used in a studio apartment as an additional design element.


Not a bad option for decorating, but only suitable for rooms where the columns will successfully fit into the style of the room. The structures can be hollow. Stucco molding is used for decoration. Sometimes, the columns are made of raw bricks and even solid wood. Columns with pilasters look especially impressive in an exquisite white kitchen-living room.


A capacity of several tens of liters will decorate any interior. For a combined room, such an accessory can be used as another zoning method. For example, the work area can be separated from the dining room or from the living room. In addition, the aquarium is a beautiful, pacifying thing. The design looks especially refined in a modern interior.


Lighting fixtures should be chosen based on the style. For example, spotlights are perfect for minimalism, and original lamps above the table for high-tech or loft. The classic style will require the choice of an elegant chandelier, and original floor lamps can be purchased for the living room.

Choice of finishing materials

Since the kitchen, where aggressive compounds are often used and the conditions are not always favorable for classic wallpapers and textiles, it is worth choosing the finish very carefully. Tile or natural stone, plastic, special paint are perfect here. To decorate the recreation area, it is better to give preference to natural textiles, cozy wallpaper and decorative plaster.


An interesting option may be when the floor in the working area rises slightly and a podium is formed. A small step will allow you to zone. To make it noticeable, you can use a special design or spotlights.

As for the floor, it is better to choose tiles or tiles for the kitchen, but for the living and dining area you can buy parquet, laminate, lacquered boards.


For rooms with high ceilings, you can choose a beautiful design method – a multi-level suspended structure or a slatted ceiling. If this is not possible, then the classic version is a stretch ceiling.

Built-in wooden beams or their imitation look interesting, but this option is more suitable for a country house.


Wall decoration should be given special attention, especially in the work area. The kitchen is a place where it is often humid, hot, splashing and dripping. Special finishing will help to solve the problems. First of all, an apron is needed. It can be made from tiles, or from plastic or glass.

Option of finishing the wall with tiles with a glossy surface.

The walls themselves should also be tiled, or use washable wallpaper. For the living room, you should choose options such as wallpaper, spectacular painting or decorative plaster. This material will tell you about paint for walls in the kitchen.

How to choose furniture in a modern style for combined rooms

Everything here is up to the owner. Much depends on personal preference and the style of the entire room. It is necessary that the furniture meets the following requirements:

  • convenience;
  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • aesthetic appeal.

It is desirable that the furniture also contribute to the zoning of the room, since it is simply necessary for small rooms. This article will tell you about ceramic countertops in the kitchen.

Provence style kitchen-dining room

A special chic is the decoration of the room in any exquisite design style. Provence is a modern design option that has long been loved by ordinary people. The main feature of the style is the use of pastel colors and elements from natural materials. Linen textiles, a wooden cupboard and shabby furniture will look very elegant and quite appropriate. Be sure to need a credenza or cabinet for placing dishes and other accessories. It is worth considering buying a buffet.


  1. When equipping a united room, you can choose different options for combining rooms with a certain functionality. Much depends on what kind of rooms there are in the apartment.
  2. To make the room look unusual and interesting, it is a good idea to use different design techniques and choose practical furniture.
  3. The common room can be decorated in the same style, but do not forget about zoning. The layout must be thought out taking into account the size of the premises and their shape.


Combining a kitchen with a room – possible solutions


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