Taco Bell Nachos Supreme Vs Bellgrande

Nachos BellGrande and Nachos Supreme are both menu items at Taco Bell. It is mainly the toppings and the ingredients that make the difference. Nachos BellGrande are the “classic”, classic nachos with just nacho chips and refried bean.

Nachos Supreme is a variation of the classic nachos that includes sourcream, extra cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and ground beef. This is basically a combination of classic nachos and the taco’s works, which allows for different textures and flavors.

Both come with mild nachos sauce and a small container guacamole. They make a good snack or meal for anyone looking for something tasty but light.

The Differences


Nachos BellGrande is a combination of nacho cheese chips, beef seasoned with refried bean sauce, tomatoes and reduced fat sourcream.

The Nacho Fries Supreme is a portion of fries topped with seasoned meat, tomatoes chopped, nacho cheese, and sourcream.

Bean Scoop

Beans are a common topping ingredient in both the BellGrande and Nacho Fries. Their scoops are not the same.

BellGrande is served with 2 scoops of green bean, while Nacho Fries only receive 1 red beans scoop.

Portion Size


BellGrande and Nacho Fries both have a pinch of pico de Gallo or diced tomatoes [ 1] topped with them.

The bean toppings are different in size. BellGrande comes with two beans and Nacho Fries gets one.


The BellGrande version, which is the ultimate Nacho Fries dish comes with double the amount of chips.

Two pumps of Nacho Cheese Sauce and one squirt reduced-fat Sour Cream are included in each serving of Nacho Fries.

The BellGrande has a cheese sauce layer consisting of 3 pumps and 1 dollop reduced fat sourcream.


The Nacho Fries and BellGrande both contain one serving of ground beef, so they are comparable when it comes to portion sizes.

Price Point

You will pay more or less than $2.49 for a large Nachos Fries Supreme order.

This order includes beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, sourcream, and costs approximately $3.49.

BellGrande is usually priced at around $6. It has double the amount of their beans, tomato sauce, nacho cheese, and sourcream on top of a tortilla chip bed.

The price of this menu item varies depending on your location.

Do they have any similarities?

There are some similarities between these two meals. Both BellGrande and Nacho Fries Supreme have similar toppings.

Both have pico de Gallo (diced tomato), one serving of beef, nacho cheese warm sauce, beans, and sourcream.

Nacho fans will enjoy both of these dishes.

What’s in Taco Bell Nacho Supreme Nacho Supreme Taco?

Taco Bell Nacho Supreme includes a bed or nacho chips covered with ground beef, warm cheese sauce and diced tomato. The combination of tastes and textures makes this the ultimate nacho dish! Beans, jalapenos guacamole and/or additional beef are all optional additions to the Nacho supreme.

You can elevate the taste of your Nacho Supreme with each new topping.

What Is A Nacho Bell Grande?

Taco Bell’s Nacho Bell Grande, a Mexican signature dish, is created by Taco Bell and sold in its American outlets. This is basically a larger version of Taco Bell classic nachos. It includes a mixture of tortilla chips with melted cheese, refried bean, diced tomato, and Jalapeno Peppers.

This dish can feed up to 4 people in one bowl. Sour cream is a great way to enhance flavor. Nacho Bell Grandes are a favorite for large parties and also those who like to eat together.

Why did Taco Bell discontinue the Nacho Supreme Nacho?

Taco Bell will discontinue its Nacho Supreme menu item in 2020, after 10 years of popularity. This decision was taken to allow room for other menu items.

Taco Bell’s representative stated in a press release that they have “in the last few years focused heavily on culinary innovations, new nutrition programs and ingredient improvement – reformulating their menu to eliminate artificial flavors and colors.”

Taco Bell decided to stop selling the Nacho Supreme after taking into account customer feedback. They felt that the Nacho Supreme had outlived its usefulness. Now, the company can offer its customers unique and never-before-seen items as well as healthy items in accordance with their nutrition initiative.

Taco Bell offers a variety of delicious tacos and burritos.

What’s the most popular thing to order at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell’s Crunchy Taco is the most ordered item. This classic item, with its hard shell filled with beef, lettuce, cheese and tangy sauce, has been popular since 1962.

Taco Bell has made so many variations of the Crunchy Taco that it now includes the Supreme Taco which contains refried bean, tomato, and sourcream, as well as the Doritos Locos Taco which is a taco with a Doritos chip shell.

The Crunchy Taco is also one of Taco Bell’s most popular items from the Dollar Cravings menu. It’s not hard to understand why Taco Bell customers prefer the Crunchy Taco over other Taco Bell items like the Gordita Supreme or classic Chalupa Supreme.

What is the carb count of Nachos Bell Grande?

Taco Bell’s Nachos Bell Grand are a great source of carbohydrates. Each Nachos bell Grande has 46g carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates in this product is almost 20% of the daily recommended intake.

