How to store onions

Autumn is the time for harvesting and laying out the harvest for the winter. In addition to potatoes, which are stored all winter, many harvest onions. You can store stocks of onions both in the cellar or basement, and at home. The main thing is to observe the storage conditions so that the onions stay until spring.

How to store onions in winter

Ripe and dry onion heads, being in favorable conditions, are able to retain all the nutrients for a long time. But for this it is necessary to store the onion at a certain humidity and temperature. However, before storing the onion, you need to prepare it. The key to good keeping quality of onions is proper harvesting and preparation of plants for long-term storage.

In order to properly preserve the onion for the winter, a number of preparatory work should be carried out. After digging up, spread the onions and tops in a thin layer on a plank or bedspread. Let it dry out during the day in the fresh air. If the weather does not allow drying onions outside, then spread them out on the floor or on the balcony at home. You can also make bunches of onions and hang the bunches in the yard under a canopy or in any room with good drafts. If the apartments have already been heated, the onions will dry out quickly near the radiator.

Only when the onions are well dry should you trim off the remnants of dry feathers. However, there are some nuances here. Trim dry tops so that a 3-4 centimeter neck and a little roots remain on the bulbs. After pruning, remove the dry peel from the bulbs and leave to dry for another 2 weeks in a dry place, stirring occasionally. Thanks to careful preparation, the onion will lie for as long as possible.

Just before storing, sort the onions and sort them. Store only medium, strong and healthy bulbs. Onions with sprouts or with mechanical damage must be folded into a separate container and eaten as soon as possible. Substandard onions should be kept separate from the rest of the crop.

Put a good onion in a specially prepared basket, box or drawer. Some people use bags, vegetable nets or nylon stockings to store onions.

Use small boxes and crates to store onions. The container should have holes so that the bow is well ventilated. Use nets and bags of medium size. The onion layer in them should not exceed 32 cm. It is better to put the onion crop in several bags or boxes than to use one container for storage. This will keep the onions better.

Do not use plastic bags to store onions at home, because this material does not allow air to pass through, which means that the inside of the bag will be of high importance and the onion will quickly rot.

When storing onions, once a month, sort out the crop and put suspicious bulbs in a separate container. Throw out spoiled onions immediately so that they do not infect a healthy crop. This will save the onion until next season.

It happens that during storage the onion becomes damp. In this case, it should be laid out in a dry place and dried thoroughly, and then transferred to a new container.

The same rules apply to the storage of onion sets.

Where to store onions

It is best to store onions in the winter in a basement or cellar. But milestones do not have the opportunity to store onions in a separate room. To store onions in an apartment, choose dark, cool places, for example, a box of onions can be placed by the balcony.

To store onions, a certain temperature should be created. So, onions of sweet or semi-sweet varieties should be stored at zero, and onions of spicy varieties at a temperature of -3 degrees and an air humidity of 75%. When storing onions in an apartment (in a closet, pantry, closet), the temperature should not rise above 18 degrees and the humidity should be 50%.

Yalta red onions should be stored in the same place.

How to store onions in an apartment

Many people ask how best to store onions in an apartment? Everything is very simple. You need to make bundles out of it. To keep the onions in the braids, after harvesting and drying, they are not cut off, but the dry tops are tied in a certain way. Use twine to prevent the dried onion stalks from falling apart.

Small onion braids can be hung all over the kitchen. Such a bow will become a decorative element of your interior and will purify the air in the room due to its phytoncidal properties.

How to store leeks

Leeks are another popular type of onion that can also be used for the winter.

Store leeks in winter in the sand, on the balcony or in the refrigerator. So it will remain fresh until spring. Less commonly, leeks are frozen or stored dried.

Leeks should be stored immediately after harvest. It is best stored at -1 to +2 degrees with 85% relative humidity.

Use a drawer to store leeks in the sand. Pour a layer of sand (5 cm) on the bottom of the box. Set the leeks vertically on top of the sand. Place the stems in rows, and between each row, pour a 10-15 centimeter layer of sand. In this form, the onions will remain green and fresh for 6 months.

In warm winters and in autumn and spring, leeks can be stored on the balcony. If you cover the container with onions from all sides with a warm blanket, then the leek may well withstand the temperature of -10 degrees. However, during storage, it must be regularly sorted out, and diseased and dried plants must be removed.

If the harvest of leeks is small, then it is quite possible to store it in the refrigerator. To do this, sort out the onions, remove the roots and leaves. Refrigerate the leek at zero degrees. Then place the onion stalks in perforated plastic bags (8 stalks each) and store in the fruit and vegetable compartment.

How to store green onions

If you store onions in the refrigerator, you can naturally prolong their freshness and protect them from drying out and the formation of rot. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules for storing green onions.

Green onions store well in a plastic vacuum container. To do this, rinse the greens, remove the limp and yellowed feathers, dry and put the green onions in a plastic container. Cover it with a lid and remove the air using a special turntable. Place the container of green onions in the refrigerator.

Onions will keep well when wrapped in a damp cloth. Rinse the onions, divide into feathers and wrap in a damp towel. Put the onion in the refrigerator as it is.

Some people use edible paper to store onions. Divide the purchased green onions into feathers, rinse and dry well. Then wrap the feathers in cling paper and refrigerate.

Surprisingly, you can store green onions like cut flowers in water. Put the peeled stalks of green onions in a jar of water, and wrap the feathers themselves with a damp towel and cover with a plastic bag. Store the onions like this on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

If you have collected green onions with bulbs, do not rush to remove them. Just wrap a bag over the bulbs and leave the feathers open. Refrigerate the onions in the vegetable storage drawer. In this form, green onions will lie for 1-2 weeks.


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