How to make a thick strawberry smoothie

Recipes for making a thick strawberry smoothie

Numerous recipes make thick strawberry smoothies. The reason behind the thickness depends on the different ingredients. Here, you will know about different recipes for a thick strawberry smoothie. Following are the easiest recipes for the making of a thick strawberry smoothie.

Recipe 1: Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with milk & yogurt

The first recipe uses milk and yogurt for the making of the strawberry recipe. These ingredients will work helpfully for the thick making of a smoothie. The total preparation time is only 10 minutes, and the cooking time is 15 minutes. 

Thus, the overall total cooking time is 25 minutes. This recipe is for the servings of 3 persons at a time. The strawberry smoothie becomes thicker & creamer with the addition of yogurt and milk. All the following ingredients blend and make a cooler thick strawberry smoothie.


Requirement of 8 strawberries

Skim milk of 1/2 cup

Use plain yogurt or 1/2 cup

White sugar instead of brown sugar of 3 tablespoons

Vanilla extract of 2 teaspoons (for flavoring)

Six ice cubes (or per taste but crushed)


1. The making of a thicker strawberry smoothie is easier. Use an excellent quality blender. Add all ingredients in the blender except ice. After that, add ice to the blender.

2. Next step is the blending of all ingredients. The resulting smoothie will become smooth & creamy. This sort of strawberry smoothie is thick.

3. At last, pour the smoothie into three glasses. So then, serve the thick & creamer smoothie.

Recipe 2: Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

This strawberry banana smoothie uses only three ingredients. All the ingredients are easily available. With these ingredients and the blender, you can efficiently prepare this recipe in your home. Everyone, including kids, will love this smoothie recipe. The combination of strawberry & banana is a flavourful mixture.

In addition to it, a banana is the most beneficial to make a thicker strawberry smoothie. One essential thing is that always utilize a powerful blender. The powerful blender will help to make quick as well as thick smoothies. The thick texture of the smoothie requires a high-speed blender. Furthermore, in a blender, firstly, always add the milk. The resulting smoothie becomes super thick. Thus, you will need a spoon for the mixing of the smoothie. The total time for the making of this recipe of strawberry smoothie will take only 2 minutes.


Frozen strawberries: 4 cups (frozen ingredients make thicker smoothies)

Frozen banana chunks of 1 cup

Use only one cup of milk


1. Firstly, add the milk to the jar of the blender. The bottom part of the high-speed blender should contain milk.

2. Secondly, add both frozen strawberries & bananas to the blender.

3. After that, blend the ingredients with milk at high speed. The high speed is great for the smooth and thick smoothie.

Note: This recipe will only require a high-speed blender. This smoothie is thicker and does not easily blend in the regular blender. If you want a little thick smoothie, then you can add more milk.

How To Make A Thick Strawberry Smoothie

Recipe 3: Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe with Strawberry jam

It is the most straightforward recipe for a strawberry smoothie. This recipe uses strawberry jam as the main ingredient with strawberries. The strawberry jam ensures the making of a thick smoothie. Further, it also increases the flavor of smoothies. You will able to enjoy more taste of a strawberry smoothie.

Like the above recipe of thick strawberry smoothie recipe, it also uses only three ingredients. The maximum total time is only five minutes. This recipe is for the serving of 4 cups.


Require frozen strawberries of three cups

Milk of 1 and 1/2 cups (use any variety of milk)

Strawberry jam of 1/3 cup


1. The first step includes the adding of milk with frozen strawberries in the blender. After that, add strawberry jam to it.

2. The second step is the placing of the lid over its blender.

3. The third step involves the blending of the ingredients until smooth results.

Note: You can mix the frozen blackberries in the strawberry smoothie. It will make a tasty and thicker smoothie of strawberry.

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Recipe 4: Strawberry Smoothie without banana

This recipe of strawberry smoothie is also thicker but without the use of bananas. The ingredient that makes a thick strawberry smoothie in this recipe is strawberry yogurt. It is a quick & easy way to make a thick strawberry smoothie without using of banana.

 The time requirement is only 5 minutes. Some people do not want to add bananas to the strawberry smoothie. Thus, this recipe is perfect for them. It makes a thick smoothie of strawberry without using a banana. With the following simple ingredients, you can quickly make it in a short time.


Frozen strawberries of 2 cups

Strawberry yogurt of 2/3 cup

Sweetener (according to your taste)

Cocoa powder: 1 tablespoon (optional)


Mix all the ingredients in the blender. Blend all the ingredients until the texture becomes smoother. The resulting smoothie is thicker. If the smoothie is thicker, you can add more liquid to make it a little thick.


Always try to use frozen strawberries. So, there is no requirement for adding ice. As a result, the smoothie is tastier & thicker.

Recipe 5: Strawberry Honey Smoothie

Strawberry honey smoothie is a creamier and thicker smoothie. This recipe involves the use of honey and banana to make the thick strawberry recipe. It is a fantastic flavourful smoothie for the summer season. The total preparation time is 5 minutes. This recipe is for the serving of 2 to 3 cups. The honey plays a vital role in the making of the thick texture of the strawberry smoothies. Besides, this smoothie is healthier for the body. It provides many health benefits.


Frozen strawberries of 2-3 cups

Frozen banana: One small size

Honey: 1 to 2 tablespoons

Use coconut milk of one cup


Place all the ingredients in the blender. Blend the ingredients for a maximum of 30 seconds at high speed. The high speed ensures the consistent results of the smoothie. If the smoothie becomes thicker, you can also add more coconut milk.