Can You Substitute Onion Juice For Onions

The onions are with a high content of water. Thereby you can easily extract onion juice from the onion. The properties of both onion and onion juice are similar. However, onion juice is not high amounts of nutrients. But, the majority of the people consider it as a great alternative to cure hypertension, etc. Now, you may have a question about can you substitute onion juice for onions. The answer is yes. Of course, you can use onion juice as a substitute for onion. There are varieties of different ways of making onion juice. Here, we will demonstrate some of the ideas of how to make onion juice as a substitute for onions.

Preparing the onion:

Before telling the different ways, first of all, prepare the onion. For preparing the onion, the following are the main steps:

Firstly peel the skin of the knife. Then, with the use of a sharp knife, cut the onion into small pieces. Secondly, wash the onion for the removal of any dirt.

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Method 1: Using a Grater

1. This method includes the use of a grater. First of all, place the grater in any shallow bowl. The bowl should with a wide mouth but it has sides. Therefore, you can easily grate the onion inside the bowl.

2. Always hold the upper side of the grater from on hand. When you will start the grating of the onion, keep press down it with the pressure.

3. After that, rub the onion from the grater. With the moving of the onion up and down, the onion can easily grate. One important thing is that the onion will move against the fine side.

4. Then, use a strainer on the top of the large bowel. The large size of the bowl allows the easy accommodation of the strainer. But it also has higher sides.

5. The next step is the pressing of the pulp through this strainer. You can use a spoon for the pushing of the pulp. Keep this process continues. At last, the juice will separate from the pulp.

6. You will obtain more juice by putting the remaining pulp in the cheesecloth. Continuously pushing the pulp will lead to a high quantity of juice.

Can You Substitute Onion Juice For Onions

Method 2: Using a blender

1. It is the easiest method of making onion juice. First of all, chop the onion into normal sizes.

2. Then put the onion in the blender and then blend the onion. The medium to high speed is suitable for the making of the onion juice. The timing for the chopping is only one minute.

3. Repeat the process of blending for one minute. If you will again see any small piece in the blender, then again blend.

4. The last step involves the use of a strainer. As we above-told, the wide mouth of a bowl is necessary. You have to push the onion pulp through the strainer to get maximum onion juice.

Can You Substitute Onion Juice For Onions


In conclusion, onion juice is a great substitute for onions. Even, the making of this substitute is easier. The above methods provide you information about how to make onion juice. Thus, you can easily use onion juice as a substitute for onions.

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