Set Up Exotic Kitchens

Exotic Kitchens

If you want to take home the unique holiday feeling, then the kitchen is an excellent place for it. After all, traveling is always associated with enjoyment and recreation. A beach holiday is the ideal opportunity to leave the worries of everyday life behind in the middle of exotic palm trees. 

In addition, the kitchen of the country pampers your taste buds with delicious treats. So that the tropical trend for the local cuisine offers itself. Set Up Exotic Kitchens in a very different way.

In order for the exotic kitchen design to be fully effective, colorful and bright colors are important. Be brave when painting the walls and selecting the kitchen furniture and decoration, and bring rich green tones, sunny yellow or vivid orange into the kitchen. 

Similarly, accents in rich red or turquoise support the tropical interior trend. For a touch of extravagance provide bronze or gold objects.

How To Establish An Exotic Feeling In Your Own Home

Natural materials are wonderfully suited to give the exotic interior a fascinating lightheartedness. Teak, bamboo, mango or mahogany wood on the one hand look very exclusive and elegant, on the other hand they make the room more comfortable and invite you to feel good. Rattan and raffia also ensure that the Tropical kitchen is even more reminiscent of a beach bar under the palm trees.

Wooden floorboards or warm stone tiles are the ideal flooring for a tropical cooking paradise, in which jute and linen textiles fit perfectly into the overall picture. Thanks to exotic prints and jungle prints such as grasses, palm leaves or flowers, the tropical cooking paradise is becoming more alive.

Exotic Kitchen Designs

To turn an attractively designed room into an impressive cooking paradise, kitchen equipment is of vital importance. Because only if the cabinets, shelves, furniture and kitchen appliances reflect the tropical decor trend, can a trendy exotic kitchen be realized. 

A modern kitchen style is perfect for a tropical kitchen . Elements made of wood represent the connection to nature and create a living atmosphere as in the holiday paradise.

Opt for modern kitchen furniture in friendly, bright colors, to be rewarded with the charm of an uncomplicated beach house. This represents a kind of Ruhepol on vacation, in which no later than in the evening all together, in order to cook together in familial atmosphere, after having spent the day on the beach. Turn your kitchen into a retreat to celebrate family life in a unique, carefree way while cooking and enjoying.

Exotic Kitchens & Furniture

The desired lightness is ensured by open shelves and extra-wide drawers. Arrange the devices so that they do not appear crowded. For example, place an open shelf between the oven and the dishwasher to create a light and friendly design. 

The same goal is followed by bright white kitchen fronts that are as white as the finest, soft sandy beach. Combine rich green, bright yellow or deep blue shelves with the bright kitchen fronts to lighten the overall picture and create an overall carefree atmosphere.

Matching counter tops are available in either real wood or authentic wood decor, giving you the feeling of being at an exotic beach bar in Thailand or the Maldives to be located. An alternative are solid worktops, which are chosen to match the kitchen fronts. 

In order to give the tropical cooking paradise something extravagant, metal handles in the colors bronze, gold or stainless steel are suitable. Likewise, handle less kitchen fronts are suitable to preserve the simplicity of the tropical look.

Set Up Exotic Kitchens: Decoration And Accessories For A Tropical Decor

Decorating objects and accessories is very important in order to give your own tropical kitchen a little more personality. In general, strong colors such as green, yellow, orange, red or turquoise support the exotic tropical look. 

Fresh whites on the other hand ensure that the appearance does not become too heavy but retains its lightness. In order to visually enhance the exotic cooking oasis , decorative objects in bronze or gold tones can be set up in the kitchen. When choosing the materials, you are in any case right, if you opt for wood natural materials.

Add a tropical look to the design of the dining table and opt for a large, sturdy teak or bamboo wooden table, Likewise, a dining table made of mango or mahogany blends in perfectly with the overall tropical picture. 

You choose the chairs either in the matching wood tone or you opt for lighter materials such as bast, bamboo or rattan. On tablecloths is waived in the Tropical kitchen trend. On the one hand, the tabletop made of real wood supports the interior design look, on the other hand, a tablecloth would take the overall picture of its lightness.

Set Up Exotic Kitchens: Kitchen Equipment For The Tropical Paradise

Dishes made of machined wood or bamboo represent the bond with nature and contribute to the carefree interior design look. If you want a bit more color on the table, you can also choose dishes in bright colors. Red, turquoise, gold or bronze tones cover the table so that a cozy and relaxed get-together is possible. 

Use plaited place mats made of raffia , as a base, so that you can enjoy your valuable table top for a very long time. Round it all off with a pretty fruit basket containing exotic fruits like mangoes, coconuts or papayas.

Also delicious cocktails with fresh fruits On the glass come in the home tropical paradise to its best advantage. If your kitchen is relatively small, so that no dining table can fit into it, you can only distribute individual seating around the fitted kitchen. 

A stool made from light bamboo wood turns your kitchen counter into a beach bar counter in no time, while a rattan armchair makes for a more comfortable living environment.

