Kitchen Furnishings In Gold

Kitchen Furnishings In Gold looks very beautiful.

A Touch Of Luxury In The Kitchen

Gold has always been the epitome of luxury and prosperity. This becomes especially clear when you look at the importance of gold in the 20s. The brilliant material was so wastefully used that the rich upper classes were able to distract themselves from the sad reality of the Great Depression. To forget this state of affairs, expensive parties were celebrated and a pompous lifestyle and lifestyle known as the epoch of the golden twenties.

Even today, there is no material that stands for glamor and wealth more than gold. Let a touch of luxury in your kitchen and opt for a kitchen in the trendy gold look. Even if you just make a quick cup of coffee in the morning, you will enjoy the moment. Thanks to the warmth of gold, you will not only experience luxury first hand, but also feel completely safe and well. Learn about the ways in which your kitchen transforms into a place of prosperity and bliss. All you need are the right colors, selected kitchen equipment and naturally attractive decoration.

Now Gold Is Getting Into The Kitchen

The kitchen is the ideal place to live the passion for luxury and pleasure . Until a few years ago, food only served the purpose of satisfying hunger and filling it. Today, a healthy diet is the basis for a happy life. You buy consciously, worry about careful preparation and want to spoil your loved ones with home-cooked dishes. Food and healthy eating have taken such a high place in our lives, the kitchen deserves to be luxurious and sophisticated. Show your guests how much your kitchen is worth and skilfully live the current gold living trend.

If you are looking for shiny kitchen fronts with gold-colored surface , you will be particularly successful decide. This will give your kitchen a magnificent look that attracts attention. The gold-colored fronts in metallic look are currently new to the program and are ideal for giving the kitchen the right appearance. Here you can enjoy full creative freedom: either choose to dive the entire kitchen in gold and choose the shiny shade for all kitchen cabinets. The more gold you find in your kitchen later, the more pompous it will look.

Kitchen Furnishings In Gold: Set Golden Accents

On the other hand, if you only want to feel a touch of luxury, then you are more aware of setting golden accents and, for example, only provide the upper cabinets with a gold-colored front. With our kitchen program, however, there are even more options available to give your kitchen a glamorous impression. Design not only kitchen fronts in gold, but also appealing home furniture, which are of great interest for a kitchen-cum-living. Choose a modern wall unit that has a golden shimmer or opt for a matching sideboard.

Focus On Gold

Because gold is a hue that attracts attention, you’d better forego combining it with other bright colors. This quickly ensures that the harmony in the room is lost. On the other hand , if you combine gold with bright white, all eyes will continue to focus on the shiny, shimmering accents in the room, giving you a very elegant combination.

For example, high gloss kitchen furniture in white harmonises particularly well with brass or gold. Black kitchen furniture also goes well with the golden trend and makes the kitchen interior even more glamorous. Let your kitchen shine with white lacquered furniture that will wonderfully support the sheen of gold and put on black if you love it luxuriously.

Kitchen Handles As Golden Extras

In order to complete the elegant look of your kitchen, only small details and extras are missing. These include handles on the kitchen furniture and drawers. Opt for gold-colored handles to complete the look of your kitchen. The result is particularly stylish if you select narrowly designed handles that perfectly highlight the kitchen furniture of the design kitchen.

If you want to give your kitchen a very opulent look, then offer artfully decorated kitchen handles with relief. Here you have the choice between shiny handles or you can equip your gold kitchen with handles that have a matte surface.

If you are looking for a cozy country kitchen, then this can also be provided with gold-colored handles. Very nice to match the more rustic-cozy style button handles in gold. With a few tricks and tricks you can conjure up a golden piece of jewelery even from the cozy country kitchen.

Golden Interlude For The Niche

You wonder how the space between upper and lower cabinets is designed? You can either provide them with a boring tiled mirror or use the space to add a little more glamor to your kitchen.

Because the niche back wall offers ideal place to be also provided with metallic surfaces in glittering gold . Not only do you benefit from the sophisticated appearance, but at the same time you create a practical splash guard on the stove, so that cleaning after cooking is easier and quicker.

In addition, the gold-colored surfaces create a more harmonious overall picture. In our kitchen proposal narrow design of the upper cabinets in the niche back wall skillfully picked up again. This will create a coherent look and get a result that will convince you completely.

Exemplary Wallpaper Design In Gold

If you want to give your stylish kitchen a modern and slightly playful touch, the appealing wallpaper with a golden pineapple motif is the perfect choice . The trendy motif is available exclusively from Küche & Co as a wallpaper or you choose this for the niche back wall.

Kitchen Furnishings In Gold: Glamorous Flushing Center

Of course , in addition to the stove and worktops, no sink or tapware should be missing in your exclusive kitchen . With the white sink, to which you get a matching white fixture with matt surface, you create a great contrast between bright lightness and the warm metal. On the other hand, if you want to make it even more glamorous, choose a gold-colored sink with a matching color finish and an elegant, gold-colored faucet.

Perfect Decoration In Gold Look:Kitchen Furnishings In Gold

It may also be golden and luxurious when putting together the other necessary kitchen utensils. If you want to take the color gold again in the interior design, for example, offer a gold-colored refrigerator just as excellent as lamps whose lampshade are held in the warm metal tone.

Overall, the gold-look kitchen offers plenty of room for decoration. Along the elegant highboard cabinets, for example, wonderfully golden picture frames can be set up. Or you pick up the wallpaper’s pineapple motif and decorate your kitchen with gold-colored plastic or metal pineapples. When decorating, be careful not to overload the kitchen.

Be aware of colors that have already been used in kitchen design, such as white, brass or gold, Adhere to this advice, the kitchen is an ideal place to live out the current gold living trend. There are hardly any limits, so you can even choose chairs, pans, crockery and cutlery in gold to present your style awareness to the last detail.


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