Delicious breakfast or how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

In many families, it is impossible to imagine breakfast without aromatic toasted bread. The easiest way to cook them is to use a special device, a toaster.

However, in the process of choosing, buyers are increasingly faced with problems, because in order to settle on the ideal model, it is necessary to take into account many criteria. Which manufacturers make the best toasters, and what selection criteria should you pay attention to?

Toaster in the kitchen: what is it for and how to use it?

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

This technique is used for one purpose – to make toasted pieces of bread. Using infrared light, the slices are toasted and the perfect English style breakfast is on the table. Since the technique is so popular, manufacturers try to introduce as many modifications as possible. For example, many models are now equipped with a special grill on which you can warm up buns or slices of toasted bread for breakfast.

Usually a toaster has 3-4 sections for bread. The owner can set the toasting mode by himself, adjusting it at his own discretion. Once the bread slices are hot enough and crusty, they can be removed from the toaster.

You can purchase not only a toasting technique, but also a model for toasting waffles and making sandwiches. A wide range of models at the same time allows you to make your breakfast rich, and makes it difficult to choose the perfect toaster.

It is very important to rely on the criteria for the power of the model, on its functionality and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Models and their features

Since toasters are so popular, manufacturers provide customers with a wide range of models. What models of this technique can be found on the market?

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen
  1. Classic, household toasters used to make croutons.
  2. Closed models for making waffles or sandwiches.
  3. Grill toasters that can be used to toast croutons and sandwiches.
  4. Conveyor model used in factories and large restaurants (can produce up to 900 toasts per hour).

And if many buyers are familiar with the household toaster model, then not everyone knows waffle makers and the technique for making sandwiches. The principle of cooking is the same here, so now they often sell models with a double function, with the help of which you can prepare delicious sandwiches and aromatic waffles for breakfast, and enjoy them on a small sofa with a cup of coffee.

This technique has a double heating surface. A piece of bread or waffle is placed on the bottom of it. Then you can put a variety of filling, and then cover it with another slice of bread. With the help of a special lid, on which the second heating surface is located, the toaster is closed, and after 2-3 minutes the waffles or sandwiches are ready.

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

Since such devices are very convenient and easy to use, manufacturers experiment with the shape of sandwiches and waffles. For example, you can find waffle makers in which it is possible to prepare treats in the shape of hearts and flowers. This technique is especially suitable for families with children.

Grill toasters have a small oven where you can arrange slices of bread horizontally. This technique is convenient in that it can be used to cook not only ordinary toasts, but also sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and much more.

Typically, sandwich toasters are only suitable for making rectangular slices of bread. If you use a different mold, the filling will run out all the time and the sandwiches will not cook evenly.

Now that the most popular toaster models have been discussed, you can move on to those characteristics that you must pay attention to when choosing a technique.


how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

When choosing a toaster, be sure to pay attention to its technical characteristics, and, of course, take a look at the additional functions

Like any technique, a toaster has its own important characteristics that you must pay attention to when buying. What selection criteria are we talking about?

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen
  • Body material (options: aluminum, steel, plastic)
  • Heating element type (electric or quartz heating elements)
  • Toaster power (usually the power of the technique varies between 600-1600 W)
  • Additional options (ranging from on-off timer, and ending with removable pallets).

In fact, there can be many selection criteria. You should choose a toaster with a metal body, as the likelihood that the toaster will last longer is much higher. If a person needs an inexpensive and lightweight toaster, then it is better to choose a model with a plastic case.

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The buyer should be aware that plastic models generally have a shorter lifespan. That is why, if the toaster is going to be used regularly and a decent heating power is required, it is better to opt for models with a metal case.

Quartz heating elements allow you to roast a slice of bread more evenly and quickly, but such an innovative technique costs a lot.

Additional functions

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

On this toaster, you can cook a full breakfast for yourself.

One of the most important functions that should be present in all toasters is the ability to regulate the power of heating the bread. Usually there are 5-6 degrees of toasting bread, and a person can regulate this process on his own.

If the equipment is purchased for a large family, then it is better to opt for a large toaster with the maximum number of departments. This will allow you to cook 5-6 toasts at once without wasting time.

It’s great if the model has an on or off timer . By starting such a timer, a person will be able to cook fragrant toasts at a certain time, without wasting his precious minutes on it.

Another interesting feature is new, and it’s about raising the toast as high as possible. Some manufacturers made sure that the toasted bread literally jumped out of the technique without getting stuck inside.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Toasters are available from almost all major manufacturers in the world. Who makes the best models?

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen
  1. The company Philips produces models in all price categories.
  2. Bosch is not only the best refrigerators, but you can also find an excellent toaster in both metal and plastic cases.
  3. Manufacturer Bork produces innovative toasters with multiple zones for the preparation of bread of different levels of toasting.
  4. In the model range of Tefal , which also produces electric meat grinders, there are simple toasters, and devices for making sandwiches, sandwiches, and waffle makers.
  5. Quite good models can be found among the products of Scarlett , Moulinex

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When choosing a good toaster, you need to focus not on its cost, but on the wealth of additional functions. The more operating modes, a variety of timers and functions, the richer the menu for the whole family will be.

Care rules

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

No technique will work perfectly if it is not properly cared for . This is especially important for a toaster, because during the cooking process, various crumbs accumulate inside the equipment, which can cause breakdown.

After cooking, you should brush off the crumbs with a soft brush, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places. Failure to clean out crumbs from hard-to-reach places for a long time will significantly impair the performance of the toaster.

Now they sell models with a removable tray, which allows you to clean the inner surface of the equipment from crumbs. This is very convenient, as the process of cleaning the toaster takes a couple of minutes.

It is also recommended to wipe the body of the appliance so that the toaster does not seem dirty.

When it comes to a sandwich model, the toaster may have traces of the filling. They must be wiped thoroughly. If you use special removable tins for making sandwiches or waffles, they should be rinsed with water and dried.

how to choose a toaster for the kitchen

They can be with very different fillings.

These tips are sure to help you choose a good toaster. The most important thing is to pay attention to the additional capabilities of the equipment, to the reputation of the manufacturer and the power of the model. When buying a toaster, you should also remember that the technique will work perfectly only if the hostess takes good care of it.


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