prune juice vs plum juice

A Specific Type of Plum

Prune juice vs plum juice. There are numerous sorts of different plums. The plum which grows specifically to dry is called a prune. So, you are able to differentiate the prune and plum. The dried plums make the best prune juice.

Make Prune Juice

The dried plums pass through the rehydration process by using of boil water. This helps in the disintegration of the fruit. After that, you can easily make the prune juice with the use of centrifugal or the masticating process. At last, filtered the juice and enjoy the good taste of the juice.

The prune juice may not great for everyone. If you drink fresh plum juice or eat prunes, then the results will remain the same.

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Comparison between Prune Juice Vs Plum Juice


Both prune and plum have different taste due to the different ways of making them. The taste of prune juice is very sweeter as compared to the plums. The taste of the plum juice is tangy-sweet such as other fresh juices.

On the other hand, if you do not like the taste of prune or plum juice, then you may add sweeteners according to your taste.

Prune Juice Vs.Plum Juice


In contrast to plum juice, the texture of prune juice is heavier. The prune juice has a huge quantity of fiber and hence the juice becomes thicker. On the opposite side, the texture of plum juice is lighter.


The fresh plums in the plum juice make it more nutritious as it contains a high amount of nutrients and vitamins. The making process of prune juice destroys some of the nutrients.

Calories: 30Calories: 67
Fiber: 1 GramFiber: 2 Grams
Sugars: 7 GramsSugar: 11 Grams
Vitamin A: 5% Vitamin A: 4% 
Vitamin K: 5% Vitamin K: 21% 
Potassium: 3% Potassium: 6% 

Sugar levels

The sugar level in plum juice is higher than prune juice. The higher sugar level is great for the body but it is not great for weight loss.


The prune juice also has high amounts of antioxidants likewise a high amount of nutrients.  It is six times more than the plum juice. The antioxidants are most suitable to keep the body healthy.

Health Benefits

Both prune and plum juice is effective for good health. For example, plum juice has a high amount of vitamin C which is great to heal the body and also best for the skin. On the other hand, prune juice has a high quantity of calcium which is great for bone health.

Boosts Digestive Health

The prune juice is effective against constipation problems. For the best digestive system, the prune has a high amount of fiber. Plum juice also has fiber which is great for the digestive system.


In conclusion, prune juice vs. Plum juice, both have their own positive sides. You will decide that juice which fulfills your requirement. Both plum and prune juices are healthy options that have a lot of different advantages. These are healthy for the healthier development of the body.


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