Best Juicing Oranges

Best Juicing Oranges selects the best varieties of oranges , bringing flavor and quality.  This fruit is the one that is exploited most after the grape in the whole world.

Characteristics of oranges for juice​​​​

The seventh country in the world, which produces Best Juicing Oranges after Brazil, USA, India, China, Mexico and Iran. Various varieties that are produced on all continents, but not all of them are optimal for orange juice . To choose the best variety it is necessary to know some characteristics, which will help to distinguish them with ease.

These particularities prevent the juice from being lumpy. The importance of juice in the Mediterranean diet is due to its energy value. Drinking orange juice helps with its vitamin C to combat asthenias of autumn and spring, as well as to recharge energy.

The moment in which juices have the greatest effect on the body, is in the morning but provided they are natural and fresh oranges . A glass of juice at breakfast is the most recommended during lunch, increase vitality to start the day and prevent against external agents to which the body is exposed throughout the day.

Optimal varieties for orange juice​​​​: Best Juicing Oranges

Navel: considered ideal for its sweetness for a rich juice. Their large size differentiates them and their intense flavor for being sweet is highly valued, also their large amount of juice.

Navelinas : perfect for juice, they have no seeds, with very fleshy pulp, it contains a lot of juice inside, a very sweet and delicious orange .

Valencia Late : it is the most exploited orange in the current market for being the sweetest. It has a light acid touch that distinguishes them among other varieties. They are the ones chosen for their flavor and the amount of juice inside.

Salustianas : they are sweet because they contain a lot of limonine and its flavor makes them an ideal variety, it also has a lot of juice. An orange that has almost no seeds chosen by customers.

Sanguinelli: they are bitter oranges that differ by giving a juice with enough color, contain antioxidants and vitamins. Its juice is sweet but with a sour content that is characterized by being reddish in color and is grown during the months of January and February.

The orange juice helps in preventing infections, the amount of vitamin C and its action as an antioxidant, which protects from the degenerative effects of the body. These vitamins favor the growth of cells and protect against stress, metabolize iron and fight other conditions, in addition to preventing cancer.

The water-soluble nutrient of oranges , creates a protective barrier against damage caused by free radicals that form in the body. Exposure to these radicals is also found in the environment for various reasons: UV rays, air pollution and cigarette smoke.

Why drink fresh orange juice? Best Juicing Oranges

Orange juice is healthy and nutritiously healthy. Some of the reasons to drink natural juices are:

  • They are nutritious. Natural fruit juices are ideal for the whole family and can be part of a balanced diet, because they are low in fat and protein. Our recommendation is not to consume the fruit always juices, even if they are natural: if for example you like oranges, alternate orange juice with fruit on the table.
  • They are an important source of hydration. A high percentage of the juice composition is water. Another large part, potassium, which helps us eliminate toxins.
  • They are natural “energy.” Orange juice, because of its “good” sugar content, helps us recover physically, for example, after playing sports. By mid-morning, it can be a perfect food to meet our energy demand between breakfast and lunch. Orange juices give us “strength.” Many natural juices, and especially orange, are rich in calcium, which helps improve our “bone health.”
  • They are antioxidants. Antioxidants are our allies to combat premature aging and nervous system problems.


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