Chocolate salami Easy and very original sweet recipe

Welcome to KitchensCity and this chocolate salami recipe that is divine.

Here then, the famous chocolate salami, chocolate sausage, or whatever you want to say.

In Spain it is called Trampantojo, that is, a meal that looks like something but is something else. In this case it looks like a salami and it is a black pudding but made of chocolate.

It is also known as rocky road. It is an easy recipe with chocolate that even children can make. It is also a quick recipe, easy to make and delicious!

They will not regret it. When you need a recipe for coffee, an easy dessert to take away, this chocolate or rocky road sausage is ideal! Compete in genius with this Quaker Nougat recipe that is also very easy and rich.

Ingredients for the chocolate salami:

(They will also need plastic wrap)

-175g. chocolate semiamargo,

-60ml. milk cream,

-75g. butter,

-50g. almonds,

-5 water cookies,

– Icing sugar

Step by step to make chocolate salami:

Easy again!

1- The first thing we are going to do is chop the almonds and we are also going to chop some water cookies.

2- On the side (in the same table, obviously) we are going to chop the dark chocolate and we are going to put it in a bowl. We booked.

3- We put the cream in a jar and take it to the microwave to heat it for 30 seconds.

4- Once it comes out of the microwave, we are going to pour the cream into the bowl where we put the chocolate. We are going to leave them for a minute and then we are going to start stirring so that they integrate well and the chocolate melts with the heat of the cream.

5- Now we are going to add the butter. We also have to beat so that it melts and integrates with the rest of the ingredients.

6- Finally, we are going to add the cookies and the chopped almonds to this mixture. We are also going to stir so that they integrate well.

7- Once the ingredients are well mixed, we are going to put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, or else, 15 minutes in the freezer. Check that he doesn’t get too harsh. If you miss it, don’t despair! They leave it at room temperature until it softens a bit and they can handle it.

8- On the counter, we are going to spread a good piece of plastic wrap. On it we are going to put, with a spoon little by little, all the solidified mixture.

9- We are going to roll the chocolate with the film until it forms as if it were a caramel, and there we are going to begin to knead with our hands on the film, forming a roll with the chocolate.

10- Once we have our well-formed roll, we are going to take it, like this with film and everything, to the refrigerator for 1 more hour.

11- After that time, we take it out and remove the surrounding film.

12- What remains is to pass our chocolate roll / salami through powdered sugar and voila! It only remains to cut it into slices and taste it!


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