Sugar Free Apple with Filling In 3 Simple Steps

Welcome, friends, to this beautiful recipe for apple without sugar. It is an apple filled with oatmeal, walnuts and raisins and does not contain sugar because it has a sweetener.

You will see that it is a multifunction sweet recipe, it can solve both desserts, breakfasts and snacks, and the truth is that it is inexpensive and very very simple.

About this stuffed sugar free apple recipe

This dessert is very great, because in reality apart from a dessert it can be a breakfast, or a snack. All its ingredients are super healthy and that does not mean they stop being rich, obviously. Whoever invented that thing that healthy is not rich would have to go get him at home with a whole bag of dried fruit and take it back.

Well, the thing is that it is a dessert, or the dish of the day that they prefer the most, that it will not cost them anything to make and that it will make them very happy.

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Without much more to say, I leave the recipe:


Most are at ease

– 1 Apple

– A handful of raisins

– Oatmeal (to taste)

– Walnuts

– Sweetener to taste.

Step by step for this beautiful sugar free apple with filling:

It is very very easy!

1- The first thing we are going to do is pierce the apple in a circular way to remove the core (yes, we are going to be that evil) and then we are going to place it on a plate or container. This is important because to remove the part from the center you need to leave a hole and we need it to be covered by the container or plate to be able to fill it quietly.

2- This second step, then, consists of filling the apple. We are going to do it with the raisins (amount they want), the nuts (idem) and the sweetener. In this case I used only one sachet. If you want, you can use regular sugar or the type that you prefer.

We are going to arrange all these ingredients so that they are inside our apple.

3- Now, what we have to do is take the apple to the microwave and let it cook for 6 minutes. When you get out of the microwave, the only thing left is to taste it and be completely happy.

Very easy!


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