Easy Steps To Vitamix Meat Grinder

The Vitamix is an all-purpose tool that can be used for many purposes, including as a grinder. You can use a Vitamix to grind meat if you don’t have a grinder attachment to your food processor or stand mixer.

It is a good idea to grind meat with a Vitamix. This will prevent you from eating unhealthy processed meat. The Vitamix is strong enough to handle grinding meat. Once you learn how to do it, you’ll never buy pre-packaged ground meat.

This article will show you the best way to grind your meat using a Vitamix and give some helpful tips. Learn how to use your Vitamix to grind meat to save money and time!

What is the best way to grind meat in my Vitamix?

You can reduce your consumption of processed meat by grinding your own meat. The processed meat is high in sodium, nitrates and other harmful chemicals. You can also use leaner cuts of meat when you grind your own.

A Vitamix is the perfect solution for anyone who does not have an industrial grinder or food processor. Vitamix blenders are cheaper and cleaner. The meat will retain all the flavors while being ground without the excess fat.

It is also faster to grind meat with a Vitamix when you are making hamburgers or sausages. The grinding process for a stand mixer is slower than that of a Vitamix. You don’t even need to buy any attachments to make the grind.

How to Grind the Meat with a Vitamix Mixer

Cool the meat before grinding

Don’t forget to chill the meat in the Vitamix for 30 minutes prior to grinding. This will keep it from losing its shape when you grind. The meat will not stick as much to the container if you chill it. It will also help distribute fat more evenly.

Remove any bones and cut the meat into 1 inch chunks.

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The first batch of meat to be blended

Add a small amount of meat at a given time. The blades will not be able break down too much meat if you add it all at once.

After adding the first chunks to your Vitamix, turn the blender on the slowest speed possible and pulse it for several seconds. Then stop and check that all the pieces have broken into smaller ones.

As soon as the meat begins to break up, increase the speed. Continue grinding until smaller pieces form. You might need to stop or scrape occasionally, and then use the tamper with the meat to force it towards the blade.

Add more meat to your blender

Add more meat to the container once the first batch has been ground. Remove the meat from your container if it is half full. Start anew with fresh ground beef. It will prevent your Vitamix from overheating.

After you have ground all the ingredients into tiny pieces, push “Pulse”, one final time, before shutting down your Vitamix completely. This will ensure that there are no big chunks left.

What type of meat can I grind in a Vitamix machine?

The Vitamix is ideal for grinding beef, chicken, or pork. If you prefer the taste of turkey or venison to traditional red meats, your Vitamix can be used for grinding.

It is possible to mix several types of meat before you grind it, so as to have even more options for flavor when making hamburgers and sausages.

How do I grind raw meat in a Vitamix machine?

The best way to grind raw meat is in your Vitamix. The method works well for hamburgers, ground beef or sausages.

You’ll want to take into consideration a few factors when you grind raw meat with your Vitamix.

You can grind your own meat using a Vitamix. It will be fresher and more flavorful than pre-packaged meats found in most supermarkets. It’s better for you and it has less fat.

You can also prepare meals more freely if you grind your meat yourself. Add leaner and fatter cuts of meat, such as the pork shoulder to your final product for a more savory flavor.

You can grind your meat in a Vitamix instead of buying it from a store. This gives you greater control and freedom over the final product.

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How do I grind cooked meat in my Vitamix machine?

When grinding meat, it’s best to choose the precooked shredded type. You can find this at any deli counter. It is much easier to grind than solid meat pieces.

Grinding already-cooked food can have the disadvantage of reducing their nutritional value. When using a Vitamix, grinding them does not increase the nutrient value as much as using fresh ingredients.

The meat that you grind will have a more shredded look, depending on your recipe.

Which blades are best for grinding meat?

For grinding meat, you can use the standard blades included with your Vitamix.

It may be worthwhile to invest in the “Professional Series”, if you grind a large amount of meat with your Vitamix. They are designed for grinding, and perform better than regular blades at grinding meats like beef and venison.

What is the best way to store my ground meat?

Use a large spoon to remove the meat from your Vitamix. You can use it immediately in your recipes if you are planning to.

Store it in a container that is airtight and keep it chilled until you need it. You can use it within 3 days or you can freeze the food for longer storage. Label all foods before you put them in the freezer to know exactly what they are.

Useful tips for grinding meat with Vitamix

Before grinding, cut meat into small pieces.

It is easier to grind meat evenly if you cut it into small pieces.

Natural juicing is best done with a low pulse rate.

When juicing vegetables and fruits with a Vitamix, you can use a low pulse speed. Low pulse speed makes it possible to juice ingredients without worrying about them being damaged.

Variable speed is the best way to maximize flexibility.

Vitamix blenders have variable speeds, unlike most other blenders. This allows users to blend and mix different ingredients with ease. This feature allows you to blend all ingredients together at once without having to stop midway through the process because you didn’t have enough space in the container.

Use a kitchen towel to hold down the lid.

Hold the lid down with a kitchen towel folded in half while your Vitamix is running. This will keep the lid in place and stop it from flying away. Never use your hands, or any other utensils, to hold the Vitamix lid down when the machine runs!

Mixing dry ingredients with liquids is not recommended

When grinding meat in your Vitamix, it is very important to not mix dry ingredients and water. The dry ingredients will absorb the moisture in your meat, leaving behind a very dried product.

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What are the Alternative Methods of Grinding Meat?


You can use a sharp meat knife to grind meat but you will get inconsistent results and may find it difficult to keep all the meat on your cutting board. The knife should be held at a 90-degree angle to the work surface. Push the blade forward while chopping, and make sure to return the blade to its original position after each chop. Turn the meat over, and repeat. This method is good for small quantities of meat.

Food processor

A food processor can be used to grind meat into a uniform consistency. Put small amounts of minced meat in your food processor, and pulse it briefly until the desired consistency is reached. Process the meat in small batches to avoid it becoming pasty.

Grind Meat with a Vitamix – Last Thoughts

Grinding your meat yourself in a Vitamix is more convenient than purchasing pre-ground.

Grinding your own meat can be more cost-effective. And Grinding in a Vitamix allows you to eliminate any health hazards associated with the ground meats found at grocery stores. Grinding your own meat allows you to control exactly what goes into your food.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns so that we can come up with some new ideas.


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