A side of Nacho Cheese Sauce is included in the Nachos Bell Grande kit, adding another 12g carbohydrates. A serving of Nachos Bell Grande contains 58g carbohydrates.

How Many Carbs Are In Taco Bell Nachos?

Taco Bell Nachos have 37 grams of carbohydrate total per serving. This is equal to 12g. This is equivalent to 3% of daily value. It contains 2g of fiber, and 1g of sugar. There are also 320 calories, 22 g fat and 5 g protein per serving.

What Taco Bell item has the least amount of carbs?

Taco Bell’s lowest carbohydrate items are tacos or burritos made with just the tortilla, protein and veggies (such as diced tomato, lettuce and jalapenos).

A Crunchy Taco, for example, contains only 6g carbs. And a Bean Burrito has 20g carbs. Power Menu Bowls are another option that is low on carbs. They usually contain 10g-15g and the 5-layer burrito contains 30g.

If you’re looking for low-carb meals, salads can be a great option. The carbohydrate content will vary depending on what ingredients are added to the dish but is usually between 10g and 30g. A Grilled Fiesta chicken salad, for example, has 20g total carbs.

What is Keto from Taco Bell Menu?

Keto Taco Bell is a term used to describe the menu options that are keto-friendly. Taco Bell has a wide range of low-carb and high-protein ingredients in its modified burritos and tacos. These include chicken, avocado, and steak.

Menu also features keto-friendly side dishes like black beans, guacamole and cheese dip. You can substitute crunchy or soft tacos shells for low-carb alternatives, and even serve them without one. Customers can also customize their order to exclude high-carb ingredients such as rice, beans and potatoes.

Taco Bell’s keto menu adheres to strict guidelines established by its nutritional advisory board. Taco Bell offers an online calculator for Keto lovers to monitor and track the carbohydrate contents of their meals.

What is the healthiest thing on Taco Bell menu?

Taco Bell’s Veggie Burrito is the healthiest option on their menu. The Veggie Power Burrito is high in fiber, contains less than 500 cals, and has a mixture of black beans with roasted corn and diced onion, bell peppers, and lettuce.

This burrito also has low fat content and no trans fat. The burrito has a cool and creamy salsa ranch sauce, and is a good source of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

It is also a good meal to share as the burrito contains 16 grams protein.

Taco Bell Sauce on Keto: Can you have it?

You can consume Taco Bell Sauce on Keto. Taco Bell has a wide variety of sauces including hot, mild and fire. These sauces all have low carbs and are therefore suitable for those on a keto diet.

Remember, though, that nutritional information may differ from one Taco Bell restaurant to another. If you’re on a strict ketogenic diet, you may want to look up the nutritional information of Taco Bell sauces before ordering.

Taco Bell’s sauces are not only keto-friendly but also delicious. They contain ingredients such as chili pepper, garlic, and jalapeo.

Taco Bell is healthier than Mcdonalds.

It’s difficult to compare the healthfulness of Taco Bell with McDonald’s because each restaurant has a wide variety of menu items, all with different nutritional values and cooking styles. Taco Bell, in general, is the more healthy option.

Taco Bell’s food is lighter than McDonald’s, which tends to have more fat, sodium and calories. Taco Bell offers a variety of options that are free from red meat and processed meats like beef and chicken. This makes it easier for vegetarians to follow a diet.

They also use fewer preservatives and additives because they cook their products less. Taco Bell also offers menu items that are high in protein and fiber, like their bean and rice Burritos.

There are also a variety of salads that come with black beans and grilled chicken. You can also choose to have no sourcream, cheese or extra sauces when you customize your order.

Which Is Bigger Nacho Bell Grande Or Supreme?

What you mean really depends! Nacho Bell Grande has the larger restaurant chain if you’re referring to size. Nacho Bell Grande, a subsidiary company of Yum! Nacho Bell Grande is the largest chain of restaurants, with more than 41,000 locations in over 125 different countries.

If you’re referring to size, Supreme has the larger menu item. The Supreme menu includes all the usual ingredients from the Nacho Bell menu, plus additional toppings and proteins such as chicken, beef and nacho cheese.

Which Nachos Are Bigger At Taco Bell?

Taco Bell serves both Regular Nachos as well as Supreme Nachos in the exact same portion size. The Supreme Nachos are larger because they have a lot more toppings. Supreme Nachos come with reduced-fat sourcream, guacamole and pico de Gallo. They are also topped off with seasoned meat, nacho sauce, guacamole.

Regular Nachos consist of nacho cheese and tortilla chips. Although both nachos come in the same portion size, the Supreme Nachos have more ingredients and appear to be fuller.

Are Nacho Bell Grande Smaller?

The Nacho Bell Grandes aren’t smaller. They may appear smaller, but Nacho Bell Grandes actually are larger than many standard-sized menu items. The Nacho Bell Grandes have a large shell filled with beef and seasoned beans. They also contain more than 40 percent more ingredients.

These items can be shared by two people, so they are a good option when you need a bigger portion.


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