Caldo De Tomate Substitute

Thai and Latin cuisines are highly regarded and revered because of their distinct flavors and tastes. These flavors are not just because the dishes were made there. For example, cooking a dish in Mexico or Thailand does not automatically make it taste like that region. It doesn’t matter where you cook the dish, it will taste the same as if the food was made there.

Caldo de Tomate, a common ingredient in Mexican, Thai and Latin cuisines, is one such item. Caldo de Tomate consists mainly of dehydrated chicken and tomato powder. This versatile mix is enhanced with onion, Parsley and Spices. It also has the flavor of Tomato. This is a great ingredient with a sweet grassy umami taste with hints of acidity.


Caldo de Tomate, also known as bouillon cubes, is originally intended for stews and soups. Caldo de Tomate is also added to Mexican rice to give it color and flavor. It can be mixed with mayo, then generously applied to chicken, potatoes and poultry prior to roasting to bring out the best flavors. Caldo de Tomate is a fountain for cooking, with its salty, meaty and tangy flavors. It’s also added to beverages, either directly on the glass or as rim. Caldo de Tomate is used to make Bloody Marys, Caesars, Clamatos, and many more. Caldo de Tomate goes well with anything savory; popcorn, grilled corn and macaroni or cheddar. Beans, chili etc. are all good with it. This ingredient is a key component in many other recipes and dishes, including;

  • Vegetable Soup and Pork
  • Caldo de res
  • Caldo Gallego
  • Caldo de Pollo
  • Caldo de queso
  • Caldo de albondigas
  • Mexican Fish Soup
  • Mexican squat lobster soup
  • Seven Seas Soup
  • Shrimp Soup
  • Caldo de mariscos
  • Sausage Soup and Zucchini
  • Caldo Verde
  • Caldo de papa con queso

Substitute for Caldo de Tomate

There are many reasons why you might want to change the Caldo de Tomate that is in your recipe. You may need it because the ingredient is scarce or your clientele, family or friends don’t like it. Or you might not have enough Caldo de Tomate to prepare a recipe that requires it. Here are some alternatives that you could try.

Tomato Sauce

It’s an ideal substitute for Caldo de Tomate. The tomato is the main ingredient. Tomato Sauce, or tomato powder mixed with cubed chicken works well to mimic the taste of Caldo de Tomate.

Chicken Stock

It’s a great alternative to Caldo de Tomate. The rich flavor and taste of the original is replaced. You’ll have to dissolve the cubes quickly in water because they’re usually cubes. It will dissolve into a liquid similar to that of chicken broth. You can then use this to make your Caldo de Tomate. You can make stock by adding it directly into the pot and cooking. Whatever method you use, make sure to adjust the salt level to Caldo de mate’s high sodium content.

Dry White Wine

White wine mixed with tomato puree is a great substitute when you need to replace Caldo de Tomate. It’s not the best option. Although it may not taste the same as Caldo de Tomate (although some people will think so), many others might be able to tell the difference when you add some onion and Ginger.

Regular Bouillon

It is an acceptable substitute to Caldo de Tomate, as it’s also a Bouillon. So why not use another one in your recipe? This makes it easier to choose and adds a little tomato flavor to the dish. It’ll give your dish an amazing aroma, and it will also have a tasty flavor. You can use this alternative to get a dish that is similar to Caldo de Tomate.

Chicken Granule

For a tasty and nutritious meal, chicken granules are sure to deliver.

The firm golden brown granules can be used to make a variety of dishes.

The chicken granules are a great way to boost the protein content of any meal.

Chicken granules are a great substitute for Caldo de Tomate. They have a lighter flavor and can enhance any Mexican recipe.

The small size makes it easier to add the powder into sauces and soups. This ensures a uniform distribution of ingredients throughout the dish.

Vegetable Broth

If you are vegetarian or vegan, vegetable broth can be a great substitute for Caldo de Tomate. This vegetable and herb broth is great for flavoring soups, sauces and stews.

Mix one tablespoon tomato paste with one cup vegetable broth to substitute Caldo de Tomate. Add some extra herbs or spices to the dish for a more flavorful result.

Homemade Recipe

Make your own Caldo de Tomate to save you the hassle of having to try something new. Follow the below steps to make your own Caldo de Tomate.

You’ll first need tomato paste or sauce.

After the paste or tomato powder has been prepared, you can add it to the water with the tomatoes and chicken. Boil for some time. Separate the chicken and the water from the boiling. You can do anything you want with the chicken, as you only need the Chicken Soup.

To finish the soup, add other ingredients such as parsley, onion, or any spices of your choosing. Your homemade Caldo de Tomate substitute is ready for use.


How can Caldo de Tomate be used instead?

If you are out of Caldo de Tomate, you may want to try using chicken granules. This substitute cooks quicker than most other alternatives and can be found in many local stores. You can substitute Caldo de Tomate by adding tomato puree or sauce.

What are the spices in Caldo de Tomate?

Caldo de Tomate packaged by Knorr contains additional spices. Monosodium glutamate is a common ingredient, as are beef fatty acids, hydrolyzed grain protein and autolyzed yeast extract. Citric acid, silicon dioxide, and dehydrated chicken are also found in these products.

From what is tomato bouillon made?

Turmeric and caramel color.

Caldo de Tomate has a rich, meaty flavor and is the perfect soup bouillon. This bouillon is a mainstay in many Latin recipes, which makes it difficult to locate in certain regions. You can use another ingredient in place of Caldo de Tomate. We have several choices to suit your needs. Make your favorite savory meal with ease by choosing from the options listed above.


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