Do smoothies lose nutrients overnight


In today’s era, life becomes too busy. Therefore, we have not the proper time to take care of a healthy diet. The making of healthy smoothies is the best thing. But most of us do not know if smoothies can store in the refrigerator or not. The crucial question is that smoothies will lose nutrients overnight. A smoothie may lose some of its nutrients, but it will never completely lose nutrients.

Oxidization process that causes loss of nutrients

The reason behind the loss of nutrients from the smoothies is the process of oxidization. The cells of food open in the blender, and they react with oxygen. In a blender, oxygen work as a catalyst. This catalyst breaks down the food cells that also include vitamins & nutrients.

When the smoothie keeps overnight, it again starts to react with oxygen. This interaction of oxygen towards smoothies causes oxidization. This process initiates the spoilage of the smoothie. The spoilage is not powerful, and as a result of this spoilage, the smoothie will lose some nutrients.

Are Smoothies remaining Nutritious the Next Day?

All the smoothies will remain nutritious after one day also. But it depends on how you will store smoothies. After one day, some of the nutrient from the smoothie starts diminishes. The smoothie will remain fresh from 12 hours to 24 hours. The proper storage of the smoothies is necessary.

Tips to keep the smoothies fresh with maximum nutrients

Numerous tips ensure to keep the smoothies fresh. The fresh smoothies are with healthy nutrients. If you want that smoothies will not lose nutrients, then the following tips are helpful for you. All the following tips are great to reduce loss of nutrients and keep the smoothie fresh & healthy.

1. Container Is Important

The first important tip is about the container in which you store your smoothie. You have to make sure that there is no entry of air in the smoothie. In this way, you will slow down the process of oxidation. Consequently, the containers with quality airtight are the best to use.

A glass container is the best sort of container that contains an airtight lid. This glass container is the most suitable for storing the smoothies overnight. Your smoothie will remain with optimal nutrition. Another benefit of using a glass container is that you can see your smoothie anytime. You will easily know if there is a problem with spoilage in the smoothie.

Wherefore, the selection of the right container is necessary for the smoothies with optimum nutrition. Besides this selection, there is also one crucial thing to always remember. Always fill the container with a smoothie to the brim.

 It will ensure that the air inside the container is very less when you will seal it. Subsequently, there are fewer chances of an oxidization process in the container. The container should be tight. This feature ensures that no outside air will enter the glass container.

Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight

2. Refrigeration

The second essential tip is the refrigeration of smoothies. If you want to keep your drink overnight for the next day’s drinking, always put it in the refrigerator. The first important step is to keep the smoothie in an airtight container.

Secondly, put this airtight container in a refrigerator. By putting the container in the refrigerator, the process of oxidization becomes slower. It will preserve nutritional content remain in the smoothie. In addition to it, the process of spoilage also slows down.

3. Add More Citrus

The third important tip is the adding of citrus in the smoothie. The citrus is the most important ingredient to preserve the smoothies. You can add lemon or lime juice to the smoothies. In this way, it is helpful to preserve all the nutrients in the smoothies. When you add more amount of vitamin C to the smoothies, it will prevent the oxidization process. Thereby, people add citrus to guacamole.

Shelf life of smoothies

The shelf life of the smoothies is different. If you will not follow the above tips, then the shelf life is different. The smoothie will remain fresh & nutritious for up to 12 hours in the refrigerator. If you keep the smoothie out of the refrigerator, then it will remain nutritious for four hours.

It is necessary to always properly refrigerate smoothies for later use. It is essential for the safety of your health. With the following above steps, the smoothie will perfect to drink. Although it is safer for drinking, yet it loses its nutrients. But the amount of losing nutrients is little.

 Also, it is incorrect that the smoothie will become worthless. Even a one-day-old smoothie still has more nutrition than other healthy diets. You should also take a preventive measurement before drinking. Always smell and little taste your smoothie and ensure that smoothie is free from spoilage.

Best time to drink smoothies

The best time to drink smoothies is instantly after the making. It is also great to drink in the morning. Therefore, you can make a smoothie before one night. If you want to drink a healthier smoothie, then immediately drink it. But, the smoothie will remain full of nutrition after one day also. But, the proper storing of the smoothies in the refrigerator is also compulsory.

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A smoothie is the best one to drink anytime. Many people have a busy routine schedule. So, making of smoothie is healthier for them. The smoothie can drink instantly after making it, or you can drink after one day of drink. It will remain nutritious smoothie overnight also.


No doubt, smoothies are great for the health of the human body. The smoothies have essential nutrients that are essential for healthy growth. It is also not wrong that smoothies will lose nutrients overnight. But it does not mean that the smoothies will completely lose their nutrients.

However, it will lose some nutrients. With the above all mentioned tips, you will ensure the freshness of smoothies with maximum nutrients. Thereby, you can store smoothies efficiently without much loss of nutrients overnight. It is our recommendation that never stores smoothie for a too long time in the refrigerator. 


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