Whole Wheat Chocolate Pancakes SUGAR FREE

Welcome to KitchensCity and to this edition where you will find a recipe for whole meal chocolate pancakes ! and they don’t have any sugar.

Yes, they have all the good and fun of pancakes but what would be said more healthy.

About this recipe for wholemeal pancakes with cocoa

These are the healthy hippie version of ordinary pancakes. You may not believe me, but they are really rich.

They really have nothing to envy to ordinary pancakes. Except perhaps how well they combine with dulce de leche.

Anyway, nobody says that this recipe does not go with dulce de leche, but the reality is that it combines much better with some red fruit jam or with a slightly acidic touch.

Why would we want to imitate other recipes when we can be original and just as good … right?

Well, just in case I leave you here the recipe for traditional pancakes.

Having said that, let’s go with the recipe:


With these quantities, approx 3 pancakes are produced. They can duplicate them to get more

-1 tbsp of cocoa powder

-1 clear

– cinnamon

– 3 tbsp whole wheat flour

– pinch of salt.

– Sweetener to taste

– 1/2 glass of milk

– A bit of butter

Step by step to make these whole grain chocolate pancakes.

recontra easy, recontra rich.

1- The first thing we are going to do is grab a bowl and put the egg white inside together with the cocoa powder and cinnamon. We are going to mix these three ingredients well until they are well incorporated.

2- After the mixture is well united, we are going to add the whole wheat flour. We continue beating until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

3- What follows is to add the sweetener, and together with it, we are going to add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavors. We beat again until everything is well integrated.

4- Once joined, we are going to add half a glass of milk and mix again until we get the complete mixture of our pancakes.

5- Now it is time to cook them: We are going to put a frying pan on the fire and on it a bit of butter, which is going to melt and cover the surface.

Once this happens, we are going to pour portions of our mix. We must ensure that it is enough to cover the circumference of the pan, not much less and not much more.

When they see that it is cooked on one side, with a spatula and with great care, we are going to turn our pancake so that it cooks on the other and finally we remove it from the pan to be able to continue with another.

If you notice that the surface of the pan becomes very dry, between pancakes you can add another bit of butter.

They continue until the mixture is finished and voila!

I love this recipe!

Very very easy, and again delicious!


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