Purple Kohlrabi Juice

The purple kohlrabi juice provides a great delicious taste with sweetness. The making of this juice is easier. This article is the best for you in the easy making of the juice of the kohlrabi. Here, we will describe some unique recipes for purple kohlrabi juice.

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Purple kohlrabi juice with carrot

The purple kohlrabi tastes great with the use of the carrot. The main ingredients for the making of this recipe are only carrots and purple kohlrabi.


Scrubbed carrots: 6

Scrubbed kohlrabi: 2 small or 1 large


Chop both of these ingredients that can easily fit in the feed chute of the juicer. After that, press all the ingredients in the juicer. You have to use a fine-mesh strainer. This mesh strainer helps to remove the foam from the juice. 

Therefore use it for the straining of the juice. Finally, pour the juice into the glass. It is great to put some ice cubes in the glass before pouring the juice. Lastly, serve the fresh juice immediately. In this way, the taste of the juice becomes tastier.

Purple Kohlrabi Juice

Purple kohlrabi juice cocktail

The cocktail is the most famous drink for daily use. With this recipe, you can immediately make it in a shorter time.


The main ingredients of this juice recipe are the following. All the ingredients are easily available and allow you to quickly make it.

Purple Kohlrabi leaves: 300 grams or as you want

Daikon radish: More than 200 grams

Sea salt: 1 pinch

Pink peppercorns: For garnish use

Ice cubes: Additional


The preparation materials are necessary for the conveniently making of any recipe. Below-all is the important things for the making of this juice:

A cutting board,

A small knife,

1 peeler,

1 juicer and 1 teaspoon,

One small size of the bowl

Preparation steps

1. First of all peel the purple kohlrabi. After peeling, simply cut the kohlrabi in enough sizes.

2. After that, separate the leaves of the kohlrabi. Usually, the leaves are the smallest and tenderest. Therefore, the rinsing of the leaves is necessary. The next step involves the drying of the kohlrabi leaves. Then, keep the leaves of the kohlrabi keep aside.

3. The next step is the rinse of the radish. You can easily peel the radish with the use of the vegetable peeler. Lastly, you can cut the radish into smaller chunks very efficiently.

4. A great-quality juicer is necessary for the making of the kohlrabi juice. The juicer helps to effortlessly extract the kohlrabi with the radish. Before pouring the juice into the glass, add ice cubes with a pinch of salt.

5. The adding of the salt depends on your taste. So then, pour the juice into that glass. The last step includes the garnishing of the reserved leaves of kohlrabi. You can also use peppercorns for the ending garnishing. The most important thing is the immediately serving of the juice after making it.

The making of the juice is easier and takes very little time. One recommendation is that serve the juice instantly for more delicious results.