Kitchen scales how to choose: manual, electronic, mechanical

The kitchen scale is not the most important device in the kitchen, but in many cases it makes work easier. It is interesting that in the professional kitchen the scales occupy a very important place, since there the ingredients are calculated up to the milligram. That is why, if you want to cook according to the rules, and not at random, you just need to purchase a kitchen scale.

Kitchen scales

Household scales help to measure the exact amount of food needed for cooking. But not only the comfortable use of this gadget for the kitchen depends on how convenient they are, but also the accuracy of the work.

kitchen scale

Beautiful kitchen scales

A huge number of varieties of this device are on sale, and it is not always easy to figure out which one will be the most convenient for work. One of the main conditions is accuracy. Of course, this is an important aspect of the choice, and therefore many are inclined towards the electronic version, assuming that such scales are more accurate. But on the other hand, if you need scales mainly for measuring large measures (kilogram, two kilograms), then reliability is more needed here, because a small error of three to five grams will not play a significant role. In this case, a mechanical scale is more suitable.


There are several


Such scales are popularly called “steelyard”. This is a small gadget with a hook to which the bag is hung from the product. Manual scales are both electronic and mechanical. There are models that run on batteries.

manual kitchen scales

Handheld electronic kitchen scales

It is convenient to take such watches with you to the market in order to independently control the honesty of sellers. In addition, the scales are inexpensive, and their main quality is the price.

But such scales have a drawback. The spring, on which the measurement accuracy depends, stretches over time, and the accuracy is already lost.


It looks like a scale with an arrow. The principle of their operation, as in mechanical ones, is based on a spring on which the accuracy of the device depends. The spring presses on the arrow under pressure, and depending on the force that presses on the arrow, the result is shown.

mechanical kitchen scale

Small scale mechanical kitchen scale

The main advantage of mechanical scales with a bowl is their low cost. Besides, such scales are the most durable. With careful use, they can last for quite a long time.


It is a modern gadget that will be really handy in the kitchen. Electronic scales with a bowl have a small display on which the results are displayed.

electronic kitchen scales

One of the types of precision scales

The advantage of electronic scales is that they have a minimum error, which is especially important for weighing small portions or small products. For example, a few grams of flour for one serving of cake. Or, such scales are convenient for those who monitor weight – knowing the exact weight, it is easier to calculate the number of calories consumed.

Among the disadvantages are additional costs. Namely, the batteries, from which most electronic scales operate, or the cost of electricity, if the scales are powered by a mains or battery. By the way, here’s another drawback – if the battery is already out of order, the result may not be accurate.

Design: which one is better to choose

When choosing scales, you should pay attention, first of all, to the design. As mentioned above, there are hand scales on which the products are hung. And there are table scales that differ in design. How to choose the most convenient option.


A tabletop kitchen scale with a platform is a small device on top that has a platform on which the products are actually laid out. This is useful for measuring non-free-flowing foods, small pieces, or ready-made portions on plates. If you need to weigh a bulk product, you need to pour it into a bowl. But just remember to subtract the weight beforehand.

kitchen scale platform

Beautiful and modern platform

The bowl

Kitchen scales are usually sold with a removable bowl. Which is very convenient. Moreover, the weight of the bowl has already been entered into the program in advance. There are many advantages and such weights. They are convenient, easy to operate, and do not take up much space.

There are bowls made of stainless steel or plastic, less often glass.

They are convenient in that they protect the scales from dirt, which means they need to be washed less. After all, the ingress of water is extremely harmful to the electronic mechanism, and with a removable bowl it is much easier to care for the scales.

The glass bowl is very fragile, and you are unlikely to be able to find a replacement, so be careful.

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kitchen scale

The weighing pan can be either transparent or of different colors.

Plastic is more practical. Their only drawback is that you cannot weigh hot ingredients in them.

Separately, mention should be made of the volume of the bowl. In fact, this is important because too small a bowl will not make it possible to weigh a large amount of food at a time, which is inconvenient if you cook a large amount of food more often.

When choosing the size of the bowl, focus on the number of people in your family. For example, for a family of three or four, a one-liter bowl is sufficient.

Useful features

  • In addition to weighing, modern scales have a number of additional features that make weighing work even more convenient.
  • Measurement of liquid volume . As you know, the density of various liquids is very different, and therefore their different weight. Such scales are in the form of a handle of a measuring cup, and when liquid is poured into it, as the volume increases, the system recalculates the weight and volume;
  • Consistent weighing. That is, the weight of each food does not have to free the scales. This is convenient if you are preparing a multi-component dish, the ingredients for which need to be weighed;
  • Container – takes into account the weight of the container, which is also convenient;
  • The calorie counter is a useful feature that can help you calculate the energy content of foods, which is useful for those who are watching their weight. You will know exactly how many calories are in your soup.

Additional details

  • Fastening;
  • Sleep timer;
  • Room temperature thermometer;
  • Alarm;
  • Rubberized feet;
  • Clock, a good replacement for kitchen wall clocks;
  • Radio.

A kitchen scale is undoubtedly a useful gadget that will help you not only determine the exact weight of ingredients, but also calculate the exact proportions of cooked dishes. And in cooking, as well as in medicine, precision and proportion are very important.


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