Can You Juice Kohlrabi Leaves

The kohlrabi leaves are of great health benefits. Also, they are best for juicing purposes. Most people want to know about can you juice kohlrabi leaves. The simplest answer is yes. You can easily make juice from kohlrabi leaves.

Kohlrabi leaves are the sort of root vegetable. It is with the numerous nutritional benefits such as vitamins, potassium, etc.

The juicing process only takes few minutes. The drinking of juice of kohlrabi leaves provides healthy benefits all time.

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How to make Kohlrabi leaves juice?

The making of this juice is easier. Here, we will elaborate on the ingredients and the directions for making it.


Kohlrabi leaves: One bunch

Peeled ginger of 2-3 inches

Removed peers: 6

Lemons: 5-6


The directions are easier. First of all, wash the kohlrabi leaves. After that, combine all the ingredients in the juicer. You can easily make this juice. All the ingredients mix easily and provide you the delicious taste of this juice.

Note: You have to peel the lemon if the lemons are organic.  Cut the lemon into slices and then remove all the seeds.

Can You Juice Kohlrabi Leaves

Pure juice of Kohlrabi leaves

Step 1

The first step includes the washing of the kohlrabi leaves. There are two options for Kohlrabi leaves. One option is the purple kohlrabi leaves and another option is green kohlrabi leaves. Both of these options have equal importance due to the health benefits. But, the purple kohlrabi is of little amazing. On the positive side, it is much sweeter as compared to the green kohlrabi leaves.

Step 2

The second step is the peeling of the kohlrabi if you want. This step is not a compulsory one. The peel of the kohlrabi is also of great nutritional benefits. It is not harmful to the body. You can easily make juice with the kohlrabi leaves and the peel also.

If you want the juice of kohlrabi leaves with its peel, then wash it very well. Most of the time, farmers utilize pesticides for the best growth of the kohlrabi. Subsequently, washing is necessary. The color of peeled kohlrabi is different from the unpeeled kohlrabi. The peeled kohlrabi has a color range of light green to white.

Step 3

The third step is the cutting of the kohlrabi leaves into small pieces. Further, for this recipe, you can use a food processor. 

Step 4

The fourth step is to make the juice of kohlrabi leaves in the juicer. Moreover, you can use the food processor. If you will use it, then strain out the output juice. For this purpose, you can use the mesh strainer. Consequently, it provides more amount of juice. There is the minimum amount of pulp with the yield of juice.

Step 5

At last, pour the resulting juice into the glass. Enjoy the drink!

Final Verdict

Now you will know your answer about can you juice kohlrabi leaves. Once you will drink it, you like its taste and want to drink this juice daily. The time required for this making of the juice is shorter.