juicing oranges with peel

Oranges becomes more nutritious and tasty when juicing with peel. The oranges are more popular for the rich quantity of vitamin C in them. In addition, they are also the best way to gain vitamin A and B and other minerals in the body. The use of orange peel is small in quantity but it also enriches with vitamin C. The nutrients in the orange peel include limonene and pectin etc.

Method to make orange juice with peel:

The method of making orange juice along with the peel is easier. Following are the steps that give you the best direction for making orange juice.

Step 1:

The most suitable oranges for juicing are those which are smooth and have firm peels. There is no visible damage on the peel. Also, the oranges should heavy in their size. Take organic oranges as they are most appropriate for juicing with their peel.

Step 2:

After the first step, wash the oranges with a heavy flow of cold water in your kitchen sink. Rinse them properly so every dirt, bacteria, and debris will remove from the oranges.

Step 3:

In this step, cut every orange into small pieces. With a sharp knife, you will easily cut them into eight equal parts. After that, remove all the seeds from the oranges. Then, again cut all the pieces of oranges into smaller pieces so that the pieces of oranges easily fit in the tube of the juicer. At last, throw all the seeds from the oranges.

Step 4:

After doing the previous step, take the cup of electric juicer in the appropriate position. Under the spout of the juicer, position the glass carefully so that it will never create any mess. The positioning of the glass depends on the specific model of the electric juicer. If you face any problem regarding the setup of the juicer, then read the instructions of the manufacturer that comes with the juicer.

Step 5:

The last step includes the feeding of the small pieces of the oranges in the tube of the juicer. Switch on the juicer and then with the help of a plunger press the oranges according to the instructions of the juicer machine. For all the pieces of all oranges, repeat this step again.

Juicing Oranges With Peel

Things that will require:

The things that will require for making orange juice with peel are simple that are present in all houses. It includes a produce brush, a knife, and a great electric juicer.


You can add other ingredients to this orange juice like pineapple or strawberries. It makes the juice more flavourful. You can store this juice in an airtight container and the juice remains fresh for a long time. We recommend using of centrifugal electric juicer for the making of this juice.

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The fresh orange juice with peel is with many vitamins but not gives the fiber quality. The orange juice is not equal to a whole fruit. But, the juice also gives the most of the calories.  


We are used to hearing in our daily life the multiple benefits that orange contains for our health, but it not only provides benefits with its fruit but also with its peel.

Today, we will tell you about the different benefits that orange peels have.


The peel of the orange fights cholesterol. It has a hespetidin content, which helps the arteries to be in perfect condition, thus preventing heart disease.


Orange peel is high in fiber, an essential nutrient for improving digestive health.

We recommend preparing it as an infusion. To do this, you will only have to take a few pieces of orange peel and drink the infusion after meals. With this, you will notice that your body better digest any type of food.


Both the orange and its peel have a high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, this is a perfect antioxidant for our body. It also helps fight infections, since it has two of the nutrients intended to improve our immune system.


It is a highly recommended food in diets prepared to lose weight. This is due to the fact that it is a food, low in calories, with high fiber content and detoxifying properties that considerably favors the elimination of body fat.


Its consumption is essential to increase cell defenses and oxidation. In addition, several studies ensure that people who take orange peel reduce the risk of having certain types of cancer.


The orange peel helps improve our skin, not only combats skin aging but also minimizes the presence of spots on our skin.


Consuming orange peel can help prevent the release in our body of histamine, one of the substances that can cause allergies.

You can also improve respiratory ailments such as asthma or bronchitis.

As we have seen in reading the post, not only the fruit itself has numerous benefits but also its peel that surrounds it.

Juicing Oranges With Peel Infusion

If you want to drink orange peel, it will be as simple as preparing it as an infusion. How is it done? Very easy, we grate the skin of the orange, trying not to catch the white part, since it tends to give a sour taste and it is not necessary.

When we have the grated orange we put it to boil with water, for about five minutes. After five minutes, we turn off the heat and let it cool for three minutes and we will have our infusion ready.

In case we want to sweeten it a little, we can add sugar or even honey. And we will have a delicious and healthy infusion.


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