Can You Freeze Fresh Lime Juice

In these times it is important to minimize waste in the kitchen. The new trends in food point to a future where everything is wasted as little as possible. In this opportunity, useful and practical ways on can you freeze fresh lime juice.

Lemon is one of the most used citrus fruits in cooking. It can be used to make juices, desserts or add a special touch to a salty meal. Therefore, if you have a lot that cannot be used, it is best to save them for future opportunities.

Can You Freeze Fresh Lime Juice

There are several ways to do it and by following the appropriate steps they can be used whenever desired.

Freeze Integers Lime

Excellent for storing leftover lemons for an estimated time of three to four months. For this, they should only be placed in a sealed bag until it is almost full. Then, take out as much air as possible and put it in the freezer.

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When you want to use them, you just have to remove them from the fridge and put them in a bowl with cold water. You have to let them rest until they are completely thawed.

Something that should be taken into account is that, with this method, the lemons tend to lose some consistency and remain a little soft. Then, they will serve to take advantage of their peel or use them for juice.

Can You Freeze Fresh Lime Juice

Freeze Sliced Lime

Another good way to freeze lemons. It requires cutting the fruits into medium-sized slices or wedges. When you have finished, you have to spread all the pieces on a large tray, taking care that they do not touch each other, and put them to freeze.

Once the slices begin to freeze, when they are hard and do not release any juice, transfer them all to an airtight bag. Fill it, remove the air and return to the freezer.

This process allows the lemon to maintain a firmer texture, which can be used to use the whole pieces in cocktails, desserts and other preparations.

Freeze Lime peel

With the help of a grater, grate the citrus peel slightly on the surface layer. It is important not to overdo it, as the inner part of the skin tends to be very bitter.

When obtaining it all, store it in an airtight bag as in the other cases and take it to the freezer. The rest of the lemon can be used for other purposes.

Freeze Lime Juice

You simply have to squeeze the lemons to extract the juice, pour it into a container and freeze it until you want to use it. Some advise to make it in coolers, to have a practical way to use the ice cubes to flavor some recipes.

Whatever the chosen formula, it is important to take into account that the fruits must be washed very well before proceeding with any of the methods.

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