How to thicken a smoothie without adding calories


If you face the problem of watery smoothies, then this article is beneficial for you. The ingredients depend on the thickness of the smoothies. Banana is an excellent way for the thickening of smoothies, but it also increases calories. Therefore, you should choose those ingredients that are of low calories. How To Thicken A Smoothie Without Adding Calories? Following are the few ingredients that make thick smoothies with no addition of more calories.

1. Add Chia Seeds

Chia seed is denser with the presence of nutrients. This seed contains not only amino acids but also has fiber. In addition to it, it hardly adds calories to any smoothie. When you soak chia seeds in the liquid, they convert into a gel-like substance. This type of gel is helpful to keep your tummy full for hours.

The blending of chia seeds in the blender needs a powerful blender. But if the blender is not too powerful, soak chia seeds for 20 minutes. You can also use ground seeds instead of chia seeds. The smoothies with chia seed should drink within 30 minutes of making. Otherwise, the smoothie becomes too thick. For thinking of smoothie, it only requires 1-2 tablespoons of chia gel.

2.  Add Xanthan Gum

Xanthum gum is like a thickener. But it will not add calories. It contains Xanthomonas Campestris that is a natural carb. Likewise, chia seeds, a small quantity of xanthan gum should add to the smoothie. One teaspoon is sufficient to make thicker smoothies.

3. Use Less Fluid

The excessive use of water or milk in the making of a smoothie will create a watery smoothie. Thereby, use less fluid in the getting of thicker smoothies. All the recipes of thick smoothies require less adding of water. If you make too many thick smoothies, then you can add water.

4. Use Frozen Fruits And Veggies

Many people use ice in smoothies to make them thicker. But, when the ice melts, the resulting smoothies will become watery. Instead of using ice, use frozen fruits & vegetables. The selection of the right fruit is necessary. For instance, the watermelon will only lead to making water smoothies. You can buy frozen ingredients or freeze them for 24 hours.

How To Thicken A Smoothie Without Adding Calories

5. Add Fruits With Soluble Fiber

The soluble fiber is beneficial to increase the thickness level of smoothies. When soluble fiber mixes in the water, it changes into a sticky substance. This sort of fiber is healthy for the body. As an example, it can reduce the risk of diabetes.

There are numerous good sources of soluble fiber, including apples, oranges, avocados, etc. The addition of soluble fiber is healthy and great in reducing weight. It also enables to improve the health of the heart. Besides citrus fruits, other ingredients with soluble fiber are legumes, nuts, etc.

6. Add Flaxseeds

The flaxseeds make the smoothie thicker with only one tablespoon of it. One tablespoon of flaxseeds only contains 37 calories. The flaxseeds work the same as chia seeds. Therefore, it is necessary to soak the flaxseeds in the liquid for fifteen to twenty minutes.

The flaxseeds are with a high amount of omega 3s. They are helpful in the fight inflammation and also improve the health of the heart. The grinding of flaxseeds requires a powerful blender. Otherwise, the normal blender cannot grind them very well. Thus, it is our recommendation to use only ground flaxseeds.

7. Add Sweet Potato Or Pumpkin Puree

Both sweet potato and pumpkin puree provides a sweet taste without extra calories. The adding of these ingredients to the smoothies makes the smoothie thicker. They are with less sugar and calories. In this way, you can efficiently make thicker smoothies. One tablespoon of puree of sweet potato or pumpkin has only 16-calories.

It is excellent to make your puree by yourself than using preservatives. Also, you can use butternut squash or a puree of carrot. These ingredients also enable to make of thicker smoothies.

8. Avoid Substandard Blenders

The making of thick smoothies is not possible if the ingredients will not blend properly. It means that the top-notch blender is perfect for making thick smoothies. Blenders should have powerful blades instead of low-quality blades. The low-quality blades cause a watery smoothie. The reason is that such a blender will not blend veggies, seeds, etc., properly. The most recommended blenders are Ninja & Vitamix.

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9. Add Gelatin

Gelatin comprises animal parts. This dried powder contains the bones, tissue & skin of animals. This ingredient will never change the color & flavor of any smoothie. This gelatine powder is tasteless & colorless. Only adding one scoop of Gelatin enables to make the smoothie thicker.

Gelatine is helpful in the healing of the gut. In addition to it, it has excellent prevention against any intestinal damage. Gelatin never affects the taste of the smoothies, yet it causes exceptional thickness. As we told you, it is colorless. Hence, it is without many calories.

10. Add Kefir

Probiotics are great for the health of the human body. Kefir is one of the best sources of probiotics. If you use Kefir, you have to drink a smoothie quickly after the making. The smoothie will become sour if you store it for one night.

 Kefir comprises fermented milk, which causes smoothies to sour taste after a long time of making. The instant drinking of smoothies is a great idea if you will use Kefir in it. The Kefir will helpful to make thicker smoothies. Also, it will not add excessive calories.

Final Word

Above all are the best tips to make the smoothies thicker. If you make any watery smoothies, then you will use these tips for getting thicker results. The idea of adding high-calorie thickeners is not good if you want to lose weight. This article will helpful for you to make a thicker smoothie without adding any calories.

The low calorie-ingredients are great for the body & health. They are helpful to reduce weight. Many of the ingredients are with low calories that are great to use in your smoothies. One essential thick is that some of the ingredients should add in smoothies with a low amount. 


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