juicing kale stems

Here we give you different and unique recipes for juicing with kale stems. Further, all the recipes are easy and you will easily make the juice every day.

1. Kale stems & cayenne juicing

The stems of the kale are thick. You can use the leaves of the kale in your salad instead of the stems. However, the kale stems are great to make tasty juice.


  • Two-Cup of kale stems and you can also add some of the leaves of the kale
  • One green apple
  • One tablespoon of cayenne pepper
  • Three stalks celery
  • Half cucumber of large size
  • Little amount of mint (or as you want)


Wash all the ingredients with clean water.

Add one by one all ingredients in your juicer machine and make juice according to the type of the juicer.

Moreover, when you will make the juice, then add a few sprinkles of cayenne on it and mix very well. Enjoy the tasty juice.

Juicing Kale Stems

2. Kale-aid: Best Kale Juice Recipe

This recipe of Kale juice is to serve 1-2 people. Particularly, you can easily make this recipe with the below instructions and ingredients.


  • Five large kale stems as well as kale leaves
  • One or two large size of cucumbers
  • One lemon (lemon must peeled)
  • Half inch peeled ginger
  • One apple of normal size
  • One or two ribs celery of large size


Wash all the ingredients and prepare all the ingredients according to the requirement of the juicer.

After that, push all the ingredients in the juicer. In general, try to utilize organic ingredients because they are more delicious in taste.

Thereby, after the making of the juice, serve instantly along with using of the ice for better taste.

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3. Green juicer recipe with using of Kale stem

This is the best green juice recipe that contains more nutrition with the adding of the kale stem in it.


  • One bunch of chopped kale stems
  • One large peeled lemon
  • Two smith apples
  • One inch of the ginger (peeled)
  • One large size cucumber (cut into pieces)
  • Four celery stalks


The first step is the washing and the preparation of all vegetables.

The second step is adding all ingredients in the juicer and makes juice.

Next, the third step is optional. You can strain the juice if you do not want to drink the juice with pulp.

At last, serve or drink the juice immediately. Enjoy it!

4. Wakeup morning juice with kale stems

The juicing of kale stems for the morning routine is the symbol of healthy living. Wherefore, you can simply prepare this recipe of kale juice in less than 10 minutes.


  • Four large Kale stems
  • One inch of ginger
  • Two large fuji or pears
  • One scoop of food collagen
  • One normal size of lemon


Generally, juice all the ingredients at the same time in your juicer and enjoy your drinking.


The juice of kale stem is an intense juice. So, most of the people prefer to add more amount of fuji or apples in the juice. Furthermore, you can add more apples for sweeter juice.