Plants like orchids or ferns are just part of a rain forest and a beach under the palm trees. Because of this, distribute exotic plants everywhere in your tropical cooking paradise where it lends itself. For example, depending on their size, palm trees can be placed either on the floor, on the table or on shelves.

Orchids beautify every window-sill as well as a bonsai tree, and next to the kitchen herbs on the sideboard you will surely find a pretty spot for ferns, brome liads or aechmeums in the flower pot. The overall result becomes even more exotic if you distribute banana plants or bamboo in the room.

Exotic Kitchens & Furniture Durban

A tropical kitchen lives from its extraordinary look. That is why decorative objects and kitchen utensils, which are originally designed, are particularly suitable for kitchen design. Even if stainless steel pots and pans are very modern and timeless. They are less likely to fit into a tropical kitchen. 

The situation is similar with the kettle, toaster and coffee maker. Because you probably do not want to give up the devices in the future. You stow the kitchen gadgets in the cupboards or drawers. So they do not affect the look of the kitchen.

And are nevertheless always at hand. Those who want to visually enrich their unique cooking paradise, opt for cast-iron pots and pans in bright colors like turquoise. Add exotic ingredients to kitchen utensils to prepare delicious dishes inspired by foreign cultures, and the tropical look in your own home is perfect.

It is also worth looking for kitchen accessories such as chopping boards or wooden cooking spoons, instead of resorting to impersonal stainless steel products. If you are looking for storage for smaller items, wooden baskets are a first class solution. Also when choosing lamps for the kitchen or the dining area wood is a very good idea. Bast or bamboo contribute to a carefree atmosphere and support the relaxed holiday feeling.

Set Up Exotic Kitchen Cabinets

Textiles are responsible for a homelike ambiance. It becomes comfortable with decorative cushions, with palm leaves or charming flowers. If you want to equip the dining area or the kitchen yourself with a carpet, creates a cozy atmosphere with fur rugs. And remains true to the exotic appearance at the same time. 

If you want something simpler, but still comfortable, linen and jute textiles are a great choice. For tea towels, pillowcases or curtains, choose shades of blue. And turquoise that immediately make you think of your last beach holiday. 

Just as we leave the worries far behind when burying our toes in soft sand, the sand-colored linen textiles also create a very relaxed mood, so we forget the hectic everyday life in a jiffy.

When wall design you can either use wallpaper with tropical motifsor create decorative pictures with palm trees, ferns, geckos, hummingbirds or other exotic motifs to intensify the tropical feeling. Flamingo and pineapple figures are still considered a popular decoration, which fits fantastically to the tropical kitchen. 

Give your kitchen an individual touch by setting up travel items from distant countries. Present your self-made photos in pretty picture frames on the wall, creating a decoration that will never end your travel adventure, even after your vacation.

Cooking And Enjoying As On Vacation

Although a tropical-style kitchen invites you to relax and feel good. It is, of course, primarily intended for cooking, baking and enjoying. To conjure up delicious culinary delights from all over the world, you need appropriate kitchen utensils and exotic ingredients. We have put together a tropical menu for you, where you can immediately get into a holiday mood. And get to know the exotic variety of fruits and spices from all over the world:

Mango chicken skewers as a starter :

Mangoes are at home in the tropical rain forest. And are therefore ideal for their tropical cuisine. The sweetish taste goes well with chicken or fish. For hot and fruity mango chicken skewers you need chick flakes, peppers, olive oil and the juice of an orange, as well as.chicken fillet and a ripe mango. 

Mango and chicken fillet are diced and then put on skewers. Then mix the oil with the orange juice and add the spices, then spread the skewers with the marinade. Finally, the skewers are cooked either in the oven or in the pan.

​​​​Fish curry as in the Maldives:

Fish dishes may not be missing on any beach holiday. The Maldives are – like many other Asian countries – known for their rich variety of different spices. In order to prepare delicious fish curry, you need ginger, garlic, turmeric, cardamom, curry leaves, coriander. And chili in addition to white-meat fish fillets. Some lime juice gives the dish a fresh note, while coconut milk softens the sharpness of the chili peppers. The fish curry is served to a serving of long grain rice.

Exotic Fruit Salad:

In order to enjoy the many fruits that especially southern countries have to offer. There is a delicious fruit salad for dessert. Cut mangos, oranges, papayas, pineapples, bananas and melons into small pieces and mix everything together. Of course, depending on your taste, you can add other ingredients such as grapefruit, lime, star fruit, dragon fruit or physalis.

New Exotic Cooking Paradise

This tropical three-course meal is a great way to inaugurate your new exotic cooking paradise in style. Invite your loved ones to your home and decorate the dining area with palm fronds. And collected stones from the last holiday. 

Spread a few shells and some sand in the open shelves to complete the exotic look. To make the tropical feeling even bigger, you can play the.sound of the sound of the sea in the background or heat up your guests with Caribbean sounds.


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